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Hello :D

If you're reading this, you were probably directed here by Runes of Fate, my first fanfiction on this site since 2010. Yep, it's been a long three years without writing, but I'm finally back!

Here's some info on my writing projects - current or future - if you're interested.

Runes of Fate: Involves characters based on a tight knit internet group on Pokemon Online. I'm the writer, but my friends have helped A LOT with the plot. Here's a summary: After Igor is murdered, mysterious dimensional rips begin to appear worldwide. The Shadow Operatives and the Investigation Team are sent to deal with them, but more help is still required. The Velvet Siblings - taking matters into their own hands - abandon a wrecked Velvet Room and relocate to Ile de Richard, where they take over the academy and send out scholarships to potential Persona users. And so begins a long journey to discover the truth behind Igor's death, the kidnapper loose in the academy, why these Persona users have limited Wild Card and someone with the full ability is missing, and the reason for the dimensional rips.

Skeletons (Prototype title and sequel to RoF): I am DEFINITELY excited for this one. It takes place five years after RoF. I can't reveal much since RoF is still in its early stages and sets everything up for Skeletons, but here's a brief summary: Skeleton Cabs is a new taxi service popular in Japan for its affordability when it comes to regular use. But when Suzuna Kizuki's driver becomes an actual skeleton and almost everyone around her disappears, her world is turned upside down. It doesn't help that she suddenly gains the ability to summon a Persona - or rather, multiple Personas - and has to fight her way throughout the world to solve the mystery of what happened. Aided by other Persona users and her quirky skeleton driver, she must undergo another test for humanity's sake, along the way helping her friends deal with the skeletons in their closets. She never really asked for this when she entered a contract with the Skeleton Cabs. (Awesome side note: Nanako is a Persona user in this story)

Regeneration (prototype title): Digimon Regen. is a popular new videogame released in Japan. The best part? It's a virtual reality game. But when everyone is suddenly trapped, it's up to the players themselves to clear the game. The worst part? The game plays you as much as you play it. Kyouya - the son of the game's creator - in particular ends up with the most burden on his shoulders, dealing with betrayal from friends, romances destined to end poorly and dark secrets from the past that come to haunt him. But even after everything, there's still room for new beginnings. Slightly inspired by Sword Art Online.

Untitled Pokemon fic: Johto has been taken over by a powerful crime lord determined to prove his region's worth and set it apart from Kanto. Naturally, a lot of people support his ideals - but a lot of people hate him for what he's done to get to the top. So when his fifteen year old daughter, Tori, is sent off on her pokemon journey, things don't go as well as she'd think. The target of attempted assassinations, kidnappings for ransom...and the pawn of a greater scheme to overthrow her father. It doesn't help that she's completely naive to how the world works, but at least she has a little help from her friends, right?

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Fairy Dance of Death by Catsy reviews
AU reboot of the entire SAO storyline, beginning from the premise that Kayaba Akihiko was obsessed with magic and Norse Mythology rather than swords and pure melee. As a result, he created the Death Game of Alfheim Online rather than the floating castle of Aincrad—a world in which PvP is not a crime, and the nine player races are in competition to escape. **SPOILERS IN REVIEWS**
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Move to a new town, check. Make new friends, check. Classmates grow horns, check. Spawn a thing called a Persona, check. Get signed up for a supernatural rescue squad, check. Hisako didn't have many plans when she began the next part of her life, but she didn't appreciate having to update her checklist for it. She would have been happy forging friendships instead of social links.
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Ragnarok by der kapitan reviews
This world is ugly and imperfect, so why not create your own reality? Humans will let you down and make you cry, so you're better off without them. Make your own world, find your own escape, and achieve perfection. Let this sick reality burn and disappear; it's not worth saving. Original Persona storyline.
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C H I L L E D by Prin Pardus reviews
The first chill of leafbare is the most deadly; it is this chill that kills more than any other. The first betrayal is the most damaging; it is the act that shatters bonds of trust and kinship, crushing even the strongest heart, tearing Clans apart.
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Of Common Blood by Gray Voice reviews
In an alternate 19th century, two women make their livings through organized crime, violence, and murder. But in each other, they find something they believed was impossible. Now they must find for themselves if their sins can be washed away. Luka/Miku, inspired by "Rondo of the Sun and Moon."
Vocaloid - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 19 - Words: 85,234 - Reviews: 170 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 101 - Updated: 3/24/2013 - Published: 6/11/2012 - [Miku H., Luka M.] - Complete
Persona Non Grata by Brave Soul RMS reviews
You know what's cool about being a sociopath? Shooting yourself in the head with an imaginary bullet and summoning a superpowered imaginary friend to kick ass. Downside's that an army of living nightmares is out to end you. You tell me: is it worth it?
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 19 - Words: 171,738 - Reviews: 63 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 1/27/2012 - Published: 12/18/2009 - Charmander/Hitokage
The Louhearst Expedition: Year Two by Lolli-S reviews
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She escapes into fresh mountains littered with hot springs and the greyest eyes. – StevenFlannery, AU.
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