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Complete and utter Profile Re-vamp.

I'm an 18 year old Australian girl, who is absolutely OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls. I don't go a day without watching it, and when I don't have all seven seasons sitting in their cases upon my dresser, I feel empty. I've been through the ups and downs with both Lorelai and Rory. I've laughed immensly and cried profusely with Lauren and Alexis. I've searched through a million youtube video's, watching each one step by step. I've fallen asleep to the sounds of witty banter and woken up to the classic 'la-la's' on the menu of the DVD. I've convinced at least seven former-haters of Gilmore Girls that it's the coolest show out there, and they've gone out and bought all the DVD's. I can't remember a day for the last year when I haven't watched Gilmore Girls. I've had multiple dreams of living in Star's Hollow, and being a regular resident. I've hated Logan and Chris since before I can remember and I have loved Lorelai and Luke for the entire duration of the show.

Incase you haven't realised from my clever little story above, I love love love Gilmore Girls and hate hate hate that it's over. I wish they'd done the 13-episode season 8, just to wrap up the rest of the show, we were cut so short.

My favourite actress in the entire Hollywood business is Lauren Graham. She is such a comedic genius. She's lived an interesting life, gone through some crap jobs to get to the stardom she has today. I own every single movie she's in and have watched every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 100 times. I often think of a line in Gilmore Girls, normally a Gilmore-ism, and I forget where it is in the series. So I google it and I watch the episode. For example, yesterday I remembered Rory trying to get Lorelai to stop saying the word Ho-Cho for Hot Chocolate, and I hadn't seen it in a while, so I googled it and surely enough it was episode 4.12 when Lorelai and Rory are back in Star's Hollow getting Hot Chocolate after their Friday night dinner. Lorelai then calls Jason and tells him that she failed to tell Emily about their relationship and Rory discovers that Jess is back when she wanders over to his car and see's that he has fallen asleep in it.

All of my stories are about Lorelai and Luke. I hate Chris, I don't like him at all. I also hate Emily for the majority of the show. She's such a caniving bitch, but Kelly Bishop is an amazing actress to be able to portray something so far from her actual person character.

Lorelai's relationships:
Max was okay, good for the first season, to get the audience acclimated to the idea of Lorelai having a boyfriend while Rory's still there.
Chris in the second season I thought was okay also, but that was only because there hadn't been any progressions in the Luke and Lorelai relationship.
Alex was just bleghh. I thought it was boring.
Jason looked like a pedophile, he creeped me out worse than anyone else on the show, but oh well - I knew it wouldn't last.
Luke Luke Luke - yes yes yes. He is the perfect man for Lorelai. ASP really fucked things up when she turned him into an ungrateful man who took Lorelai for granted each and everytime he saw her in season 6.
CHRIS IN SEASON 7 - I think you know my thoughts on this, all I can say is - damn you ASP for setting Lorelai up for disaster, and damn you David Rosenthal for carrying it through.

Rory's relationships:
Dean - cute!
Jess - boring!
Dean again - weird!
Logan - no.

So have a read of my stories if you like and please please review, there's nothing a fanfic writer loves more than a review.

lovelovelovelove KEZ :D

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