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Author has written 16 stories for Bleach, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Ghost Hunt, D.Gray-Man, Naruto, and Kuroshitsuji.


So, I've made an actual page on Facebook that doesn't require anyone to "friend" it, just "like" it. I thought it was perhaps a better idea and am hoping to be able to use the page to stay in better contact with all of you lovely readers. I've created the page under the name Rukia Twenty-Three, please look me up and "like". Thanks a bunch!

Update 12/31/2013

So 2013 is almost over already... Where did the year go? I feel like it just started. Especially since my last little note on here was from nearly a year ago...

UPDATE 1/10/2013

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

And, now, a few more things. Another rant like the one below. :)

I don't know how many times I have to say it, but, seriously, if you don't like my stories then DO. NOT. READ. THEM. Don't complain after reading the entire story that you didn't like it, you had plenty of opportunities to turn back and read something else. Not that hard. Do not bitch at me because you tortured yourself for hours reading something you hated, I didn't make you read it, and there are buttons to make it go away. This is the internet, people, you can use the back button or hit the "Browse" button at the top of the FFN site.

And, another thing, almost any and all characters are Mary Sue in some aspect or another. So are most people for that matter. I don't care if my characters are Mary Sue, everyone's opinion as to what makes a Mary Sue varies. Just because someone can sing doesn't make them a Mary Sue, nor does it matter if she had a dark past. I've had one hell of a life that can compare to what some of my characters have been through, I can sing, and I'm not horrible looking, guess I'm a Mary Sue and should just kill myself according to some of you and the snide comments you make. You know what I say? Shove off! Don't like, don't read. End of story.

Anyways.. Lets have a great 2013, yeah? :)


A few things...

I don't mind if you don't like my stories. Everyone likes different things. What is good to one person may be boring to another. However, if you're going to criticize me then have the gall to log in and to use proper grammar and punctuation. Not that I'm perfect in either, far from it, but don't atrociously abuse the English language while criticizing me. K, thx bye. ;)

Also, while reviews are much appreciated, (we authors do write these stories for you and like to know your reactions) please remember that being snotty will get you nowhere with me. If you don't like my stories then don't read them. Read something else that you'll like, I am not going to change my story simply because one or two people out of the many that read it don't like it. It's simple really. There are millions of stories on this site, if mine aren't acceptable, read one of the others. I won't mind, honest. This site exists so we can enjoy a little bit of fantasy and see our favorite characters taken advantage of in all kinds of fun and creative ways. :p Personally I like to insert a new character into the storyline and torture them and the canon characters a bit and see what happens. I don't care if my characters aren't the best or are a little Mary-sue, I enjoy writing what I'm writing and that happens to be the point.

And of course if you like my stories then please remember to feed the monster as often as possible! Authors love that sort of thing! :)

So lets see..

My name-

Well, I don't really feel like telling you that... You can call me Ruki or Rukia if you'd like. I do share the same name as a character in the anime Gungrave only her name is spelled differently and mine is, of course, better. Any guesses?

My age-

Well, I don't really feel like telling you that either...and a lady never reveals her age, ok? So back off! I can get tattoos, I have three, and piercings, no longer have any of those. I'm also old enough to buy alcohol.

My sun sign-

I am a Gemini. Yes, that's right, fear me and run for your lives! Mwahahaaa!

Sorry one of the other mes got a hold of the keyboard in my head...

More ABOUT ME...

My favorite colors are...

Black, grey or silver, and red. I know original, huh?


Sorry, I tend to be quite random and loud...a lot. I'm weird so what? I like kitties and really want a panther, I'm having a hard time convincing anyone this is a good idea, however...

For t.v...basically anime.. and in no particular order...I have seen...

-One Piece-

Love Luffy. He's awesome.


Love it! I love Shinji, and Ulqiuorra too. The strange ones, I know. I also really like Hisagi and Renji, and I have developed a crush on Byakuya as well. I like Rukia too, can you tell?


