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Author has written 4 stories for Twilight.

I am a beta, so if you are looking, please drop me a line. I really love editing other people's work (more than actually writing myself). :D
And please don't judge me by my writing on here, it's pretty juvenile. My most recent writing (that I kept up) was two years ago and I've grown a lot since then.

Name: Christine

Age: 24

Location: Indiana, United States

You can find me at: chrismarie13 (dot) livejournal (dot) com


Twitter: cmarie13


And I'd like to give a big shout out to my best Twilight fanfiction friend Kelsey! Much love lady!


Common FF Things That Annoy Me (I'm not as grumpy/cynical as these make me seem.)

-When people have Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, etc. in their stories alongside Edward, Bella, etc. It's dumb, cut it out.

-When people have Bella and Edward reading Twilight or describing a book they're reading that is obviously twilight. Their names would be in the book so it's dumb to reference them reading a book they would be named in. Not logical.

-When people a.) describe a person's outfit in extreme detail. I'm trying to read a story not a fashion magazine. b.) put a link up that doesn't work. Save the pic and put it on photoshop so that it won't disappear.

-When people use shaking their head to mean nodding their head. You nod your head in the affirmative and shake your head in the negative (or to shake something off, obviously). Thank you writeratheart007 for reminding me of this.

-When people add all of their friends into the story line. I don't care who your friends are, they usually make the story worse because it sounds childish. Grow up.

-When people don't use spell check or have someone edit their story. One of two errors is understandable, but every other sentence gets ridiculous. Most of the time there is a way to check your spelling and grammar. If not then please contact me. I would be extremely happy to do it for you. You are giving FF a bad name with that pathetic excuse for writing.

-When people change the information from chapter to chapter (i.e. Emmett is Edward's brother in the first chapter, then just his best friend the second chapter, then back to being his brother in the third chapter). Always check your writing! Or better yet, get a good beta, they are priceless.

-When people fail to put punctuation, capitalization or paragraphs in their stories; it's all one paragraph. I refer you to my previous entry. Where are all the betas!?

-When people start a story but never finish it. Or worse yet, never tell you whether they'll finish it or if they are even alive. I know that sometimes you just can't finish a story, but you can either take it down or make sure people know in the story description that it isn't finished. At least tell your readers you are or are not finishing the story so they can move on or wait for you to pick up the pace. Sometimes I seriously wonder if they are still alive.

-When people post an author's note as a chapter and then replace the author's note with an actual chapter. 1.) I can't review it if I commented about the author's note 2.) you usually refer to it in the next chapter and guess what? It's gone so I have no idea what you were talking about.

-When people take down popular stories because they didn't like them or they want to edit them and re-post. Guess what? People liked them for a reason so don't try to fix what ain't broken. I understand wanting to edit them some, but just replace the chapter, don't take them down. Plus when I read a story I remember a lot about it, so sometimes I go back to read over a favorite part and if I can't find it then it makes me angry/sad. You won't like me when I'm angry!


Five Random Facts About Me

1. I absolutely love to read. Sometimes I read when I should be doing other things. Just one more bad habit to add to the list. At least it's a better habit than most.

2. I avoid confrontation at all costs. Example: In Government class we had to write two 100-word paragraphs on an article every week. One week I did the work, but totally spaced and didn't remember to turn it in before leaving school on Friday. So Monday I got out the article, wrote a little note on the front telling him I was really sorry that I forgot to turn it in and that it would never happen again. And begged for him to give me at least some credit for it. I waited until he left his desk so that I could avoid his questions and put it on the desk about 10 minutes before class was out. Five minutes went by and I sat on the edge of my seat praying that he wouldn't say anything. Then I heard 'Miss (insert last name here) please come here." Only five minutes later and I could have bolted as soon as the bell rang, but of course he didn't let me slip by with it. I slowly walked to his desk, my face heating up. 'So Miss (insert last name here) what, did you not want to face me like a man?' In my head I'm shouting at him 'Of course not! I know you would give me a hard time about it and you kind of scare me too!' Instead of answering his semi-rhetorical question, I avoided eye contact. He says 'Yes I will accept your article.' I let out a sigh of relief and turned away. I heard my friend James laughing behind me and turned to glare at him as I returned to my seat. When I got to my seat all I could think was 'Thank God that's over.'

3. I am very opinionated. It's a bit hard with the whole non-confrontational side and all, but I work with what I've got.

