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Author has written 14 stories for Soul Eater, Oh My Goddess!, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, Naruto, Toriko, RWBY, and Steven Universe.

Yo, I'm an architecture student at Kent State University and I write random fanfiction :D and I update slow as a snail because of it.

Some of my favorite Anime/manga are Ah! My Goddess, Naruto, Soul Eater, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, XXXHolic, A Delicious Relationship, 666Satan (O-Parts Hunter), Rosario+Vampire, and Full Metal Alchemist.

IMPORTANT* If you find a typo or mistake in any of my stories, please please PLEASE, just send me an email. Do NOT post a review with that kind of correction. That isn't a review at all. My email address can be found here on my profile at the top of the page. You'll have to do a Captcha to get it, but I feel that is better than me deleting a review and possibly offending someone.

Likes in fanficiton

Character development: Sometimes, you need to change a character, but keep them so you can still look back to their cannon self and say, "Yep, acts just like him/her"

Good detailing: I HATE minimalistic writing, gimmie all those lovely details that let me know EXACTLY what I'm looking at here.

Lots of characters: Not too many, but if the story has over 20 characters, and we only ever hear from two of them, it's kinda annoying, the other should play some part in the story

Sub plots: Having something going on in the background sometimes adds a bit more to a story.

Long chapters: 2000 words really isn't that much, I like to actually read for a while before I have to go to the next chapter.

Intimate moments: not necessarily sexual moments, but moments when two characters really get to bond with each other are nice every now and then.

Dislikes in Fanfiction

Extremely OOC characters: if the character is always calm, don't make them a spaz, or if they're always happy, don't turn them emo. They're made they way they are for a reason.

Mary Sues: Magical Princes Star Fairy Buttercream Gumdrop Picard Kirk can kiss my ass. Unless they're Q, I usually don't like a literal GOD character. (god meaning does whatever, always gets the hero/ villain, and gets away with anything because of who they are.) Tough crap for you.

L33t Sp34k: It's not cool, It's not funny, you look stupid if you can't spell any word in the English language properly without using numbers.

txt spk.: U, Y, and R, ARE NOT WORDS!!! you look childish putting this in a story unless the characters are actually texting each other. Even then, try and just use normal speech.

Self Insert fics: Because most people make their character Mary Sue or Gary Stue, or just outright overpowered character

Unexplained Foreign Words: If you know the word isn't something most people say/ know the definition of, make a note at the bottom of your story of what it means.

Smut: Sex should NOT be the whole story, There needs to be PLOT to it. Sex as the plot usually doesn't work.

Yaoi: just...no. usually the pairings make no sense.

Yuri: nobody makes good yuris. Usually illogical pairings like Yaoi

Kiss=sex: Seriously, not EVERY girl or guy will jump the bones of a character of the opposite (or same) gender the moment they kiss for the first time. If you have sex in a story, give some build up to it.

Current OC's that have been used and the story they are in, and basic information (nothing that will give a significant spoiler.)

Ah! Keiichi Gets An Angel!

Yukiko (means child of snow): Keiichi's angel. She's very calm and collected, much like the other angels, but her personality is not quite as shy as Keiichi's. She knows all the strongest versions of each spell, but tries not to use them because they could cause Keiichi physical weakness and possibly other severe side effects if used too much. She is very enthusiastic about learning spells and making sure Keiichi is happy because he's very kind to her.

Dashioshimi Fukyuu (means unwilling immortal): A maintenance golem from Heaven. He made a wish that ended up saving Yukiko from dying with her first mistress, whom he couldn't save, long ago. This also turned him into a golem and he has been working in heaven for an unknown amount of years since. Upon realizing that he could no longer maintain Yukiko, he immediately sought out Keiichi and transferred her over to him. He has access to a second class Goddess' level of power, but only uses it for spells to help him move the data vessels around in Yggdrassil. He knows very basic enhancement spells for his body, but only ever learn the most advanced of each spell with Yukiko for her own sake.

Masterful Temptress: Mara's devil. She's more outgoing and pushy than Mara herself. She isn't satisfied with the current contract Keiichi and Mara have, and tired to make it even by giving Keiichi a free wish. He refused because he really didn't want another wish. She doesn't have a very high opinion of Keiichi because of his shy attitude.

Ah! Keiichi Get's An Angel:

Chapter 12 status, 6203/5000 words (5 thousand is the minimum I aim for, though I usually try to exceed this amount, if there are more than 5000/5000 posted here, that usually that means I'm planning for more than 8k words.)

That Time Again:

Done and Posted.

Onsen Adventures:

Done and Posted

Well thats honestly all for now. I update when I can, and I might write a few quick oneshots every once and a while if I sit down and focus enough. ^^

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