I would totally adopt Naruto, not that I'm anywhere near old enough to be his mom, but maybe his sister, he's soo cute. Rock Lee is growing on me, after all he is a master of the loopy fist, the best fighting technique I have ever seen. Gaara rocks, Genma's funny, and Kotetsu's cute, Kakashi would hate me, cuz I'd be ganging up on him with Naruto, occasionally at least when I'm not staring at him and drooling. Whether I would be doing this to annoy him or because I am one of the weirdos who finds some anime characters good looking is up for debate. Sasuke's pretty cool too and I like Itachi also. Sakura is just plain annoying anymore, I mean does she have to cry in almost every single episode...Come on now...

-Death Note-

I love L, he's the bestest. Light is good looking but the whole 'I will be God' thing is a bit much. The older Mello is awesome. Matt! I love him, but the stupid Kira supporting bodyguards killed him! How dare they!

-Blood -

I love this show. Solomon's amazing and I love him. I also love Lulu, she's my favorite character I think. And everyone in this show pretty much rocks.


Love it!

And House!-

I don't get to watch it much anymore, but the show's awesome.

-Samurai Champloo-

I think Mugen's funny. Jin's my favorite though. Fuu's alright, a bit annoying sometimes but who isn't.

-Vampire Knight-

I watched it in subtitles and gotta say I do prefer the manga. I'm absolutely in love with Takuma, he rocks, always reading manga and he likes cake, what more can you ask for in a man, vampire, whatever! Zero is my next favorite though, who can resist a guy with a tragic past like that? Shiki's cute too, I love his 'eh, whatever' attitude. Can't really stand Ruka, too whiney. Kain is awesome, I like his character a lot. Same with Aido he's grown on me since the start when I didn't really like him much, he was too, oh I guess enthusiastic would be the word, but when he's not being like that he's pretty cool.

-Trinity Blood-

Love Abel, can't stand Esther, why?? No clue. Hugue is cool, Tres rocks, Sister Kate is funny, and the professor is a weirdo, but in a good way.


It was ok. Not the best ending and the crying Mika just got annoying.

-Black Cat-

This show was quite amusing. I love Train, he's so much like a kitty cat, it's cute. I also like Sven a bit too, he's funny.

-FullMetal Alchemist-

The manga is way better. I absolutely adore Roy and of course the brothers, their story is so sad and I think they need a big hug.

-FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood-

Way better than the original. They're keeping closer to the manga story line and it's awesome!

-Neon Genisis-

It was interesting...

-Black Blood Brothers-

It was pretty good. I really like Zelman, I think he's probably my favorite character.


Any show that makes me cock my head to the side, blink and then ask "Do you know what just happened?" after the first thirty minutes, Is awesome in my book.

Not sure how I feel about the ending...

-Kyo Kara Maoh!-

I love this anime! It's got to be one of my favorites. It's funny and serious and I love all of the characters. Even Morgif.

-Gankutsou- The Count of Monte Cristo-

Eh. It was alright. The story line wasn't bad, but the animation style just wasn't for me.


I actually really liked this show despite my original misgivings that it wouldn't be very good or my type of thing. I was wrong, I really like Watanuki and his everyday struggles to get through life and Yuuko's demanding nature. I love Yuuko by the way, she's awesome! Mokona is cute, and I really like Doumeki's character too.

-Darker Than BLACK-

I just started this one so not much yet, it seems ok although I'm not sure what the actual plot line is or if there is one...

-Ouran High School Host Club-

I love this show, the manga is better, but the anime is still awesome. I liked this so much more than I expected, it's one of my favorites now.

-Witch Hunter Robin-

It was alright. The animation is decent and the voice actors are all very good, but the story line is just eh. The soundtrack is pretty good though.

-Code Geass-

Not bad, better than I thought it would be. Character design is awesome, but it was done by CLAMP so no surprise there.


I was really surprised by this show, I've only gotten part way through it, but I really like it. I like the voice cast a lot too.

-Nabari no Ou-

This series started off really well, but I'm not so thrilled with the last half of it. It was a bit redundant in my opinion, but still okay.

I've watched some Ruroni Kenshin and the first few episodes of Saiyuki. Not much to say about either at the moment.

-Elfen Lied-

Not too sure how I feel about the ending though. It just sort of leaves you hanging, but it was still good.

-Fruits Basket-

-Solty Rei-

-Katekyo Hitman Reborn-

Tried watching Blue Gender, couldn't get through it. I got through maybe half of it and then just got too bored.

Oh and Invader Zim- I love Gir. He's so cute.

