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Name: Ashley

Birth date: July 10th, 1989

Birthplace: Texas

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: right now it's actually brown which is my natural hair color, but in the past it has been: blue, platinum blond, stop sign red, hot pink, dark blue, purple, and green.

Piercings: Three on each ear, but I want at least two more on my ears.

any tattoos: No I can't afford to get any.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Right handed or Left Handed: I use both hands

Favorite Food:any tex mex (fajitas, nachos, tamales, ect.)

Favorite number: thirteen

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: margarita

Favorite Non- alcoholic drink: diet coke

Favorite Restaurant: Casa ole or Orlandos

Favorite fast food restaurant: Bless your heart, I don't know if it would really be considered fast food since it's health food though.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween or Christmas

Favorite Band/artist: Green Day, Emilie Autumn, the Dresden Dolls, the Manic Street Preachers, Panic at the Disco, the Ramones, and many many more

Favorite Quote: The things you own end up owning you--Chuck Palahniuk

Favorite time of day: night

Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas, The Devils Rejects, Night of the Living Dead

Favorite Book: Alice in Wonderland, Prozac Nation, Survivor, Diary, Lullaby,

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI Las Vegas, True Blood,

Favorite Color: black, green, and pink

Favorite Season: fall, winter

Whats one fear you have: It's really weird but I have a phobia of fish

How Many Siblings Do you have: one I have an older sister

What are two words that best Describe You: A Cynical Romantic

Do You have and Nervous Habits: I twirl my hair

What is your current Desk top picture: It changes a lot.

Have you ever been in love: Well I sort of have a crush on someone right now

Can you speak any other languages: a little bit of Spanish. I can read Spanish really well, but I usually have no idea what I'm reading

Do you have any interests that some people would consider odd: Zombies, old photographs, bizarre facts and statistics

Do you want to get married: Maybe someday. If I'm sure it's the right person.

Do you want kids: Maybe a couple a boy and a girl would be nice

Do you have any pets: two very spoiled cats named Mazzy and Bunny

How do you order your steak: Well done or medium well

Is the glass half empty or half full: It's just not big enough and it's broken so I keep on cutting my lip when I try to drink out of it and theres lemon and salt in the water so it's making my cut lip burn, and why is there lemon in salt in my water anyway?

Is their something on every one of your walls: Yes

is there a computer in your room: yeah a laptop the video card is out in my desktop, but I'm about to get a new desktop

What do you do when your bored: write, clean, read, sew.

Whats one place you want to visit: someplace tropical

Ocean or a lake: ocean

Black or White: black

coffee or tea: both

I've retired from this fandom and have gone back to my original love of writing Green Day fanfics. Thanks to everyone whose ever read of reviewed my stories on this site. Peace and much love.

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The Potted Orchid Proposition by R.J. Anderson reviews
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Welcome to the BAU Family by socialgal5 reviews
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Remember When You Told Me This Would Get Harder reviews
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DySolo (106)