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Author has written 5 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I know I don't update much, but I'll do my best to change that. Probably by throwing in one-shots as compensation.

Series I Like and Plan to Make Fanfics Of:

- Fire Emblem (currently done a Vika one-shot, and working on that SSB fanfic I will eventually get to. Hopefully)

- Elemental Gelade (my absolute favourite manga. Anime is okay)

- Final Fantasy (I love certain games in this series. Particularly VI and the Tactics games. I've got one FFTA2 one-shot done, but it might end up a series of Adelle one-shots)

- Digimon (just in general I love Digimon. I have a future fanfic I might do for it as listed below)

- Black Cat (first manga I ever completed. Not amazing, but I'd like to do something with it. Anime is terrible)

- Sherlock Holmes (not sure I'll ever fanfic from this since I don't think I could do it justice, but I love the novels and BBC show)

- Shakugan no Shana (again, not something I think I'll fanfic, but something I really enjoy nonetheless)

Also I just realized I haven't written anything about either Elemental Gelade or Black Cat. I should get on that...

Anyways, hope you enjoy what I write. And comment.

Just some info on my stories:

A Hero's Blood

FINALLY CONTINUING. I thought I lost my old outline and thus wrote up a new one. Then I found the old outline. I have thus combined them into something much better than either idea alone, and am psyched to get this Melee-era SSB fic up and running.

Dragon Kingdom

I will definitely be continuing this. I already have more chapters written in a notebook, but have to type them up. Slowness is due also to completely revamping a new character introduced in Chapter 3. I might have to go back and rewrite some of it, actually.

FUTURE: Unnamed Elemental Gelade / Black Cat Story

I've got a great idea for a story involving my two favorite anime series. Basically it revolves around Cisqua and Cou being transported into the Black Cat world and getting bounties placed on them. At which point Train, Sven, and Eve jump in to bring in these "criminals". Comedy / adventure-ish.

FUTURE: Missingno Super Smash Brothers

I know it probably seems like a jerk move to plan a new SSB story when my old one is still floating around, but I'd love to see Missingno infect the world of Smash.

FUTURE: Digimon Dream Plot

To put it simply, I had a really strange Digmon Adventure 02-based dream the other day that I believe could be adapted into a great story. Will probably be serious and somewhat long, it revolves around a different group of Chosen Children in Canada (joined by a vacationing and older TK and Kari) finding themselves blamed with the appearance of Digimon around the world. Linking the attacks to the culture of the heroes, the government successfully passes a law allowing their deaths. So the new team (plus TK and Kari) have to clear their names while trying to discover and stop the Digimon's plot.

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