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Like OMGness 'tis DBCA back in semi-action with my collab account with the great Seran...but I'm soooooooo much cooler!!

Che, like you can beat Ore-sama. Hey, 'tis Seran here, attempting to work with da wonderful DBCA. But of course I'm better...

And just in case you haven't read our junk here's a little info:

I the wonderful DBCA have an entire story in my head. Some call it psychotic...but when a friend's 'in love' with one...well it's just plain fun. So let me introduce them!!

Cras is the -mostly- nice one. He likes to help people and sht

Crasi is Cras' twin sista that is protectice, very independent, and kinda mischievous

Skitz is...insane...he's not very nice and speaks the language known as sarcasm -.-

Bilar is the only athletic one as well as the GHEYest of them all.

Desion, is a girlie, and is emo and...mean...

Scraz the newest addition is airheaded and the one people fall in love with -.-

Skitz- You're insane.

Cras- THAT'S NOT NICE! Btw if you wanna know where we came from it was a humble little planet called Juptar...

Wait...don't you mean Jupiter? I don't have any specific voices, so I won't tell you about them all. All I'm gonna say for now is..."The masochist smiled sheepishly at them and said 'Meow.'" ~S.H.

Cras- No! i mean Juptar!! it's in the Quakar galaxy-

For the record, it's not QuakER, it's QuakAR. I was very forcibly informed of that just a moment ago...

Skitz-Yes, yes outer space baby. I do believe they shook the test tubes way too many times and we spawned because of it...

Scraz- Guuyys~ You are really la-oud~ It would be niceity nice if you could be shuuushhhhed. Ty~ Anyways, I'm sure you people are wondering why our username is so incredibly long and strange. It's algebra!! See, the actual eqation is: Uke x Seme(y) = X to the power of Z . And then you just use substitution xD Our favorite one is Ryoma x (Atobe)(Tezuka)(Fuji) = XXX. Wonderful, no?

Kyaaaaa that's soo awesome!!

Skitz- you helped make it you don't need to sound so surprised/awed...

You suck! anyways I is going to tell yall people the amazingness of how many pairings we have thought of-

Hmm...there are so many...lessee:

Naruto:SasuNaru, SasuGaa, GaaNaru, NejiGaa, NejiNaru, NejiSasu, SasuSai, SaiNaru, ItaSai, ItaSasu, KisaIta, ItaNaru, KakaSasu, KakaNaru, KakaItaKaka, SasoDei, SasoDeiTobi, KankuGaa, KankuKiba, KibaShikaKiba, KibaNaru, KibaShino, NejiShika, ShikaShino, ChoShika, LeeGaa, KakaIru, LeeSasu, KakaGaiKaka, OroMin, OroKabu, OroSasu, OroJiraOro, OroJiraNaru, OroNaru, KyuuNaru, ItaKyuu, SuiSasu, ZabuHaku, ZabuKaka, MinaKaka, KonohamaruUdon, JiraKaka, PeiNaru, HidaKaku, HidaAsu, HidaShika, AsuShika, NejiLee

We would add threesomes and foursomes and who-the-hell-knows-how-many-somes, but then the list would be infinitely long, so we're moving on.

Prince of Tennis:Thrill Pair(FujiRyoma), Pillar Pair(TezuRyo), Perfect Pair(TezuFuji),Endurance/Emerald Pair(InuiKai), Dream Pair(FujiEiji), Golden Pair(OishiEiji)OT3(TezuFujiRyo), MomoKai, Ah-Un Pair(MomoRyo), Burning Pair(TakaFuji), TezuInuiTezu, EijiRyo, KaiEiji, KaiRyo, KachiroKatsuo, TezuOishi, Royal Pair(AtoRyo),Sleepy Pair (JiroRyo),Silver Pair (ShishiCho),Dirty Pair (OshiGaku), Imperial Pair(AtoTezu), GakuJiro, AtoJiro, KabAto, AtoOshiAto, HiyoGaku, ShinjiKamio, ShinRyo, KamioKai, TachiFuji, ChitoseTachi, Recruitment Pair(MizukiKajimoto),Sweet Pair (BuntaJirou),Uke Pair(YukiKiri)

Plus all crack pairings and non-crack pairings that are really obscure and we can't be bothered to think of,

Death Note: L/Light, Mello/Near, Mello/Matt, Mikami/Light, Matsuda/Light

Eyeshield 21: Hiruma/Sena, Shin/Sena, Juumonji/Sena, Musashi/Hiruma, Musashi/Sena, Monta/Sena, Sakuraba/Shin, Takami/Sakuraba, Takami/Hiruma, Sakuraba/Sena, Habashira/Sena, Hiruma/Habashira, Panther/Sena, Mizumachi/Sena, Kakei/Sena, Kakei/Mizumachi, Riku/Sena, Kid/Hiruma, Kid/Sena, Akaba/Koutaro, Akaba/Sena, Akaba/Kakei, Agon/Hiruma, Agon/Sena, Unsui/Agon, Ikkyu/Monta

Ouran H.S. Host Club: Kyouya/Tamaki, Hikaru/Kaoru, Mori/Hunny (Shameful, DBCA, you forgot Mori/Hunny! How dare you?)

