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Hi, Matt here. This profile is for Harry Potter fanfics, but future crossovers are always possible, and I do love me some Dresden Files, Fire Emblem, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, RWBY and a billion little other things. Fanfiction is pretty great, isn't it? Even the guilty pleasures. It's definitely good writing practice, and you get to explore favourite worlds and characters in situations of your own design. So win win. My favourite fics are mostly contained in the Favourite Stories list below, and it's from them and the ones in the DLP 5-Star Fic C2 (aka the place for the best of the best) that I take inspiration for my own.

-- Current/Completed Fics --

- To End In Serenity: To End in Serenity was my first story, a little tale I spun together as mostly to practice my writing. I was still working out the kinks before I write any full on fics, hence a 6-part story of 80000 or so words with plenty of room for improvement. The story sees Harry, Ron and Hermione travelling back in time to not only fix things, but deal with Voldemort's last Horcrux, which was sent to an unknown time period. When they arrive in 1994, they find the Horcrux hasn't arrived yet, and do some meddling with the world, fixing things to avoid a long war with Voldemort. So, the Golden Trio have a job to do, and have some fun doing it. This story is mostly writing experience and testing the waters, so it has a bit of everything, from romance, humour, manipulative Dumbledore, general action, and a teensy bit of angst. If you do decide to give it a whirl, I hope you enjoy the ride! Complete as of 3/2/09! (Looking back over a year later, I will admit to not making this story as best I could using standards I use these days. The concept itself was wasted, and I hope to rectify that one day with To End in Tranquility. I liked some things, of course - the Golden Trio dynamic I wished I had played with more, same with Crouch Jr helping Harry, and Aimee Moon was fun enough to write.)

- 'Tis the Season Of Summertime: A 5-part crack-fic to test my humour writing skills. Basically, Harry's Occlumency training manifests in an interesting way, and that interesting way encourages a little reckless fun and light insanity. Features a Harry/Daphne pairing, although that's not specifically a huge focus, unlike the Harry/Aimee relationship in To End In Serenity. This story is recommended for those who want to laugh, but the plot should hopefully be interesting enough. Here's hoping! The story was originally 3 parts, then expanded into 5. Yeah, it was originally a LOT longer in mind, but writer's block hit me with this story, and I needed to end it. But, there's always a possibility of additional content in that world... Complete as of 11/6/09... Thank god. (Looking back over a year later, I'm going to call this one a failed experiment. Maybe it was a review-lust or something that drove me into Harry/Daphne-dom, and I'm safely going to say I should stay away from purely comedic stories for a bit. But it has its moments, and I don't expressly want to kill it with fire anymore.)

- Breach of Contract: Twelve Signs: A 5-part story, 75000 words in length, and my most recent little foray into Harry Potter fanfiction.. The story is told in Harry's 1st person POV, and is a little self-contained tale that takes place after the war. The war's 'desperate times call for desperate measures' attitude for the Light side put them in some Ministry trouble when the smoke cleared after Voldemort's death, and Harry takes drastic steps to fix things and prevent his friends from being prosecuted. A contract is signed in blood, one that must be renewed periodically. Two and a half years later, Auror Harry Potter investigates the case of a wizard killing Muggles, and his various relationships are tested throughout, including his escalating relationship with one Nymphadora Tonks. I hope everybody gives it try even if they hated my last two fics. The story is now COMPLETE, as of the 21st of August, 2010. It's now officially in DLP's library - General Fics section, and also in the C2. A big thanks to everybody who reviewed/alerted/community'd/favourited, and to all those that may do so in the future.

- Incorruptible: The Dementor's Stigma: My promised zombie apocalypse HP story that soon became something a bit bigger. Post-DH AU. It's the year 2002, and the world has been ravaged by an outbreak beginning a year previous. The Dementor's Stigma reanimated those who died while affected, and the world near ended soon after. The Muggles were all but wiped out, with less than two thousands survivors in the United Kingdom, split over two towns, Granford and Liliford. The wizarding world, while having just a little more in number, have survived near intact, living in their own communities. While the undead and the Dementors ravage the wastelands, Harry Potter and his friends plan to use the Wizengamot to pass a bill, to abolish the Statute of Secrecy and save the Muggles before the former Death Eaters get to them first. The main pairing is Harry/Astoria Greengrass, with mentions of a former OC love interest, and other main characters include Ron, Draco Malfoy, Neville, Minister Gawain Robards, the Muggles, the Wizengamot, and everyone in between. There are sixteen chapters to it, and over 250,000 words worth of zombies, politics, suspense, intrigue, dark humour, romance, action, and zombies. Complete as 8th of March, 2012. The story can be found in DLP's library, General section again, and also in their C2.

-- Abandoned Fic Ideas I've Probably Mentioned Before (As Of 2015) --

- To End In Tranquility: Originally planned to be a retelling of To End In Serenity's storyline with various changes and a more original premise. And, y'know, written better. It's been shelved then revived then shelved then revived et cetera multiple times over the years. Very likely to never get released.

- Breach In Contract Sequel: The story was vaguely planned to have a sequel, or even be a whole series, where the contract catches up to Harry and everything bad that could go down does go down. Was going to be depressing as hell. But yeah, no need for it. Maybe.

- Incorruptible AUs: Two retellings diverging from a pivotal moment in the The Dementor's Stigma backstory. In Incourruptible, completed and released, Harry's fiancee Sarah Fawcett is killed outside of a burning St Mungo's and Harry almost kills Neville for putting her out of her misery. In Ashes, the first AU, Harry actually kills Neville and then has to deal with the guilt from it, while things escalate far quicker in the early days of the apocalypse. In Warmth, the second AU, Sarah survives the St Mungo's lockdown and now, sometime later, Harry has to navigate troubled relationship waters with her. Elements of both have since been adapted into plans for two sequels to Incorruptible, titled The Dementor's Stigma: Ashes and The Dementor's Stigma: Revenant. Both of which are also probably also shelved, but odds are better for them. Originally the AUs were devised so I could utilise some characters that died over the course of Incorruptible again, but there's still enough left over to use for sequels and stuff, for sure. So yeah!

- Misc: A Necromancer!Harry fic has been sorta converted into an original novel I might get to doing one day. Also, my take on the Wrong Boy-Who-Lived genre that also involved an exploration into Dumbledore's Army becoming this child soldiers militia thing is still a possibility, but yeah, shelved. There's also the heist fic, the HP/Avengers fic... And a million others. It's also important to note that just because something's shelved doesn't mean I might not get a weird burst of inspiration for it. I'm crazy that way. And I like to steal unused ideas.

-- Things That May Yet Come --

Stuff. Thangs. Hope springs eternal...

No matter what you've read of mine, liked it or hated it, thanks for reading anyway! And have a nice day. Go enjoy some cookies or something. You deserve it! Except you, Ray. I know what you did last summer.

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Uh oh.
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