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Author has written 10 stories for Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Detective Conan/Case Closed.

About the Author:

Umm... yeah, hi all! Let's see... I'm married (since July 14, 2007), Malone College graduate May '07... currently working teaching high school science near Cambridge, Ohio. My wife and I are both into anime and manga, sci-fi, fantasy novels, and the like... anything NOT like real life, in essence. I can get real life 24/7... gimme something UNREAL, man! Not to say that real life is bad or anything... it isn't, believe me... but come on, how many of us could really afford to travel across the universe in a spaceship (especially one that eats carrots)... or back in time (say, to the Feudal Era to fight demons and collect Shikon Jewel shards)... even if it were really possible today? Eh? There ya go.

May the Force be with you!

Live long and prosper!



Well, it's been a while... chapter 35 of "A Twist in Time" is finally out. It'll be a while before the next chapter for that story, I'm afraid. See, something's come up: my wife is expecting! Yep, I'm going to be a dad sometime around April 19th! As if preparing for one's first child isn't enough, I've been working my rear end off at my new teaching job. It's going well, but it's very time-consuming! So, my time for writing (and reading) fanfiction has been somewhat limited as of late.

I finally decided to start posting my Case Closed / Yu Yu Hakusho cross-over fic (before you ask, it's NOT done yet). Not nearly as many hits as I had hoped thus far, but then again, neither series has quite the same popularity as Inuyasha! On the positive side, my first songfic "If You Could Read My Mind" has been very well-received.

I hope I'll be able to finish up the first "book" of "A Twist in Time" soon. In the future, I'll come back with a second and (possibly) third "book". Hey, if J.R.R. Tolkien can take up three books to tell one story, so can I!! (He actually used 6 "books" to tell The Lord of the Rings, but published them in pairs...)

If anyone's been wondering, yes, I do have an ending in mind for "A Twist in Time". In fact, the ending was about the second plot item I thought of! It's filling up the space in between that takes the time. I don't want to skip ahead too much, but I know I'll probably have to at some point.

Finally, an admission: as big of an Inuyasha fan as I am, I have not yet read any scanlations of the last few volumes of the manga... so I don't know how it turns out yet. And I don't want to know, either! I need to finish "ATIT" first. That's probably another reason why I haven't read any IY fanfics lately... too many spoilers. Second admission: I've always hoped for Inuyasha to stay a hanyou, and for Kagome to stay with him in the Fuedal Era. Just works out best for the most people, you know?


My job kept me extremely busy this past year, and this coming year will be even more hectic still. Our baby has arrived! Last week, our little boy (name withheld) entered the world at roughly 8 1/2 pounds and just over 20 inches. After a short stint in the NICU that had us panicking, things settled down quickly. Mommy, baby, and myself are all doing just fine, aside from moderate sleep deprivation >_

I'm still trying to find time to update "A Twist in Time"... maybe over the summer, when I don't have tons of lessons to plan...?


All right, I'll fess up. I read the remainder of the Inuyasha manga. Yay for the ending! I've obviously had next to zero time to work on ATIT since a year ago, but I'll get back to it soon, I promise! If I can squeeze it in with my summer job, plus summer grad school courses, plus family responsibilities...

More importantly, yay for my students who want to start an anime/manga club!!

Most importantly, yay for my son, who turns one this week!!


Yay! "A Twist in Time" is finally done, done, done! But, I will be writing a sequel, so be on the lookout - I've already started writing a summary of the plot thus far.

Also, only one chapter to go in "Murder of Inconvenience"!


"Murder of Inconvenience" has been complete for a while, but I threw in a slightly-OOC Kagura short fic before resuming work on "A Twist in Time". I'll do my best, in between looking for a new job, learning Japanese, and playing with my two kids... yes, we had a daughter since the last update XD


New job, yay! I really do LOVE this one, too! Lots more lesson-planning... not so yay. But the first year in a new position is always the hardest. You probably won't see any updates from me until summer, sadly... gomen ne.


After a lengthy hiatus due to work, graduate school, and a third child, I’m finally making another attempt to put my creative energies to more use than lesson planning. My sincere apologies to any who have been awaiting the further adventures of the Twist in Time crew. I'm really going to try to release at least one chapter a month... unless I get thrown another new course to teach this year.


Yeesh... it's seriously only been a year and a half since my last update? I've changed jobs, moved; bought and fixed up a house and moved again... and now I'm teaching five different courses, so there's LOADS of planning. More grad school this summer to boot... but hopefully I'll find some time to work on Twist in Time part 2!

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