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Hello! I'm Racingwolf/Scytherwolf and I enjoy writing stories, drawing, making stuffed animals, and roleplaying!

You can see art I've drawn for my stories on my DeviantArt account: (racingwolf. Same name as here.)

I like writing adventure stories, and I have an odd fascination with danger (anyone who reads my stories should find this out pretty quickly) and exciting discoveries and mysteries. My pokemon stories usually revolve around the pokemon themselves (and usually wild ones) rather than trainers, coordinators, or rangers. And yes, every pokemon story I write will have a yanmega, scyther or heracross (whichever one is in my #1 favorite pokemon spot at the time - it rotates back and forth) in it, aside from maybe certain one-shots. Just in case you were wondering. I also tend to include a lot of canine pokemon, because I love them (and am not ashamed of it!). I also love bug types! And, I have to say, I could care less whether a pokemon was popular or unpopular. I don't do the 'picking and choosing based on how underused a pokemon is' thing. Personally, I see no reason to care how often or not a pokemon is used in other peoples' stories that, by the way, have nothing to do with mine, and I only pick pokemon for my stories because I want to write about them.

My Stories:

The Path of Destiny: This is a story I started in September 2007 (I did not post it to this site until later) as a random, "spur of the moment" sort of thing I wrote out of boredom, intended to be an open-ended, random adventure where I could write about a group of pokemon in whatever situations I felt like. As it went on, however, it developed a more complex plot and has turned out much longer than I'd ever intended, with a lot more to go. The story follows a white growlithe and a band of other pokemon in their search to find the legendary Articuno. Their search, however, will lead them into much more danger than they ever bargained for, as they realize that Articuno's disappearance may not be their biggest problem after all. Far from it, in fact. The Path of Destiny is my 'main' story at the moment, and will likely be updated faster than Mind Whisperer. Since a lot of people tend to ask me this, no, I do not have every part of the story planned out. I like to leave my stories somewhat open-ended to leave room for new ideas. I do plan at least a few chapters ahead and I usually know what sort of direction the story is going in, so I'm not afraid of not knowing what to do or anything. x)

Mind Whisperer: A story I started in 2008, Mind Whisperer was inspired by the PMD2 games, and (somewhat) by the second PMD anime episode. The very day I got Explorers of Darkness, I fell in love with the game and the world in which it took place in a way I hadn't while playing PMD1. That day I started thinking of ideas for a PMD based story in my mind, originally based on the idea that it seemed odd that there were mostly small pokemon in the guild, and how I wondered what it would be like if there was a pokemon who seemed really out of place there. Like, say, a scyther? Other early inspirations for the plot was how (annoyingly) the games and anime portrayed mean-looking pokemon as mean and cute-looking pokemon as nice. I didn't like that sort of thing, so I thought up a protagonist team called "Team Shadowfang" consisting of a scyther, an arbok, and a houndoom. From there, I started trying to make a coherent plot out of all my random ideas, which led to the main character being, instead of a great battler and explorer (almost a prodigy, even) like the main character in the games, a rather naive, untalented scyther that is outshone by the teams of smaller, younger pokemon. Since then I have thought up many more ideas for this story, and though updates may take a while (depending on inspiration), I will finish this story to the end.

Cryptic Investigation: This is the first ChalkZone story I've posted to this site (not the first one I've written, however). I've had the idea since October 2009 (though back then, it was only a vague idea for a plot, and much, much different than how the story has turned out to be now), and was finally able to start writing it around February 2012.

Art for Cryptic Investigation:

Cover art by me:

Chapter Nine Wandering in Changing Building Scene (Really old XD) by me:

Chapter Thirteen Book Scene:

Chapter Seventeen scene by my sister:

Art for Cryptic Infiltration:

Chapter Seven scene by me:

Art for The Path of Destiny:

Character height chart by me:

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A growlithe sets out on a quest to save her homeland, and with the help of a jolteon, scyther, and other wild pokémon, she searches for help, but all the while an enemy follows her, waiting to strike. And a much greater danger lurks, threatening them all.
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