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Welcome, all, to my bio. Chances are you don’t actually give a rat’s arse about what I have to say about myself and will skim straight through this, but If you are one of the wonderful few that does actually care I will give you endless love and some information about me.

Well, my full name is Laura Angelina Sian Johnstone, but I hate the name Laura, so I go by Angelina for the most time, and you will hear me refer to myself as Angelina Laura Sian, instead of Laura Angelina Sian. Confused? Hope so!

I’m female, sixteen and from East Sussex, England. I speak French, German, Latin and some Romanian, and I can also speak Sindarin and read and write Tengwar of Feanor. I am primarily a drama student (and am currently applying for an audition to go to Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom’s school, Guildhall in London), but I also study Media Studies and Economics.

Hallathuleion: ZZZZZZ

Aireannonion: I don’t think they actually care, Angel…

Um…. Sorry about that. That was my two elf muses, Hallathuleion and Aireannonion… they like turning up from time to time and messing with my head. When not pestering me or being lent to other writers in distress, Hall can be found with a joint in my bedroom and Airean can be found up one of the trees in my wood (I have a wood! It’s soooo cool!) with my electric guitar and a box of Marzipan cookies. He has interesting ideas about what constitutes an Elven lament…

Hallathuleion: He he heeeeeeeeee!

Grrr. Dumb Stoner Elf. What? Are you really saying you would be able to resist the charms of two gorgeous Sylvan elves after their banishment from Laurelindorenan, even if one has rock-star tendencies and the other has a weed problem? They still haven’t told me why the were banished, but I’ve heard tales of Lady Galadriel finding marzipan cookie dough in her mirror bowl…

Hallathuleion: *cough*

Aireannonion: *glares* What?!?

Hallathuleion: Back up your tree, pretty boy.

Aireannonion: Look! A dealer!

Hallathuleion: Where? Where?

Aireannonion: Ha! Braintrust! Avit!

Hallathuleion: Go home, Metal-head.

BOYS!!! Please, we have company! Show some manners, the pair of you!

Both: Sorry, Angel…

That’s better :-) Anyhoo, by now you’ve probably twigged that I’m a LotR fanatic… I love reading and writing Slash (pairings: Legolas/Aragorn, Frodo/Sam). Orlando and Elijah are gorgeous, no?

Hallathuleion: Hey!

But not as gorgeous as my two lovely elves…

Aireannonion: *preens*

I also love Star Wars, Moulin Rouge and anything to do with the stage. The music I listen to is varied, but my favourite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers (Best Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik).

I have to dedicate this space and every single thing I write to Rupi, now, because she really is my reason for writing, smiling, moving and breathing. Love you, girl. Thank you. You mean more to me than I can ever express in words, in this tongue or any other. Never leave me.

Also, thanks to Tinkerbell, Elfie, Hainy, Kaj, Amz, Andi, Megs, Saz, Nat, Oggy, Klo, Rose, Ems, Telrhosien, and Mil and Jax (recognise my elves, boys???). You guys are class.

Well, that’s me… All I have left to say is:

“Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.”


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