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Hey everyone!

Welcome to my profile! I'm not writing on here as much as I used to, but feel free to read some of my stuff on here and keep your eyes peeled (or subscribe to an author alert) for new pieces! Thanks for checking my page out and read on! :)

You Know You're A Writer When...

1) you think of your friends as characters

2) you write them into your story

3) you get revenge on people by basing a mean character off of them in your story.

4) you have conversations with your characters -- the fictional ones, not your friends in the real world -- and, most usually, they hate you for making their life miserable (or WAY too exciting for their liking)

5) you have some books you read for enjoyment, some you read for school, and others you read just to get ideas on how to make your stories flow better

6) everyday, you daydream about how to plug today into your story.

7) the end of your pinky is usually stained with ink (if you're left-handed) or pencil lead.

8) you have way to many saved Word docs in your computer.

9) your drawer is overflowing with copy-paper of your printed stories/filled notebooks.

10) you mentally correct anything you read subconsciously with better words and phrasing.

11) even in the most dire of situations, you're thinking about how it would be best written

12) you hear a song on the radio and you automatically think 'Hey that's a good plot idea.

13) you constantly play the same song over and over to get into a 'mood' for one of the chapters

14) you wake up in the middle of the night to search for a pen/laptop/notebook to write down a story idea because you're afraid that you'll forget it by morning

15) you cannot, cannot stop your characters' dialogue in your head and you start laughing out of nowhere because they said something utterly funny. And then everyone thinks you're a freak.

16) you actually alternate between using words like comments, reminds, asks, instead of just using 'said' for every single paper you write

17) you cannot control yourself if someone uses the same adjective twice within two/three sentences (unless if it's for emphasis)

18) you end sentences with 'for lack of a better word.' and people look at you weird and say that they don't know what the original word meant in the first place

19) you refuse to throw away old notebooks because of little phrases or things you wrote on the margin of the page concerning a story you were plotting at the time

20) there are so many things in your head when you're in the middle of writing that you can't type them out fast enough

21) you type full words with proper grammar faster than your friends replying in chatspeak - it's sad, really. I'm a dork.

22) you make up alternative endings for books you've read, movies you've watched, and about every other story out there

23) you make up alternative "endings" for situations in your real life

24) you think about what your characters would do in a situation you're in

25) you've never had a boyfriend in real life, but in the world of fiction you are very taken.

26) you have never played a videogame. People act as if you're from Mars because of this. And if you do play videogames... you write stories about them...

27) anytime anyone speaks, you add a mental description. ("she said while stroking her head thoughtfully")

28) you find your self speaking in your writing style. ("Yes, Mrs. Smith, I did complete the assignment, however, I found numbers 7 and 12 quite difficult, to say the least.

Dress that Gabriella wears in In Your Arms.


Teddy-Bear that Troy gives Gabriella in The Magic Of Teddy-Bear Hugs.


The dress that Gabriella wears in Chapter 9 of You. (It's the middle one)


The song that Gabriella sings in Chapter 10 of You.


The hat that Troy makes Gabriella in The Boyfriends Guide to Knitting (it's the one on the right).


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