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(Flash-frozen at 19)

I am a physics and astronomy major from New York. Minor in art. Being able to solve problems doesn't seem to affect my ability with a brush/pencil but I often space out and lose focus on one thing or another.

Other stuff I like include archaeoastronomy, white dwarf hamsters and reading. I enjoy "The Simpsons" especially the brilliant John Frink (the discoverer of Frinkonium, the 8 month after pill, professor at the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology) anything related to Tolkien and video games (Legend of Zelda, Soul Calibur, Pokemon). I do like Harry Potter like a lot of people, but I've never been interested in the fandom. And any of my preferred academic and non-academic activities.

No flaming or spamming please! If you have something against me, we'll settle this like physicists/astronomers. A battle of the nerds. My weapons of choice are Excel spreadsheets, rows of ridiculously large numbers and photometry data.

I have a LJ account (elbarto252) where I occasionally put things that don't belong in any other social or media site. This includes commentary on fics and some short one shots. My deviant art hasn't been updated in a while mainly because I don't have a good version of photoshop on this new computer but I do have Painter. I'm working on a series right now, the Fairy Springs of Twilight Princess. Faron Spring's the only finished one so far. Even rarer on deviant art are Soul Calibur fanart. I prefer scenery to portraits though I'm not bad in either. Portraits are just more disastrous to get wrong so that's why I'm more hesitant to put those up.

Stuff I write

Bitter Frost

Main characters: Siegfried, Hildegard von Krone

Currently working on Chapter 4.

(Title tentative)

Main characters: Margaret, Siegfried, Frederick Schtauffen

A fic involving the Schtauffen family, revolving around Margaret. I am having a hard time determining the nature of the characters' relationships, but I hope to get the first chapter done by the end of the year, with all the cheesiness out, I hope. Surprisingly the last chapter's already been written since 2008 and is only going to be edited at this point (past revisions, yay!). Since Margaret isn't known by more than her name, the character is virtually created (be warned!). This fic is meant to be an alternate of Bitter Frost, not a parallel. I'm going to be vague on this one...

I'm really outdated, but here are some fics I recommend to those that who aren't scared of the English language and how long its stories can be. Most of these are listed in my favorites if they are ffnet. Will continue updating when I have time.

Flawed and Fair (Tehta)

Slash warning! Stars two minor characters of the Silmarillion, whose epicness is explored further in The Book of Lost Tales (History of Middle-earth, part 1) and Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth. I don't think they're even mention together in the story, except when you learn of their titles. Ecthelion is the homophobic Lord of the Fountains who has "unnatural" desires for his comrade Glorfindel, the carefree, more admired Lord of the Golden Flower. Both of them are sent as escorts to the King's sister in a journey...hilarity, relentless innuendo and badly controlled emotions ensue. I'm reading it 3 years later and I still laugh. Henneth-Annun has the best version of this story to date, as it includes additional author's notes and a hilarious summary.

Under the Curse (finch) Only on Henneth-Annun, not ffnet

A darker slash involving the slashiest couple in Tolkien, Maedhros and Fingon. Themes from the Bible and Inferno are here so be warned...not the lighthearted yaoi commonplace, and also includes a lot of thoughts about life, human nature and love. This shows the events of the First Age through Fingon's eyes, and his visions after his death in Arda. I nearly cried reading the ending to this one...

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Months have passed since the Nirnaeth, but Glorfindel and Ecthelion are not quite over it yet. Contains dark themes, humour, and slash, all mixed together pretty evenly, I hope.
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When Aredhel leaves Gondolin, Ecthelion is part of her escort. During the journey, he will have to deal with Sindar, orcs, giant spiders - and his unnatural feelings for Glorfindel. Slash, spiky humour. Complete.
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Holiday Spirit reviews
Young Siegfried's unforgettable holiday, based on an alpine tradition.
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