I've recently discovered Ghost Hunt, it's pretty interesting actually.

I've also watched some Speed Grapher, it's okay.

-Criminal Minds-


-Doctor Who-


That's it for t.v... I think..


Disney ones!

I did work there for 3 years... Yeah I'm a freak so what! Pirates of The Caribbean. Jack Sparrow rules, thank you.

Um I know its lame but I like Pride and prejudice and the book too.

Don't laugh at me... Ever After is one of my favorite movies ever..

Hmm V for Vendetta although no else I know seems to like it,.

Vanity Fair was good.

Oh and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

All the Lord of the Rings movies too.

Boondock Saints!

Uh, hello, hot guys with Irish accents, I'm in love! And they totally kill bad guys.

FFVII of course!

Harry Potter

All of them. Though some have been a bit disappointing, I still like them.

The Hobbit!


-Nobuo Uematsu- -One Republic- -Anberlin- -Matchbox 20- -Paramore- -Sarah McLachlan- -Marcy Playground- -Three Doors Down- -Modest Mouse- -Cascada- -The Offspring - -Rascal Flatts- -Mat Kearney- -Nickelback- -Seether- -Sara Bareilles- Unwritten Law- -Escala- -Yoshida Brothers- -E.S. Posthumus- -Mythos- -Amythestium(sp?)- -Jem- -Kerli- -A Fine Frenzy- -Placebo- -The Band Perry- -Frou Frou- -Natasha Bedingfield- -Lifehouse- -The Fray- -Missy Higgins- -Ratatat- -Five For Fighting- -Maroon 5- -Voltaire- -Butterfly Boucher- -Katie Herzig- -Mumford and Sons- -Beats Antique- -Wax Tailor- -Nightmares on Wax- -Phillip Phillips--Ingrid Michaelson- -Tristan Prettyman- -The Civil Wars- -Lindsay Sterling- -ZZ Ward- -Passenger- -Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip- -OrangaTanga- -Kilt the Messenger- -Amanda Palmer-

Basically all kinds...


Way too many to name...
And all kinds of genres.


I have read all of or whatever has been released (online mostly) of the following...

Bleach, Red River, DeathNote, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Kieli, FullMetal Alchemist, Zombie Loan, Claymore, Trinity Blood, Zombie Powder, The Count Cain Saga and Godchild, Boys Next Door, Fairy Cube, Ludwig Kakumei (Kaori Yuki is amazing!), Love Celeb, Shinobi Life, Desire Climax, Dengeki Daisy, D.Gray-man, Inuyasha, Beelzebub, Fruits Basket, xxxHolic, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kyo Kara Maoh, I love Conrart, Gwendyl too..And Murata, and of course Yuri! Demon Diaries, is pretty good, just started reading that one. There's more, but I can't think of them at the moment. Ouran High School Host Club is now one of my favorites, which was quite unexpected I didn't think I'd like it at all, but I love it.

I've also read some of the Trinity Blood short novels as well as Angel Sanctuary, One Piece, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kuroshitsuji, Noblesse... A few new others that I can't remember the name of...


I am a big fan of OC pairings, not because I think of it as me, but because I don't like a lot of the other pairings. And I do not like yaoi, sorry its just not my thing. So anyways, yeah. Naruto and Hinata is fine, I think they'd be so cute together. I support a few other pairings but I never really read them.

Quotes and stuff...

"IT'S A DOG BISCUIT!" and if anyone actually knows where I got that, then you're totally amazing... Yachiru is so great!(that's a hint)

"What just happened to me was awesome!" Monkey D Luffy after his head gets munched on by a bird that then flies away with him before it gets shot down by a cannon.

"Webbing?" Luffy's response to being asked if he knew what the difference between himself and I think it was Arlong was. Serious face and all.

"Yay! There's debauchery here, isn't there?"

When Life gives you a lemon, squirt Life in the eye and run like hell.

A friend helps you up when you fall, a best friend walks past and mutters, "Walk much, dumbass?"

Irony- going to a dental convention and forgetting to pack your toothbrush.

random stupidness, me asking me questions!

-Have you ever run into a door?-

Oh, yeah lots of times, mutters under breath- damn doors, try to kill me coming out of nowhere..

