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Hi. étoilefilante07 is the name, and writing is the name of the game!

Okay, so that probably wasn't too great, but let's get started with this silly bio, eh?

Long story short, I've been writing stories for a while--since fifth grade, I do believe, but it hadn't been until I hit middle school that my writing evolved from pure, unadulterated crap to pure crap. And then when I hit high school, it's been upgraded to just crap. :) Now that I'm in college and have been writing for some time, I'm hoping that it'll evolve from just "crap" into something that is worth reading and losing a bit of time that could have been used for something else that's actually useful.

I like a lot of stuff, but I truly love very little. For example, I like Bleach (the manga and anime), but I'm not going to obsess over it. Saiyuki (by the talented Minekura Kazuya) is a different story. Also my tastes usually aren't bound strictly to one thing or category. If it's good, I'll like it. For example, I like Hellsing but I also adore Ouran High School Host Club. However, I would also like to say that I'm not just a fan of various graphic novels, but also of plain old books. Like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Troy, East of Eden, and so on and so forth.

So please treat me kindly, and I will do my best to supply with great fanfics.

Thank you!

--UPDATE 2008.04.01--

If you guys have the time, feel free to check out my livejournal ( and/or my DA account ( Thanks for dropping by!

--UPDATE 2008.12.31--

Hey folks, long time no read, eh?

My previous laptop has died a gruesome and fiery death and I managed to get myself a nice green lil' laptop for just a little over a third of the price I got my first laptop for, but that's beside the point. School and work have consumed most of my time, but I've finally got chapter eleven almost completed. All I need is an editor for the piece and it'll be up soon afterwards. I'm also already working on chapter twelve of DoI and thinking of doing a sequel or some sort of continuation for Dastardly Deeds.

So no, I'm not quite dead. _ Though I might be in the next few months.

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Death of Innocence: Battle Between Kings reviews
So what was in that fanfic that Grimmjow read that would disturb him so in Dastardly Deeds? Read here and find out!
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