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Author has written 10 stories for Hannah Montana, Digimon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Soul Eater, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Hello lovelies. I'm Steph and welcome to my page.

My avatar is my favorite singer in the world, LIGHTS. Check her out, she's amazing.

Update af: November 10, 2014. HELLO i need to stop taking breaks.

UPDATE UPDATE: April 20, 2015. I am back, I guess? I'll be updating my fics, so be on the look out for that. :)

Favorite band: Of Mice & Men :-)

Favorite artists: LIGHTS and Troye Sivan

Tv Show: Theres too many.


Too many tbh

Favorite Quotes and Convo's:

"I'm not jealous! I'm just weird!" -Finn from Adventure Time

"You'll have to use the Chaos Emeralds to stop this thing. I'll distract it with a frontal attack so you can move in and finish it off."

"I'd like to but I don't happen to have the Chaos Emeralds with me right now"

"W-where are they?"

"Well I uh kind of got into this fight out in space and the bad guy was going to take 'em from me so I sent 'em away"

"You finally have all 7 Chaos Emeralds together and you threw them away?"



"I guess we're gonna find them again" -Knuckles and Sonic from Sonic X

"Is that him!?"

"That's a stick."

"Oh, yeah...but see that knot, if you look at it at it from a certain angle-"

"It's still looks like a stick." -Takato and Terriermon from Digimon Tamers

"Magnemite is following Pikachu all over the place, almost like its a streaker or something" -Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

"What rhymes with movie? boovie, joovie, loovie.. PLANT! plant..this is gonna take a while.." -Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place

"Kevin's a girl?!" -Russell from Up

"Shit. What are we suppose to do if we have to take a piss? You gotta go, you gotta go" -John Bender from the Breakfast club

"Nice wig Janice. What's it made of?"

"Your mom's chest hair!" -Some dude and Janice from Mean Girls.

"Rah rah! Go team yeah!" -Damon from Vampire Diaries

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"

"Ever been to Australia?"


"Me neither." -Dexter and Ed from Good Burger


"Dammit Adam." -Clare and Eli from Degrassi

"Cool. So wait, hold the phone, does this mean I can't let one rip in front of you?" -Eli from Degrassi.

"You two give me the runs" -Adam From Degrassi.

"I can't believe you got it in there!"

"Ha, that's what my ex-girlfriend said -silence- what?"

"Gross" -Sav, Adam and Eli from Degrassi

"Anyways, were not out of the woods yet test run."

-Seconds later-



"Who are you?" -Sav, Adam and Eli from Degrassi

"Shut the front door, you have a woman?!" -Dave from Degrassi

"It's so fluffy! I'm going to die" -Agnes from Despicable Me

"Sure, leave it to Sonic to mingle with a bunch of mental movie people. So shallow."

"You're jealous?"

"You bet..WHO ASKED YOU CHARMY?!" -Vector and Charmy from Sonic X

"T-M-N-T! What you get is what you see."

"You know seriously, you're only embarrassing yourself." -Mikey and Raph from TMNT

"Join me Leonardo, I am your father!" -Mikey from TMNT

"What are you doing Gir?"


"Nothing or something?"

"Oh..I can't take it, you're too smart for me. Dib is planning a surprise party after school he gonna bring all the kids from school cause he loves you. That boy loves you so much! -falls to the floor; few seconds later he gets up- I'm baking the cake! -walks away- " -Zim and Gir from Invader Zim

"Here's the pizza you ordered."

"Thank you. I-I love you."

"Gir! We fed(?) humans away from our home not invite them over."

"I had a coupon!" -Pizza dude, Gir, and Zim from Invader Zim

Davis: "NO WAY. Not in a million years! Take the bus. It's not my fault you came all the way out here."

June: "It's not fair!"

Tk and Matt's dad: "Come on kids, that's not nice. Someone take the bus with June."

June: "That's very nice of you sir and I already have the perfect person in mind."

Matt: "And the absolute perfect volunteer is T.K."

Their dad: "Matt, you take the bus with June."

Matt: "HUH? I'm broke!" -Dad gives him money-

Tai: "Have fun you two."

Izzy: "Have her home before curfew."

Matt: "I'll trade for your seat."

June: "Don't be silly, you'll sit with me."

Matt: "AHHHHHH!"

June: "Come on hunk we better go catch the bus it's a long ride."

Matt: "Please, T.K you can have my college money!" -All from Digimon season 2.

"I'll rip his LUNGS OUT! know what I mean!" -Dean from Supernatural.

"I am a symmetrical garbage!" -Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

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