-Have you ever tripped over your own feet?-

Duh, yeah, I'm a clutz. It is a family trait, no really I swear, it's in the blood!(points at wrist frantically)

-Have you ever tripped down the stairs?-

Yup, had to go to this hosptial and get a cast. We were leaving the bar my boyfriend works at , and no I hadn't been drinking, and we walked out the back stair well, I told my friend who was behind me to be careful because there was a landing half way down, and just as I finished, I fell on to my ankle. Damn hospital bills. And stupid doctor he just had to put the damn dislocated bone back place...I screamed..Loud... it was like 3 am, and I'm pretty sure the whole hospital woke up.

-Have you ever tripped UP the stairs?-

Sadly yes, yes I have. More than once... Told you it's in the blood, I'm a clutz!

-Do you know someone who should be run over by a bus?-

Yes, you!

-You are aware you're asking yourself these questions, right?-

Uhhh, hehe, um, I talk to myself alot, I forget, ok...Yes I know someone who should be run over by a bus, my stepdad, because well he is a horrible human being...I won't go into detail, but threatening my life isn't a way to get me to like you.. It's a good way to make me wanna run you over with a bus though, or shove burning hot senbon in your eye...Um, anyways...

-Have you ever pushed on a door that said pull, or vice versa?-

I thought we agreed not ta talk about the fight I got in with that door...

- Still talking to yourself... -

Oh, shut up you!

-I am you, baka!-


-Do you hear voices in your head?-

Are you seriously asking me that?

Of course, duh, it's normal!

-No, no it really isn't-

Are you sure?

-Have you ever burst out laughing in a quiet room?-

Haha! Like right now. "Stop looking at me funny, honey, ha that rhymed!" (my boyfriend was looking at me funny) Anyways, all the time!

-Have you ever slapped yourself on the head or banged your head into a table or wall for no apparent reason?-

Yes... More often than you know. And people always look at me funny...Why?( cries into hands)

-Have you ever wanted to be sent to an insane asylum just to bounce around in a white padded room?-

Um, is there something wrong with that?

-Have you and a friend ever broken out into a song while in a public area?-

... Um, yes... Often actually...Very often...

-Do you believe in vampires?-

Who told you vampires exist?!

- Um, I didn't say they did...-

Oh, well uh, in that case no I'm not a vampire...

-That's still not what I said...-

Um, right... Don't tell people I'm a vampire then, k? -

-You're a vampire?-

Um, no of course not... Don't tell, ok, those freaky hippies might come after me. Nooooo!! (Runs away screaming and waving hands in the air while hippies are just too lazy to care and watch instead, besides they'd have to kill a tree to make a stake and they're hippies, tree killing is bad)

-Have you ever admitted to thinking an anime or manga character is good looking?-

Oh, yeah.. Lot's..Like Renji, Hisagi, Byakuya, Takuma, Shiki, Zero, L, Count Cain, Aido's cute too, and Kaname and Itachi, and Kakashi and Conrart and Gwendyl and Eclipse-

- I think we get it...-

You asked...

-Do you like insects?-

Noooo!! They try to eat me. I'm serious... Spiders, which yes I know aren't technically insects blahblah, like to chase me. I'm not lying I swear, it freaks me out man!

-How big was the spider?-

I'd rather not say...

-So it was pretty small?-

no comment

-I'll take that as a yes.-

It ran at me...and then its friend ran at me... and the fleas they really like to eat me, one time my darn cat infested my room with fleas, and you could play connect the dots with the flea bites. I counted over a hundred before I gave up. And a banana spider attacked my boyfriend once, have you guys seen those things! Holy hell, they could eat my head!

-You're weird...-

Uh, yeah and your point?

-I don't have one.-

Ok, then shut up.

-You know, it isn't healthy to have conversations with yourself.-

Says the voice in my head, like I'm going to believe that.

-Look, cake.-

Oh where!

-You believed that.-

(Sticks tongue out and makes a funny myself...)

I guess that is all for now, thank you for reading all this nonsense! If you actually did read it, you totally deserve cookies, and almond milk. I'm lactose intolerant, ok... If you have any odd, random, weird, silly questions that I can put on my profile just ask!

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Mori/OC. Just who is the handsome young man in the window, and why does he have a chicken on his head? (Rated T for bullying.) COMPLETE.
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