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So...I changed my penname. Again. Because I am (as my name indicates) quite capricious. Obsessions change, names change, you know. I'll look back on things I said and wonder why on Earth I said them. I doubt this'll be the last time I change things, as I am completely irregular in everything I do. But anyways, HEY! Thanks for being awesome enough to make the effort and click on my little profile button! I'm definitely way more into drawing than I am writing (my DeviantArt username is AbsolutelyLorLor), but sometimes there are things that just need to get out. I mostly do oneshots because I never (never!) finish things, and I'm pretty sure I've never written more than 1 or 2 stories for one series. I regularly visit DA only slightly more often than I do here. I'm bad with maintenace, be it my hair, relationships, Facebook, DA, here, my health, my sleep regularity...the list goes on.

Strangely enough, most of the series I've written things for aren't my all time favorites. I absolutely love them, don't get me wrong, but I can never seem to generate substantial plots for them. Sketches of them run rampant across my homework, but legitimate sequences of events, not so much. :(

I'm not really sure what else I'm supposed to say; everyone else always sounds way cooler in these than I do.

~Resurfacing Update: Wooooww. I'm back (no promises regarding how long)! For some reason, some authors just leave me so upset with their books that they stick in my head for a good deal of time. Most times, this is what my trusty sketchbook is for. Sometimes however, life requires me to spit it out using my words; causing me to shirk my other scholarly duties like oh, I dunno, college applications? (I'm totally NOT stressed or anything) and come party at FF. Not that I mind. I love this place :)

I deleted a bunch of my stories, because they were thoroughly childish and well, they sucked. Some of the ones on here still do, I just got lazy.

So, because I'm not feeling very creative at the moment, Imma do what everybody else does (not that it's bad, you people are always so witty. Frickin jealous over here.) and tell you people about mahself! Please feel free to laugh at my sad attempts at witticisms and somewhat suggestive self-deprecatingness.

Name: I have a bad habit of not getting around to people's names (or not...remembering them...), so this shall remain unsaid.

Age: Almost legal. Seen-yah, bitches! Can't wait to get out of highschool...

Weapon of Choice: Spork. Get at me.

Primary Weakness (Why is this sounding more and more like some video game? I SUCK at video games. Although Halo is pretty kickass.): I cry at ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I'm a giant sap and a hopeless romantic to boot. I also have issues with differentiating the fictional from the nonfictional... I get way too worked up over everything (gotta love that anxiety) and I talk A LOT.

Favorite Sport: Ew. I don't beleive in excercise. GET AWAY. Just kidding, I'm a dancer; along with an ex-diver/gymnast. I can't catch a projectile object to save my life, but I can do flips on a four-inch wide piece of wood or go flatter than 180 on a split. Why is completely beyond me.

Interests: DRAWINGreadingDRAWINGDRAWINGscrewinguprelationshipsDRAWINGmakingpoorjudgementsDRAWINGdanceDRAWINGschoolSTRESSINGDRAWINGlongboarding(surfing or skateboard. I'm not picky. But I'm not that great, either.)DRAWINGobsessingoverthenonexistentDRAWINGwriting(on occasion)STRESSINGDRAWINGdoingWAAYYtoomuchthanishumanlypossibleDRAWING... I could go on, but I think you get the point.

General Summary: I'm loud, blonde, short, overly excitable, AD/HD & neurotic artist and nerd who finds way too much enjoyment from books and takes wayy too many AP classes. I'm pretty much an emotional trainwreck (or some kind of horribly broken rollercoaster), and the only reason I'm not enormous is because of dance. My fiction obsession has so completely deluded me that I find it impossible to maintain a relationship, because I'm sorry, but you boys just aren't as interesting when my life isn't in danger or something is on fire and/or reality has been distorted in some fashion. What can I say? It does explain why I'm not a fan of names, because they usually don't last very long...

Wow, I sound like a prostitute. LOVEYOUGUYS ]

Best Book(s) Ever: Harry Potter, all the fucking way. Les Miserables (BEAUTIFUL. GO READ IT NOW.) Hunger Games, Fruits Basket, Wicked, Inheritance Cycle, Series of Unfortunate Events, Maximum Ride, Twilight, PercyJackson (LOVE), Kane Chronicles, Vampire Knight, Gakuen Alice, SomethingBorrowed series, The Truth About Forever, The Great Gatsby, The Mortal Instruments, Clockwork Trilogy (Will Herondale is a sexy, sexy man.), and pretty much anything with a single hint and/or suggestion of romance.

Best Shows?: SCRUBS. Glee. Yeah, I'm a Gleek. I'm a teenage girl, what do you expect? Merlin (Fuck yeah, SyFy.), the occasional anime, I went through this HUGE ATLA obsession in middle school, it was pretty frickin scary...

Movies?: TANGLED. WALL-E's a close second. Lion King, The Little Mermaid, How to Train your Dragon, ANYTHING BY DISNEY/PIXAR (pretty much), Pirates of the Caribbean, TRANSFORMERS YEAH, Avatar, Super 8, ooh the new StarTrek. Captain Kirk=LOVE. Little Manhattan! Hot Chick, Mean Girls (It's on ALL of your lists.), oh dear I don't feel like thinking of these...

But yeah. I'm insane.

Au revoir!


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