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Author has written 4 stories for RENT, and Across the Universe.

The name is Kelli.

Deal with it.


1.) My favorite movies are RENT and Sweeney Todd

2.) American Idol is my L-I-F-E.

3.) I am proud to be a Word Nerd.

4.) I'm proud to be a Dread Head

5.) I'm proud to be a Glossie Aussie.

6.) I am Lily St. Regis, whether you like it or not.

7.)Kevin Jonas is my sex toy.

8.)Nick Jonas is my hoe.

9.) I am Fire Ace of Fire and Ice, HEAR ME ROAR!!

10.) This is the last random fact.


"No No No! I'm trying NOT to think about DavidXDavid...crap"- Me telling my friends Macy, Brittanie, and Kaylin that DavidXDavid scares the crap outta me.-

"What the heck do sock monkeys have to do with David Cook?"-Me asking my friend Victoria about something in a fanfic.-

"God Cook, why are your sunglasses so big?"-A quote,made by me, in the second chapter of Sweetest Sin.

"Six words. Ar-chu-let-a-is-gay."-Macy telling me her feelings about me calling Cookie and Archie sexxy.-

"I have seen more of Jason Castro then I have ever wished to see in my LIFE."-Me telling Macy, Kaylin, and Brittanie about my freaky Rocky Horror Picture Show/American Idol crossover dream.-

"Would you rather have Kevin Jonas or a poptart?" -Macy after a JoBro concert. Asking if I would rather stalk JB or go home for a poptart-

"He's a...a...A HOE." -Me telling my friend Bekah that Kevin was a hoe.-

"Dude. Why the hell is he in a shopping cart?" -Me asking Bekah why there is a picture of David Cook in a shopping cart.-

"Narchie. Here in your arms can be the Narchie theme song." -Macy telling me that NickXDavid Archuleta needed a theme song-

"Jella? No. Jella is crap. Snogging nonsense crap." -Me complaining about JasonXElla in fanfics.-

My OMG's.

OMDC. -Oh My David Cook-

OMDA. -Oh My David Archuleta-

OMRS. -Oh My Ryan Seacrest-

OBC. -Original Broadway Cast OR Oh Bob Carson-

OMP. - Oh My Poptart

My Contact Information



Yahoo Messenger-country_girl_4_evea

or my roleplaying myspace


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