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Author has written 2 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Dresden Files.

I am a male,

My favorite games are: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, SSBB, Metroid Prime and Metroid Zero Mission.

I like to read and enjoy reading new books.

My favorite characters are: Naked Snake, EVA, Metaknight, Samus Aran and Samus' Hatchling.

Characters I hate: Sonic, C. Falcon, Zelda, Mario, Volgin, Ivan Raikov, Mother Brain, Peach, Sokolov, Bowser, Gay Marth.

Brawl Mains: Samus Aran, Snake, Wolf, Ike, Marth Metaknight

Reasons why I like:

Naked Snake: He kicks butt, is the original and was one of the Creators of CQC.

EVA: Is Naked Snake's love life, has duel roles and gets it in the same place twice under the same circumstances.

Meta-knight: is Kirbys Mentor, Up-b move has 9 damage but has good knock back(K.O.s lighter charcters from zero damage) and has a giant battleship.

Samus Aran: CAN'T BE PLACED INTO A LOVELIFE!!, owns everyone and isn't human(she is part Human, Chozo and Metroid).

Hatchling: Belongs to Samus Aran.

Reasons why I hate:

Sonic: Is cocky as shit. Believes he's the best. treats everthing as a game.

Mario: Games never change and is dying: the wii didn't open with a Mario game!

Gay Marth: People! Marth is married! So you can't make him gay! So writers of Marth/males suck and have no life!

Fav Pairings:
Micaiah/Sothe Radiant Dawn
Zihark/Ilyana Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Edward/Mia Radiant Dawn
Onesided Zelda/Link all games
Marth/Sheeda Fire Emblem
Eliwood/Lyn Fire Emblem 7
Boyd/Mist Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Onesided C. Falcon/Samus Super Smash Brothers
Onesided Snake/Samus Super Smash Brothers
Onesided Pelleas/Micaiah Radiant Dawn
Ranulf/Lyre Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Onesided Kysha/Lyre Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Naliah/Tibarn Radiant Dawn
Naesala/Leanne Path of Radience Radient Dawn
Samus/Adam Malkovitch Metroid

Ike/Soren Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Gatrie/Shinon Path of Radience/Radiant Dawn
Onesided Roy/Marth Super Smash Brothers
Ike/Pit Super Smash Brothers
Onesided Ike/Marth Fire Emblem/ Radiant Dawn

Micaiah/Mia Radiant Dawn
Elincia/Lucia PoR/RD
Onsided Peach/Samus Super Smash Brothers
Onesided Zelda/Samus Super Smash Brothers

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Kidnapped Luxaries reviews
just read, and thats it.
Dresden Files - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 133 - Reviews: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/25/2009
History of Termina
Termina's history as I see it.
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