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Hi all!

NEWS August 31, 2017: I now have 3 books out with the fourth one coming out on September 19. I miss fanfiction but my books keep me occupied full time. I hope some of you will come and read them. You can find me on Amazon under Martine Lewis. Thank you for still being here for me.

NEWS January 25, 2016: I have no plan at this point in writing more fanfiction for the foreseeable future due to my writing original books. There are YA contemporary romance novels with a touch of paranormal. The first one is coming out on March 22, 2016. Please check my website (martinelewisauthor(dot)com) for more information! And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter... Newsletter receivers will eventually have access to my Inner Sanctum and receive extra content.

NEWS October 23, 2015: I've go myself a new website for my original fiction. You can find me HERE!!!

NEWS June 13, 2015: I am beginning to build my mailing list for my original Young Adult original novel. It should be coming out in early 2016. If you are interested, please send me a message and I will add you to my mailing list.

I am an early 40 something woman who lives by herself with her two cats. I love my life!

For a while there, I could say I was living in Canada but now, I just moved to Texas! In any case, I am a proud Canadian and American Citizen! So I can legitimately claim knowledge of both countries, as I lived in both!

I love to write, which I have done since I am 11 years old. I have written some Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfictions which I may post here, one of these days, and some originals that are not suited for all audiences :)

For the Republic of Doyle fans out there, I may actually try to write something in that fandom... especially since I had the wonderful chance to live right next door to the Doyle's! The yellow house... No kidding!

I haven't posted in a while since now, I am avidely working on my originals. I participated in Nano 2014 and the result was totally surprising. I came up with an awesome YA story and tones of contacts. So unfortunately for now, my fanfictions are on ice at the moment. So unless the fanfiction is typed and ready to post (like my Connor story), it will take quite a while for me to come back to it. In the meantime, anyone interested in reading my originals, I am looking for feedback and may consider a limited distribution. Eventually, I may also post the summary of my story ideas for my original work. I'll let you know if I can.

I am also an avid fanfiction reader, especially HP, and young adults novels. Lately, I have started to PDF the stories and import them to my Nook for easier read. What an awesome way to read fanfiction!!!! No printing of thousands of pages anymore, no more loosing where I was at! If you, like me, own a Nook or Kindle and want my stories in PDF, please drop me a little message and it will be my pleasure to provide them to you... You wouldn't believe how fun it is to read fanfiction with an electronic reader!

A word about anonymous reviews: I do not accept any, good or bad! The only exception is if, when you posted it, you had an account and it got subsequently deleted... In any case, if you want to leave a review, sign in before. If you don't, I'll delete it.

Oh! And finally, I am a proud member of Hogwarts Online II and the Teacher's Lounge forums... even if I don't post very often :)

I also have accounts on other fanfiction sites and forums. If any of my stories are removed from this site, I will post them elsewhere...

Okay, now a word about my Harry Potter stories: Except for I'm not in Love, which is my AU piece, all my long stories are actually inter-related. However, you don't need to read them all to understand what is going on... but all of them will have something somewhat in common that would lead to my last story. In other word, trouble is brewing all over the world and will meet an end in my Albus Potter story.

So, here they are, the posted and the not yet posted:

Harry Potter and the Ring of Power takes place in 1999-2000. This story introduces some OCs that will be found in other stories, such as Connor McKeithan and Healer Theorus Troovus. This story is completely posted. It has a total of 29 chapters (including prologue and epilogue).

Future Uncertain takes place from 1999 to 2006. It is the story of Connor McKeithan and his years at Hogwarts. Genna Hudon and Marcus Tyler will have a small role in this story. On the other hand, Harry and gang, especially Molly and Arthur Weasley, will have an important role in this story and you will see a lot of them. This story introduces a bunch of OCs, my favourite of all being Joanna Sharp, Connor's best friend, and Profina who you will have to discover. This story is completely written and is about 290,000 words. Betaing as begun and posting has also begun. Due to the size of the story, it will take a while before it gets all posted so please bear with me.

A World Divided: Takes place in 2002 to 2004. This is the story of Genna Hudon and Marcus Tyler. It takes place in Canada and at some point in time, Harry and Ginny, along with some other friends, will intervene and help. They do not have a major role but they are in there. This story introduces Genna Hudon, Marcus Tyler, Amanda Tyler and Mathiew Swanson, and they are also in other of my stories. I am almost done posting this story. It has 15 chapters.

Connor McKeithan... something: I have post Hogwarts ideas for Connor which I will definitely write. I don't know in what form yet but they will be set between 2007 and 2009. It will introduce a new character which will play a major role in my Albus Potter story.

Amanda Tyler story (not yet named): Takes place in 2008 to 2010. I am sporadically working on that one so that is why I do not have a name for it. It is set in Canada, like World Divided and it is sort of a sequel to it. It follows Amanda as she becomes older. Mathiew Swanson will be in this story, as will be some other characters from my other stories. I haven't planned any mentions of the Potterverse characters on this one. I am at writing page 65 right now and I am expecting between 200 to 250 pages (hand written, like the rest of my work, of course!).

Cedric Jefferson, an American set story: Okay, that one I am also working on. It will explore the dicotomy between the rich and the poor in the US. It is set in 2012-2014, right around the time of the Federal US elections. In that story, I want to capture some of the fears of the American society, especially as it pertains to the growing divided between the rich and the poor... yeah, I know, it sounds deep, doesn't it? In any case, I have still a lot of planning to do on that story. I have most of the setting and some of the American Wizarding World background round up but it is a longer process than anticipated.

Albus Severus Potter story: The final one, really... Maybe... It will go through most of Albus' years at Hogwarts. Now, the planning of this story is almost completely done and I hope to do half as good a job as the wonderful Albus Potter stories from Vekin87. This guy did such a wonderful job with his Albus Potter books that I really don't know if I can be half as good as him... but I will try. Now that I have a few thousands words written, I can tell you this story will be probably as long as Future Uncertain but I have no idea how long it will take before I begin to post anything. In this story, Harry Potter and gang will have a role to play and it will be very very dark towards the end.

So now you know my major endeavors. Of course, I will probably write some one shot in between but this is what I am going to be working on for a while to come.

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