4. I tend to be a bit ADD. When I'm supposed to be focusing on something any little thing seems to distract me. I go to clean my room and get distracted by things that I find. I go to do a test and one of the questions reminds me of something and I space for a couple of minutes until I realize that I'm still taking a test. Then there was always art class which I absolutely loved (had it for two periods in high school). I would be working on my project but would be distracted every few minutes by other students conversations. That's when I learned that my MP3 player was my new best friend.

5. I am very detail-oriented sometimes. I already know I'm a bit OCD. Sometimes when I'm writing I have to erase what I've written and write it again if it goes below the line when it's not supposed to. Though I'm not full on because my room is a complete pigsty. People would be shocked to see my room. So my OCD normally deals with writing. My eye seems to pick up every misspelled or missing word. It's like a tick or something.

Well I'll leave you with just five of my many characteristics. Yeah, I know, I've got issues. :)


August 12, 2008

So my story, Pain's Devastation, is coming along. It is taking longer to get the chapters out than I would like, but that's my fault and I need to work harder. I hope everyone is liking it and will review with comments or critiques. I have several other stories that are in the outlining stages. I think that if I get one story under my belt, that I'll be able to push myself into others. I'll know that I can do it, so I have no excuses. Though some of my themes won't be completely original, (it's hard to do when most of the ideas have been played out) I will make sure that the story reflects me and will have many new characteristics. Well I guess that's it for now. Until next time,

-Christine (christinemarie13)


September 25, 2008

Well I've now got a job a the child development center (daycare) at my school. It's exhausting me completely. I wake up at 5:30 or 6 a.m. get ready for work and then work until noon. Then I go to class. After that I come home and collapse. It's more than I can handle. Plus I've got a kidney infection that is killing me. I am trying to keep my updates pretty regular. I know that the chapters are pretty short, but right now that's all I can handle. I'll try to work harder, but at the moment I'm just lucky to get my homework done. Thanks for reading.



November 14, 2008 (Pain's Devastation update)

I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated. It gives me a lot more appreciation for the other writers on this site. I am so sorry that I haven't updated Pain's Devastation in about two months. I was only intending it to be a small reprieve from the story, but it seems as though the leave will be longer. I'm having a difficult time surpassing this chapter, and along with the lack of inspiration I've been sick a lot. I'm recovering from the stomach flu as of right now, along with a cold or whatever it is, that has been constant these past few weeks. You add my exhaustion, sickness, and the amount of schoolwork that is looming and threatening to bury me, and that equals a very non-writing feeling that is pressing down on me. Then there are the other stories that I'm working on, but even those haven't gotten worked on in the past few weeks. I've already decided that I won't start posting those until they are complete because I don't want another Pain's Devastation on my hands. You guys don't deserve that. I know that some of you are probably disappointed and I'm really sorry. I'll try to work on it as much as time allows, but I make no promises. Thank you for taking the time to read this and my work.



March 10, 2009

I really can't believe how much time has passed since my last little update. I truly am sorry for my lack of updating on my story. I try to work on it when I can, but everytime I sit down to write it's like I'm stuck. I really can't figure out a way to finish the story up, it's not like there is a lot to work with. It's pretty much done, I just have to wrap it all up, but that is proving more difficult than I imagined it would be. So I apologize again and will try to work harder, but with school and work I just never seem to have the time. Very sorry.



October 9, 2009

So, good news for those of you who even care, I finished Pain's devastation. It took me almost a year to even write anymore on it, but when I did, I forced myself to finish it. I have been done for probably around a month, but life is conspiring against me getting everything posted. I have to change the format and get each chapter posted separately and so on and so on. As I was writing I decided to re-vamp the whole story. Same concept and most of the same writing, but edited and added to. I think it's quite a bit better than some of my original posted chapters.

Though I am not necessarily happy with the story as a whole. My writing seems to be lacking, and it just doesn't feel right. But no matter what I feel, my readers deserve to be able to finish the story. And if a reader is reading this, please re-read the entire story. I changed some things and you also might want to familiarize yourself with the whole plot again. Not to mention that some of the things I've added are important to the ending. But it shouldn't be a problem for anyone, because the chapters were all so short.

Well, I've also been working on several other stories. Most of them aren't very near being finished, but each time I strike inspiration I type it all up. I have so many stories started and waiting for more plot and dialogue that it's hard to keep up with any of them. But like I said, I won't even contemplate starting posting a story until the whole story is complete. We all know what happened to the last story that I didn't finish writing before posting.

