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Hi, I'm A Million Things At Once. Writing, drawing, and music are my three loves, and I'm constantly in engaged in all three (sometimes at the same time). I don't do much reading on the site, which is why I only have two favorite authors (and one is my best friend so she doesn't really count). If you want me to read something of yours I would be happy to (as long as it's under a show/movie/book/etc that I know well enough to read fics for...). If you read and review any of my stories I automatically love you ; )

I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, and most of my fics will come from there. And most of those will be Tokka or Kataang because they're probably the best ships on that show (in my opinion), and here's why:


1. Ever since Aang set his googley eyes on Katara he's had the biggest crush on her.

2. Zuko was a huge prick in the first season.

3. Zuko has nasty hair in the first season, and it's obvious Katara's into hair. Why else would her's be so rediculous? Aang's hair style (or lack thereof) is waaaay better than that black snake coming out of the top of Zuko's nasty semi-bald head.

4. Aang may be nerdy, but he's the freaking AVATAR. He gets all the chicks (like the Kyoshi Island Fan Club). Zuko is the whiny prince. He gets the gloomy, ugly girl. Some people call her Mai.

5. All this about how Katara and Zuko are perfect for each other because they're opposites and opposites attract is bull. Just because she's a waterbender and he's a firebender does NOT make them opposites. They're quite similar, actually. And even if they are similar, they aren't perfect for each other. Never have, never will. They just...don't belong in the same box. It's like trying to force two magnets together, it just doesn't work sometimes.

6. There's only been one (1) Zutara moment in the whole show, and that was in Crossroads where she touched his face. Oooohhhh, how romantic and dreamy!! Not much of a moment, since she runs and hugs Aang when he comes and rescues her. And also Zuko ruins everything later in the episode.

7. Oh, and then there was that time when he took lightning for her and she healed him. Ooh, how romantic. I was close to tears. Honestly, that moment was rather cheesy. Not very romantic at all.


1. Toph only blushes once in the whole damn series and that's because of Sokka. Need I say more?

2. Toph is badass. Sokka becomes badass after Sokka's Master where he learns how to use a sword (finally). Badasses stick together. It's the natural order of things.

3. Suki is not badass. She is a tranny mess who needs to cut the crap and find herself another tranny to french wildly with, which is what (s)he's into.

4. We all know Sokka's damn fine. But Toph doesn't because she's blind. So we know for a fact she's not in it for his money maker(s).

5. Ty Lee is a slut and needs to find someone of similar status. Although she does kick major ass in The Drill so I don't hold much of a grudge.

6. Yue is dead. But she was nice, so it's like, whatever. She may have kissed Sokka but Toph won in the game of life.

If that didn't change your mind about the two best ships on the show, then I don't think you'll enjoy my stuff, since I think all of it has Tokka or Kataang romance in it...And if you don't like romance then...uhm...I don't really know what you're doing reading my profile cuz you're not gonna enjoy reading ANYTHING that I've written so far...

UPDATES: I deleted two of my stories because I didn't like them anymore. Sorry if you liked them, but I just didn't. And I don't like having stories I don't like in my account. Anyway, the stories were 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark' and 'Sixteen Years'. I felt like they were poorly writen so yeah. Sorry, but they're not coming back.

UPCOMING STORIES: Another Kataang post-war proposal fic titled Challengers for Avatar. A Valentine x Helena drabble for Mirrormask titled Firsts.

Other things I might write for: Firefly is the best show ever (that's not animated) no pants down. Not surprisingly, Serenity is the best movie ever. Don't say otherwise, Serenity is to amazing as Matt Damon is to hot. I've seen it a million times and every time it takes my breath away and makes me cry. Sunshine is also a good movie (Hello, Cassie and Capa!! Did NO ONE pick up a spark between them?). Time Machine is definitely on this list, even if my friend laughed her head off when she saw it. Yeah, I like sci-fi HELLA. Hayao Miyazaki is an amazing guy and is the Japanese Walt Disney (minus the creepy pedophilia and shit that Walt has) so I will be writing something for his movies. Soon. Maybe. Constantine is another amazing movie, but a little harder to write for. Another movie is Mirrormask and is the second best movie in the world.

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