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Hello there, people in which will never see the light of day AGAIN! Yes, it is I, the OBVIOUSLY weird stereotypical authoress! Insane, and unmanned in the years here, CUZ I WORTH JACK!

Seriously, I ain’t.

Anyway, I am here to sorta explain myself, seeing as you have NOTHING better to do except try your luck at finding another psycho to ban.

Name: Indie, by friends, if you can call them that. I don’t know, unlike most of the emos here, I have no idea what the PERSONAL word of ‘friend’ is. So no idea if ANYONE, really, is my friend. Also call me whatever you wish, I mean, is there any other alternative? Really?

Age: I hardly can tell you, who would? Noone, that’s who. Maybe a few ego-statistic, like 20+ years of age, but no matter, just know this, my fave line: I am old enough to read TEEN stories, not old enough to read MATURE ones, yet, that never stopped me, did it?

Location: Central America, and no, not in the main coast either.

Likes: Let’s see, like mentioned before, anything stereotypically made for a fangirl like so, so, Nintendo DS’s, computers, music, yaoi, pokephilia, my mind. Any questions?

Dislike: People that think I am THIS weird in real life, school, not because of studying (that is part of it), but because of the people there, I am SERIOUS, they NEVER shut up. EVER.

Well, here, tell me, am I weird? Because I am SURE I drew THAT line in the sand.

Hello peorple! This is I, Indie, so, here's a load down of Reversal War, the little forum not even the higher-ups get. I mean this.

Also, the character bios' of the pokemon side.

And, since, NOBODY HELPS, I’ll do it myself.

Also, I am taking the format from DamnedLolita, cuz it’s a DAMN GOOD ONE.

Eri-(Leafeon, Male, Mutant, God)- A mutated Leafeon in which has a hard to descrive outlook and personality. Since birth he has had a hard to cope feeling to him, since of the events that normally happen to him, one of which was his attempted assination, so, he is very distrusting, but normally outwarly kind, just, really guilty and regreatful. Blames himself normally, while the things may or may not have been his fault. Since he is mature in mind, yet not so much either, he can't seem to decide his age; he was born only weeks to months ago, but acts and looks like a nineteen year old, but sometimes not even that, has mental attacks easily, and has had mental intruders before, hates himself, naturally. But is kind, gentle and giving, normally very safe to be around, but people that injure his family pay. His full name is Eri Indigo. Signature move: All the moves he can cramp into his hands. Theme song: Forgotten, by Linkin Park. And Human After all, by Draft Punk.

(Quote: “Hurt my family and die.” /I think I made this one up/)

Mates/Siblings/Children: Indie, Mother. Arceus, Father, really; what? Asuka, a Glaceon, Clara, a Vaporion, his known aunts; an a few others. Hinosuken, a Jolteon, his known uncle. All the Indigo family. Presuming all the legendaries. Alvar, his biological son. Picchii, his adopted son, and Desu and Juu, his adopted daughters. Hii, an Espeon, his cousin, female. Yu, an Umbreon, male, pokemorph. Mara, an Eevee, his distant-cousin.

Interesting Fact: Most of the characters I make for Eri, have crushes on him. I.e. Maya, Inka, Ms. Book, Deoxis (YES), etc.

Alvar- (Celebi, Male, Shiny)- A Greyish green, yellow cat-eyed Celebi, which is self-appointed helper of his dad, Eri. Is a slightly arrogant punk, which doesn’t think all that highly of himself, even if he is a god. Naughty and rogue, chirpy and cunning, he travels time for relaxation, and is only six. Has a tendency to swear, no real reason. His full name is Alvar Clovis Folic Indigo, call him Al. Signature move: Time Mind, a move that makes the foe gather all his painful memories, and feel them again, and heals the user with the good memories. Theme song: None of the moment.

(Quote: “My shadow... is kinda funny, he always tries to touch me, but it always fails.")

Mates/Siblings/Children: Eri, Father. Arceus, Grandfather. Indie, Grandmother. Picchii, adopted brother. Desu and Juu, adopted sisters.

Maya- (Eevee, Female)- A simple eevee, but treated as an underling in her family, she is prone to be kind and easy-going, hardly a hard character to speak of, sweet and giving; but is a bit hard under all that sweet goop. Signature move: Protect and Surf. Theme song: Forever, Jennifer Lopez.

Mates/Siblings/Children: Indigo Clan, her family. Eri, distant-cousin.

Picchii- (Pichu, Male)- A small pichu, upbeat and kind, but not extreme like most. Is a handful, because of his daring personality, in which isn’t all that daring, actually, so, yes. Is hyper most of the time, but when he is sane once again, he will regain his past-life’s personality and be wise and quiet, because he is an electric type, so he makes himself typically spunky. Signature move: Bolt tackle. Theme song: None at the moment, by me. -grins-

Mates/Siblings/Children: Eri, Father. Yoh, Father.

Inka- (Kirlia, Female, Shadow Pokemon)- A caring Kirlia in which her most of her life was wasted on experimentation and cruelty, because of this, she thinks herself responsible to all she deems she can save, not in a small-minded way, but in a way a normal person might think if they had any power in a grueling situation. Since this, she will scarce the ground for those she cares for, so she puts everyone else above her in her imaginary ‘important’ scale, in which, she treats all else better then herself, always has the best intentions for people, in which she tries to protect, solely. Signature move: Attacks with her twin spoons. Theme song: Wasteland by 10 Years.

Mates/Siblings/Children: Kadabra, Father. Nina, Gardevoir, Mother. Bennith, Little Brother.

-smiles sweetly- Come see, please~?


“Wow, that’s like shipping bullshit to Washington.”-Stephen Colbert, response to shipping of sand to Iraq.

"I am old enough to read TEEN stories, but not old enough to read MATURE ones, yet, that never stopped me, did it?" -Me, myself, and I.

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