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Well, I guess about me: I am a strange person, my stories proove that. I won't allow any one to say I should quit a story, and when I send you a review that is not exactly...friendly, it doesn't mean I'm sending you a flame... I get that alot. It's called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICSM!

I am 15 years old.

I really enjoy creative writing and poetry. I'd like to think I'm alright at it (I'm not being egotistic!) And if you bothered to read up to this point, let me just say this, I TAKE PRIDE IN MY TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS

Things I hate about the Warrior Fandom

It used to be cool. It used to be swell. I used to go look fanfictions up under Warriors, knowing I’ll find something of interest. Now look what I have? Boring Summaries that don’t attract my attention at all, and boring titles.I am so angry how stupid fanfics that are meant to entertain (like those ones written in script form) have more reviews than sophisticated ones. Really. And those “make your own cat” fanfics? That is purely just for popularity. That’s it. I cannot believe how pissed off I am with these new fanfics that do not connect with the REAL warriors series at all. Like what the hell is Mossclan? What happened to Thunderclan, Windclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan? Please don’t make new clans, and try not to add new cat right at the beginning unless they contribute to the story some how.

These are just a few points that I’m going to put across throughout the rest of my long, detailed complaint on the Warrior Fandom

Now first thing we’re going to look at is the stupid titles/summaries.

Let’s take some examples (I am not going to copy them directly off the writers, but I am going to make them very similar)


Spirits among the trees. Book 1


Rainbowkit is new to Fearclan, the only happy cat in the scary ones. Watch the prophecy unravel around him, and how he strives to belong.

I swear, I read something like this.

Let’s see what’s wrong.

First things first, the title. Are you f*cking serious? Spirits among the trees? What type of reader attention catching title is that?! That’s the type of story where I won’t even look at the summary and just completely skip. And doesn’t the “Book 1” unsettle you? Maybe it’s the fact that there’s going to be more of the horrible crap. Book 1 makes the reader think of long, drawn on stories that aren’t going to be interesting at all.

Now lets look at the summary.

The summary is well, bland. Not to mention that there are millions of other summaries exactly like these. Lets see a show of hands, how many of you demonstrated a lack of “boringness” when they wrote one? Hm? Hm? I admit, I did too. I still do. That’s why when you write a summary, recheck it and constantly rewrite it. THINK ABOUT THE READER NOT YOURSELF!

Let’s take a look at a more adequate summary/title for the same plot line (you know the rainbowkit one?)


A Flower In Weeds


“I don’t belong,” Rainbowkit muttered. His eyes filled with distress, he glanced at Starclan. He was different than his friends. Different than his mates in Fearclan. But soon a prophecy will take him in its wings and send him flying down a path of friendship and acceptance.

Can you see the improvement? This was one is more pleasing to the reader in a way. It has more style. It portrays emotions, and somewhat connects to the reader as well. This summary isn’t selfish, it doesn’t only think about itself. Notice how by adding a quotation, the whole story seems more realistic.

Well anyways, the whole plot is rather stupid. So the summaries really need to get better as the story progresses.

And anways, now we reach another problem. What is Fearclan? The readers of Warriors never heard of it before. They never heard of Rainbowkit. The readers are lost. I’m sure that you are going to add a list describing the clans like many of you do, but the readers are uninterested. Who in their right mind would really scroll through the entire thing?

And also, the name Rainbowkit? Are you serious? If you want to make it blantantly obvious that this cat is happy you could have atleast named him Sunkit or something.

List of names that do not qualify

Sunlightkit (seen one of these)

Crevicekit (seen this one)

Sadkit (okay, what the hell?)

And many…many more….

Now we reach those horrid “make your own cat” fanfics! Notice how these are the ones with the most reviews! Its all one popularity contest with the author of these. Half the time the author gives in the middle and fails to make half of the millions of reader’s cats. Its quite sad, really.

The stories for these stories are dull. They usually involve some straight forward villain and some obvious heroin. And I’ve noticed that all the females that the reviewers request are all “Ginger she-cats that are snappy and rude on the outside, but sweet to everyone who’s nice to them.” The males follow along the lines of “Rather shy but brave and strong on the battlefield.”

Be more unique

In summary, hopefully you noticed I stressed a lot about the reader. Don’t forget about them. They are what make up your fanfic. So when you write a title, or summary or anything, try to think of the type of audience you want to please. Like if your aim is to teenagers, then add more romance/humor. Nobody wants to hear those “cute” stories that are aimed more for children. The audience is what counts.

Story Status:

No More Tears: Hollyleaf's life was ruined. Everything she had known was a lie. She was dead in her clan's eyes. Gone. However, a friend who was long forgotten nurses her back to sanity. Together, they plot to take revenge on the cat that had stolen it all away.

Fireheart's Regret: Fireheart was too late. He was the only one to see Tigerclaw crouched over Bluestar's lifeless body. Tigerclaw became leader. Everyone has succumbed to Tigerclaw's lies, and they all think Fireheart has gone mad. Rated T.

I Love You: Sol twisted his body around Hollyleaf, his tongue tracing her jaw-line, his seductive eyes pulling her in. "Now," he muttered, "Listen to my plan." ONE-SHOT

Favorite Warrior pairings:






Rant Number One: Vampires
Okay, Vampires used to be COOL. They used to be all...all...evil! And then came along Twilight. I'm not saying Twilight is a series that I hate, even though everything about it makes me want to throw up, but they totally ruined veiws on a vampires! Seriously, if you're one of the many fangirls who wish for vampires to show up at their school, then your veiw on life must be pretty bland. IF a vampire did go to your school, then you're probably dead meat. They're not going to fall in love with you. They suck BLOOD for god's sake.

Rant Number Two: Nunnally
Oh come on. COME ON. The makers of Code Geass were probably laughing when they made a character like her. First of all, at the end of the second season, she freaking opens her eyes! What is up with that? -.o Lelouch has been working his butt off to take care of her because she can't see, and in the end she repays him with saying, "I can't hide from this anymore!" and opens her eyes. God. Also, back to how Lelouch always cared for her, and did everything she wanted, and made the black knights so she can live in peace, isn't it funny how she called him his enemy! What a selfish BRAT.

Rant Number Three: ShadowClan

I want to mail a letter to the Erins telling them to stop picking on this poor clan. They're so stereotyped! Everyone hates on them so much, and I actually think that WINDCLAN is the bitchy clan. I love ShadowClan. If I was in a clan I'd be in ShadowClan. NO ONE CAN BREAK MY LOVE (now I sound insane, I know.) If there's a shortage on prey: Thunderclan "its obviously ShadowClan." They're a normal clan, they've done nothing wrong. Its like the Slytherin house in Harry Potter, somehow everybody veiws them as bad.

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