Anyway, I'm glad to be able to inform you all of that little update. I'll try to get the chapters all posted and done. I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for all the support and such.



March 17, 2010

After many months of pretty much avoiding my fanfiction writing, I've popped out a one-shot. It will most likely (and planned) to be a series of one-shots, but we'll see how that all works out. It shouldn't be too much of an issue, because I won't be in school again until the fall and I'm back to just the one job. (Advice: don't work at Subway. I hated it.) Hopefully posting a little story will propel me into writing more, but I do tend to get distracted very easily. I swear I must have ADD with how easily it happens. So staying focused is difficult, which is why my stories tend to take longer to be posted. Another reason why I haven't posted is that I refuse to torture you guys by putting up an unfinished story. I know that as soon as I put up the first chapters that I've finished, then I'll be loathe to write more and you'll wait forever for a small update. So I'll spare you.

I hope you enjoy my small post. Love you all for the support. And don't forget to drop me a review (good, bad, ugly, one-worded, they're all welcome).



September 7, 2010

So I can't believe how long it's been since I posted on here. It seems like it's only been a few weeks.

Since my last update I've become unemployed, my charger for my laptop broke and I've been writing any story ideas by hand, and I've accomplished nothing. You'd think that you'd get a lot done when being unemployed but really there is a lot of sitting around doing nothing. Usually I'd have my laptop perched on my lap, typing away or reading another fanfic, but my charger decided to short out on me. Of course it decided to do so right before I became unemployed. So it's been about four months of not having access to any of my stories and watching a lot of television.

Just last week I splurged and bought a charger because I'll be in the hospital next week. I'm taking part in a vaccine study and will be 'incarcerated' for about five days. I'm making $900 for it, which won't go very far considering my car needs to be revived from it's comatose state plus all the other bills to pay, but it's a start. During next week I'm hoping there will be enough down time to jumpstart my juices after my involuntary writing hiatus. There are a lot of different stories to be worked on so maybe I'll be able to post something soon. We'll see.

Thanks to everyone for all the fantastic reviews and for all the support. I love you!



March 21, 2011

I'm sorry to inform you that I've decided to remove the stories in my Fantasies series from my profile. I very much appreciate your support and hope you continue to read any stories I may publish in the future, but I don't feel these stories should remain here. I shouldn't have put them up in the first place. Sorry, again.



December 7, 2011

It's been quite a while since I updated or posted anything. I've been working like crazy and just trying to pay the bills. Any time left over I use to read some more FF and relax after my crazy day. Customers can really take a lot of you. I've got so many story ideas and excerpts that it's ridiculous, but only a few that are anywhere close to being finished. I know that as soon as I post a chapter that I'll procrastinate and fail to update (i.e. Pain's Devastation) so I won't make any of you suffer. I refuse to post until a story is completely finished.

I'm working on it, and hopefully I'll be able to buckle down enough to get one up and running, but I wouldn't expect for another few months. Time is flying and I just don't have the discipline to get everything down. And as soon as I start a story I end up getting a big idea and starting another one so don't get your hopes up. Thanks for being awesome and stopping by. My readers are great and I really appreciate them all.



June 17, 2014

Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I've left any notes but I figured I'd let everyone know I'm still alive. I've been doing a bit of writing here and there, mostly HP and Merlin. I'm more of a reader than writer so there won't be much from me story wise. If you need a beta, totally hit me up, that's where I thrive. I've been super into Merlin FF recently, I was reading HP FF, stumbled onto a Merlin fic and the past month or so have been filled with that reading. Anyway I just wanted to give a little update. Hope all is well. :)



March 14, 2015

Still alive. Still not much further along with my writing. Got a new job though which I'm loving. Life is pretty great right now. Maybe I'll fit in getting one of my fics done. We'll see if I can swing it. Still love all y'all that are favoriting and commenting on my stories. Sorry if I never responded but I'm so scatterbrained it's difficult to remember and keep my emails organized. Keep being awesome and thanks!


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The Falcon and the Raven by Kamayeth reviews
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Fifty Shades Trilogy - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,714 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 76 - Follows: 54 - Published: 9/17/2013 - Christian G., Anastasia S. - Complete
The First of Me by CaptainOzone reviews
The sins of the father ought not be placed upon the son. Merlin had believed this for years about Arthur. He'd never known that Arthur felt the same way about him. At least, not until the prince asked his servant to sit with him at his table. AU post-s2/pre-s3; Reveal oneshot for the Of Fathers and Sons arc.
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