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Name: J

Nicknames: Kaoru

Birthday: July 13th

Orientation: Bisexual

Background: Caucasian

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Light Brown


Food: Strawberries, Deviled Eggs, Pocky, Lasagna, French Toast

Music: J-Rock (Alice Nine, Miyavi, An Cafe, Charlotte)

Anime: Death Note, OHSHC, Junjou Romantica, Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic, Rozen Maiden, Gakuen Heaven

Games: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros


-Culture, Asia, Para Para

-Drawing, Writing, Reading

-Yaoi, Yuri

-Conventions, Games, Anime

Current Projects

-The Strongest Structure

-Person Just for Me

-Death Note: The Game

-Wind Beneath My Wings


BB x Raito

L x Raito

Matt x Raito

Usagi x Misaki

Nowaki x Hiroki

Hikaru x Kaoru

Dark Link x Link

Marth x Link

Oni Link x Link

Yami x Yugi



Hey everyone! Just a quick update to inform you as to why I haven't updated in awhile. Though I'm fairly sure no one reas this. I'm not internet popular. x3

Anywho. I've been busy over the summer with conventions, and now school has started, but I'll still be updating. I'm working on the second chapter of Death Note: The Game.

I'd also love to write a BBxRaito story, or a BBxMello. The latter is only due to a roleplay I am currently involved in. So yes, I'll be working on The Game, and I guess you can be expecting that soon.

Chao for Nao.

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