Full Metal Alchemist: Roy/Ed, Envy/Ed

Hikaru no Go: Akira/Hikaru, Sai/Hikaru

D.N. Angel: DarkDai, SatoDai, DarkSato, KradDark, KradSato, KradDai

GetBackers: BanGin, AkabaneGin, AkabaneBan, JuuKaz

Yu-gi-oh: Atemu/Yugi, Joey/Yugi, Kaiba/Joey, Kaiba/Yugi

Yu-gi-oh GX: Chazz/Jaden, Zane/Jaden, Aster/Jaden, Zane/Sirus

Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei/Kurama, Hiei/Yusuke, KuramaYusuke

One Piece: Zolo/Luffy, Ace/Luffy, Shanks/Luffy

Bleach: GrimIchi, HichiIchi, ChadIchi, AizenIchi, RenIchi, GinHitsu, AizenGin, GinMatsu, UraharaIsshin, UraIchi, IchiIshi (And you forgot IchiIshi, too...xP)

MAR(Marchen Awakens Romance) AlvissGinta, PhantomAlviss, TomGinta, NanashiGinta

Shamen King: HaoYoh, RenYoh, HoroYoh, HoroRen, RyoLyseirg

Gravitation: YukiShu, HiroShu, RyuShu

Final Fantasy: Seph/Cloud, Zack/Cloud, Kadaj/Cloud/Kadaj, Loz/Yazoo/Loz, Yazoo/Kadaj, Cloud/Rufus, Rufus/Reno, Rude/Reno, Reno/Cloud, Vincent/Cloud, Cid/Vincent, Seph/Vincent, Vincent/Yazoo, Seph/Zack, Cloud/Denzel, Seymour/Tidus, Auron/Tidus, Wakka/Tidus

Kingdom Hearts: Riku/Sora, Leon/Cloud, Sora/Roxas, Axel/Roxas

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will, Jack/Norrington/Jack

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn/Legolas, Aragorn/Haldir, Aragorn/Frodo, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin, Boromir/Legolas, Eomer/Legolas, Faramir/Aragorn, Gimli/Legolas

Harry Potter: Voldemort/Harry, Draco/Harry, Fred/George, Oliver/Percy, Lucius/Severus, Seamus/Dean, Draco/Neville, Bill/Charlie, Bill/Harry, Charlie/Draco, Blaise/Draco, Lucius/Harry, Cedric/Harry, Blaise/Harry, Blaise/Seamus

Black Cat: Creed x Train, Sven x Train

D. Gray Man: KandaAllen, LaviAllen, TykiLavi

House: HouseWilson, ForemanChase, HouseChase

Spiral: Eyes/Ayumu

Criminal Minds: MoRe, HoRe, HoMo(best. names. evva)

xxxHolic: DouWata

So, here's our Pairing List, and it's not even near completion, yet, because there are so few pairings under Prince of Tennis...

Well I decided to add something I like to call-

List of Whore-iffic people!!


Ryoma (And Yanagi-kun, who plays Ryoma in Dream Live 3rd)


Dan(in training)






Fuji (And Aiba-chan, who plays Fuji in Dream Live 3rd)







Tezuka (And Shirota Yuu, who plays Tezuka in Dream Live 3rd)











Since DBCA got her section up there, it's my turn now!! You'll probably always be able to tell which one of us is writing, even when it's not separated into bold/italicsunderline, because I use mostly proper grammar. Unlike somebody I know...

And commas, too, which I swear, she refuses to use sometimes!

So in our fic, the first chapter of which should hopefully be up sometime next Saturday-ish, we switch around, and she refuses to let me edit, so you should have no problems figuring out who is writing whichever character.

Speaking of our fic, here's some info on it, if you're interested:

When I Die, Cremate My Computer

Naruto, AU highschool fic, OT4 - Neji x Sasuke x Gaara x Naruto

DBCA is writing Neji and Naruto, S.H. is writing Sasuke and Gaara

YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!! Chapter one is up! (finally...)

Best not hope for chapter to be up anytime soon...

Oh, the insanity, it burns!

-chokespluttercough- Our added an avi...What the hell is that, yo?!

Dude our avi pwns all!! Be awed by Ore-sama!!

P.S. Commas are deadly!!

You House freak -_-U No, they're not! Commas are your friend! is griptape, which, by the way, Ore-sama has, for Ore-sama pwns you. Ore-sama no bigini yoina.

Death to little sisters everywhere!!

But...but...I'm a little sister! And technically, you are, too, ya know...

To those...littler than us.

That makes sense. Good!

CLOWNS. ARE. THE SPAWNS. OF SATAN. Just thought everyone would like to know...

No, no their not don't listen to her. Dogs. dogs are spawns of Satan and pictures, dolls, commas, and me, but no, not clowns.

Dogs are not spawns of Satan! But clowns are. Most definitely, clowns are truly spawns of Satan. Especially little clown bears made by TY...

For the record, When I Die isn't our baby... It's our hormonal teenager!


Miss Strange, "You're as normal as a straight person in a gay bar." . tis happy-making

Me, "Dangit! Only eat the hard ones!" Luke, "You know when you take that out of context..."

Ore-sama-tachi, "First sign of insanity, talking to yourself. Second sign, answering yourself. Third sign, arguing with yourself. Fourth sign, losing."

Me, "I am sexual harrassment on legs!...Only with you, of course." (Speaking to DBCA, naturally xD) But that's not true anymore! Now, I my affections on Sinisterrr! LIES! SINI YELL FOR HELP THE 'EADER IS COOOMMMMIIIINNNNG.

Me, "It was my pillow before it was your leg!"

"That's what she said"- soratically said...ALL THE TIME!

"El gato en tu pantalones"- prolly spelled wrong...but hey, also said ALL THE TIME.

"Ksssssssk"- Sini

Sini, right before she leaves, "OMG I should so spend the night!!"

PersonY, "The inanity is great in this one..." (Talkin' 'bout me!! xD)


I Live

I Hunger

I am...Sinisterrr- We_Are_The_Strange(Best Movie EVA)

But you're not Sinisterrr!! Stephanie is!! Oh, and for the record, WATS is creepy. I couldn't even watch it, it was creepy.

Don't listen to her!! Watch it on YouTube! It's PURE AWESOME!!


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