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I'm back from my Holiday in America hope you've missed me! :)Soz u guys old computer broke down on me why is it everything i turn burns:(anyway i gt a new computer but it hasnt gt microsoft word:( so its goin 2 take awhile lol

I'm so glad i found Fanfic im always on it now.I started watching DP cuz of my old m8 Danny (Junior skwl mate) my favourite programmes are Danny Phantom and Teen Titans i have also got my friend Priya and Emma liking them but i'm still trying to get Kerri and Izzy to watch them which also makes me feel happy but i became upset when they deleted both programmes how dare they! lol. my hobbies are swimming, singing, drawing, playing electric guitar, acting and being with my friends.All my friends have there own cartoon names depending on how they look or how they act the Teen titans:Izzy=Kole,Kerri=Argent,Priya=Raven,Amy=Terra,Emma=Blackfire,Me?Jodie=Starfire,Conor=Robin and Drew is Cyborg,Jake=Red X,Lauren=.Danny Phantom=?,Sam=Me because i'm a goth and proud to be,Tucker=Drew they act and look alike,Valerie=Kerri=Falls in love alot,Ember=Priya,Conor=Elliot,Star=Maisie and horrid pinky peppy Paulina=Eden,Lauren=Maddie,Izzy=Jazz,Emma=Kitten

Kayla is My closest friend on this site that i can talk to and relate or as you may know her as Devil'sChild she's a Goth Like me(were ssooo Proud) our parents want us to be more girly were into the unreal like ghosts, Vampires and werewolves and we love sea creatures and we are counting Down the days till Holloween so all you girly girls out there watch out because me and Kayla are about and we ain't going to leave our favourite night that we wait for all year :) Your a wicked gal Kayla and your unic that's what makes you so fiun to talk to and to talk about horrors. So Don't change!.

Priya=She's my bff and also has a fanfic called sexy green eyes i think,i just noticed she had the same initials as Paulina,me and Priya are total oopposites we are ying and yang (laugh)she likes pink and i like black, she's a bit girly and i'm a total Goth but i love her as a friend either way because she is m,y opposite it makes her more intresting she's funny.

Amy=Cool gal she's just cool because when i'm depressed and i feeel like the whole world is against me she's always there and stops me from doing anything stupid, right now we've fallen out so not been talkin.

Izzy=Cool gal we have the same taste in music and in films we are both quite sensible comparedf to the othwers but sometimes we'll have our crazy moments too.

Emma=OMG crazy em but you have to love her she keeps everything lively even with her dirty mind that sometimes disturbs us but she is fun loving gal who knows how too make us laugh.

Conor=Awsome guy, luv everything about him, even though it's scary we have loads in common lol.I've got really close to Conor and im amazed by how much i've let him into my life in such a short distance of time.I can trust him, and im lucky cuz he's always ther for me, and he has no idea how much i appreciate it.

Drew= Techno geek all i have to say but he's a good friend and loves meat but very very skinny (laugh).

Danny=basically the first guy i ever got close to we were best friends in junior school but we've gone our separte ways but only at school we don't talk unless were in the same class(laugh)

I love all my friends and they know it i wouldn't replace them for anything and i can trust every single one of them..They don't know this but i would give my life up for any of them without a second thought.No one can ever take them away theyre family and i will neva let them go.

All my friends are cool they get me out of tricky suitations and always make me laugh when im depressed i love them all so much :)

Name=Jodie M


i live in Uk and thats all i can tell(laugh) i'ts certain i'm to hyper when it's night.I'm sorta a goth i wear a lot of dark clothes and love my friends because they're always there and i can count on them for anything.

Fav artists=Avril Lavigne, Nickleback, Paramore,Veronicas,Bowling for soup,Linkin Park,Ting ting,Meadia Lake,Evanescence, three doors down, Mcfly, linkin park,bustered,venque,aqua,Jojo,Lindsey Lohan, Blink 182,Simple plain,Hilary Duff Best friend by Jonas Brothers,also i dont care here it is and tons more

fav songs=kicking and screaming,freakum dress,love is a battlefield,Twist and shout,cry,crowded,just can't live a lie,dead serious,love song,american boy,Now you know,concrete angel,Mood rings,everytime we touch,Teenagers,Nobody's girl,Parallel worlds,Over it,stuck,So what, Deadly Beauty, Down to the Devil, Miss Independantstand in the rain,Stand still look pretty,I Girl at the rock show,could it be and finally mine and Danny's song say okay,and tons more

That boy is working you
Be careful what you do
They say hes nothing
But trouble with an attitude

Well-meaning intervention
My friends with good intentions
Say if you dont walk away
Girl you must be crazy

They dont see through these eyes
They dont feel with this heart
They dont know what its like
Theyre not kissin your lips
Theyre not touching like this
I feel the passion and the fire ignite me

I dont care what they say
I dont care what they do
They could lock me up forever
Try to stop me loving you
They tried to keep Romeo and Juliet apart
Baby, doesnt matter what they say
I only listen to my heart

I dont care what they do
Nothins gonna stop me lovin you
I dont care what they say
Im gonna love you anyway

Your body feels so right
Laying by my side
And if the world should end tonight
Baby Id be satisfied
I know youre a better man
Sorry they dont understand
You make me feel like I
Like Ive never felt before


Nobody can tell me how to feel
Nobody can show me what is real
Words cant change what I know is true
Nothins gonna stop me lovin you


Music= everything but mainly Rock,Gothic Rock and Pop

Fav DVDs= any horror and some action films like Double Dragon,transformers,spiderman,Premonition,All my Teen Titans i want Danny Phantom on DVD :( and some chick flicks but not many only at night i watch then with my friends.












Please comment on my stories and how i could improve them thanks :) oh yeah i know i've got bad grammar but i can't improve it and non of my class mates know what it is so i can't ask them so please don't go on about my bad grammar i appreciate it.

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