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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, Sailor Moon, Mummy, Harry Potter, Angel, and Hunger Games.

1917 - 2007: My maternal grandmother is the biggest influence on my life. She passed away in 2007 and life hasn't been the same.

2016 - I lost my Dad suddenly. The man who loved me unconditionally and did everything he could to give me a wonderful life.

Updated Sept 12 2021:

HP and the WOL is in process of being completed. I know you're all eagerly awaiting the final chapter and it's been delayed. Hoping to get it out sometime in 2023.

Please scroll to bottom to read about ongoing stories!

My fanfiction Tumblr with tidbits, spoilers, images and so much more: USAKO3000

Where have you been all this time?

This is a fair question! I wrote the majority of HP and the WOL in 2002-2003. OoTP caused me to lose a bit of my faith in the series, and that on top of later starting university and having my grandmother not well, resulted in a complete fall out with fandom and writing. During 2004-2010 I did a little bit of writing, mostly Draco/Parvati shorts. As well, I was the plot writer for a writing game known as Veritas on GJ and I illustrated a popular Potter comic strip the Potterites which I drew for about three months.

In the summer of 2010, I traveled to England as I always do and my older cousin who got me into Harry Potter in the first place read HP and the WOL. She fell in love with it and going through the story with her made me also remember the great plans I had for it. Then, becoming a fan of the Very Potter musicals helped me rediscover my need to Get back to Hogwarts!

So, tell us about yourself!

So who am I? Well I'm Usako3000 D.D.S (Doctor of Dental Surgery) (Just graduated!) as well as having a . In Microbiology! Fun things I've been a part of: As a teenager I hair modelled for magazine shoots for a Canada/Japan branched hair salon. I've been heavily involved in theatre and art all through my life.

I consider myself a sort of British/Canadian hybrid, as although I was born in Canada, I spent huge chunks of my childhood in England and events there have been a major influence on my life. I continue to visit England every year.

What about your Fanfiction History?

I’ve been a long time fanfiction writer since 1997 when I was a dreamy preteen. My first fanfics were Sailor Moon based and were posted at A Sailor Moon Romance, including the highly popular (One of the very first “Runaway” fics as they’re horrible characterized and copied now) And Throw Away the Key. In 1999 I wrote some embarrassing Digimon Adventure fics. Most of them have been taken down but I kept a few on here for the sake of posterity. I wrote one BTVS story in 1998 which is probably floating somewhere on the internet, and then my own ending to Angel: Tomorrow is Another Day. The most major addition to my fanfic portfolio would be Harry Potter. On my trip to England in 2001 I was forced to read the first book (and complied because her writing style is similar to my favorite author in childhood: Enid Blyton) - and loved it! The newest addition is The Hunger Games, a series I was very happy to get into in 2012.

I am taking up fanfiction again in part to get back into writing. I have an idea for a novel which I always planned to write, but have never had the chance to due to wanting to get that Dr. in front of my name first! Now that I've accomplished that, it's time to start enjoying another one of passions: writing!

Let's Talk Characters and OTP's:

In Sailor Moon, my favourite character will always be Usagi. While the anime leaves a lot to be desired, the base story is beautiful. I really enjoyed PGSM, and hope the new anime will be more mature and along those lines. I support Usagi/Mamoru only. Chibi-Usa is my most despised character in fandom history. She will not feature in my stories and if she does, she will not be the canon interpretation.

In BtVS, Buffy and Angel are endgame for me. I really loved Darla and Angel together as well. Buffy was ruined for me by Season Five and the introduction of Dawn Summers who I loathe. I still cannot understand why she was written into the story, and if she had to be, why she was written so obnoxiously.

In The Hunger Games, I am a Peeta/Katniss shipper. However, I find Cato an interesting character and in my own story have tried my hand at Cato/Katniss.

Now, Harry Potter. I love, love, love Harry. He is the be all and end all of the series for me. I am also a #1 Sirius Black fangirl. Other characters I support are James and Lily Potter, Remus Lupin and Parvati Patil. I love Parvati and was sad to not see her become a larger part in the books. Draco Malfoy is one of my favourites as well, but moreso what he COULD have been instead of what he eventually became in canon. I support: Harry/Parvati, Hermione/Ron, Draco/Parvati, Lily/James. For a little while I also once supported Hermione/Snape in a humor/romance context.

For those looking to find my fanfictions where those couples exist:

Harry/Parvati: Is the side couple in The Morning After

Draco/Parvati: Features prominently in Harry Potter and the Wish of Life

Hermione/Snape: Is the main couple in The Morning After

Cato/Katniss (minor Peeta/Katniss): Is the main couple in The Darkness Within

Ongoing Projects

Harry Potter and the Wish of Life

This story will be completed very shortly by mid 2022

The Soundtrack

Images: Lily & The Marauders / James & Harry / Sirius & James Quidditch Calender / Ethan Potter / Remus & Tonks

Yes, I finally came back to HP and the the WOL. The inspiration has not stopped and right now I have the entire story outlined with skeleton chapters written for almost the entire remnant of the tale.

The Darkness Within

Low probability of continuation, I may summarize where the plot will have gone.

And Throw Away the Key

I am completely rehauling and completing my original signature fanfiction from ASMR. While this story is on Hiatus, Sailor Moon is my original fandom and one I may always come back to.

Three Wizard Tots and a Potions Master


The Morning After


If you have any questions please feel free to email me at anytime. I always respond to reviews, so please take the time to review!

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