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Author has written 3 stories for Anime X-overs, and Naruto.

YO! I am Clay, just call me that, call me Clay, or B1 King, I don't care. I am a kid who's mind must explode and I have plenty of stories to give, I have 4 series to work on so far, there should be more soon. If you want to learn more, look for Beleiveit1 on Youtube.

Series working on:

My Girlfriend the Lamia: A boy who fails at love meets a very cute girl and they really like eachother. But the only problem is, she has the lower half of a snake!

Crush of a White Eyed Girl: Hyuuga Hinata has been deemed useless and with the help of her new lover; Uzumaki Naruto, she will over come her low confidence.

Series of Misfortunate Adventures:The Tobi Story: Tobi is a green horn in the Akatsuki who can't help but be himself, and that attitude will cause problems for his new team.

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I'm 18...not till July 23rd XD

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