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Well to start off a quick bio:
Name: Just Zorian is fine
DoB: none ya business...hehe
Gender: Male
Age: 13(Figure out the year)
(Also, for people who look down in the stuff I'm reading meaning the more Mature material. I've seen enough, experienced, and learned about it to have a grasp of it. So please refrain from commenting and saying I'm too young. This world is no innocent Haven. So I will post a M-rated fic, with sexual situations and so on, and I will read them.)
Hobbies: Guitar and I guess writing.

Anime/Cartoons/and Mangas: Naruto, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Cowboy Bebop, Blood, Full Metal Alchemist, Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, and many others.


Naruto: Naruto/Sakura, Naruto/Anko, Naruto/ Temari, Naruto/Ino, and a few others. Mostly Naru/Any girl really.

Bleach: HITSUMATSU!! Hitsugaya Toushirou/ Matsumoto Rangiku I blame my friend drag-eart for that. Also, Rukia/Ichigo/Orihime, and Shihouin Yoruichi/Urahara Kisuke. Nel/Hitsu too. hehe

Ghost in the Shell: Motoko/Hideo, and Motoko/Batou

Teen Titans: Beast Boy/Raven...BB/Rae.

Full Metal Alchemist: Ed/Siren, Ed/Rose, Ed/Noa, and Al/Winry. I know weird huh

Kim Possible: Drakken/Shego, I'd even go Drakken/Kim. Ron/Kim.

Other info on me:

I'm heavy metal enthusiast, I listen to a couple of others genres too such as neoclassical, Doo Wop, J-Rock, Oldies, rap, hip hop, Thrash, and punk. Ect..

But in no way shape or form do I listen to country OR the stuff on the radio today. I tried. The music that I'm referring to is the so called Rock & Roll, Metal(Please, yeah right), or EMO. No offense guys. I do know a lot of them, like to kick it with them. But doesn't mean I have to like the music.

Short list of bands that I listen to:

Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Stratovarius, Nightmare(Naitomea), Galneryus, AC/DC, Metallica, Megadeth, Jinn, Iced Earth, Saxon, Jason Becker, Racer X, Paul Gilbert, Hybria, and Grimm Reaper.

I know short huh...there's a lot more...but I'll just leave it here.

Upcoming Projects:

Searching for Shadows(Name is still into question): (Final Fantasy X) Wakka reflects that in the end he lost two brother's to this cause. For the Death of Sin. He was betrayed by his own teachings and was forced to open his eyes to a new world. Searching for a new meaning he embarks in an adventure, a quest to find himself at the shores of Djose and reach the light before darkness diminishes it. Wakka/Lulu, Deep friendship between Wakka/Rikku(not a pairing).

Untitled: (Pirates of the Caribbeans) Before the time of the Pirates of the Caribbean. There was the beautiful, enticing, erotic Calypso. Before the time of the new Dutchman. There was the mighty, Scottish, lover of the sea Davy Jones. A mortal and Goddess. Their life before they became what they were meant to become.

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