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HI all.

So I'm thinking, if you clicked to come here you are wondering about me hmm? Well there is not much to say except that I'm English and that High School Musical is my guilty pleasure. Why? I hear you all cry, well without giving too much away, lets just say that the term grown up could be applied to me ( although I would never admit to being one). As for my age, the only thing i will tell you is that I am old enough to know better!! But not too old to be sensible LOL.

I love writing , especially romance. I also love to read romance novels. When I'm not reading or writing or working, I tend to be day dreaming about Zac Efron and my other obsession Hugh Jackman. Yes thats right folks, half my heart belongs to Hugh and his tall, dark and growly alter ego, Wolverine (Yummy).

Although i write and read mainly High School Musical fan fiction, I have recently discovered the joy of Bones...So yeah it may be obvious that i have a little thing for Alpha Male type...and if you find yourself in the same boat so to speak, check out some Bones and Rogan ( Wolverine and Rogue) Fan fiction, there are some great ones out there, especially if you love naughtiness :-P

UPDATE- So have heard that the UK prem of HSM3 is just over a month away on 7 October...Am so excited!! AM planning a little day trip to see my characters in real life...will let you know how i get on at a later date!!



So the idea was I was gonna start posting my two new stories but then these little two/one shot thingys got in my head and won't let me write anything else...I have already posted I drove all Night which is more a drabble than story nothing really happens and it's not great as it's in first person and in Troy's voice...hmm tricky...not to mention the fact t was typed at like 4am! But at least i got it out and it can leave me the hell alone now...anyone who thinks they wuold like to have a go at a version of their own please feel free!

The second half to this was gonna be called "It's like catching lightening" but someone already beat me to it so i will have to change that..and it will have an M rating...I wanted to tie up a few prom loose ends that Disney wouldn't dare include if you know what i mean...how many girls go on to college as virgins? And from what I have read and heard isn't one of the perks of senior prom sleeping with your girlfriend...in that spirit i wanted to write THE scene between them, and show their relationship developing to the point where Troy has a reason to be close to Gabriella and for her to come back for the show.


So i went to the premiere and after waiting for nearly six hours, I ended up at the back of the crowd not third from the front where i had started...bloody teenagers! Don't get me wrong it was an amazing experience but unless i jumped up and down, I couldn't see a hell of a lot, yes I am a short arse! But still... Anyway the people i have spoken to since then have all said, they thought Zac seemed a little distant or even alooof and I have to agree...PLease don't shoot me...I'm sure there was a good reason he didn't look too happy...in fact maybe there were 8000 reasons why...maybe he's just a shy guy...Aww... Anyway rant over...let me know what you though if you were there...

UPDATE 21 OCTOBER: So most of you will have come to see my new stories i assume...Well I am planning to run two stories at a time, one rated M called "WE Walk Blind" and the other rated T called "Rushes"

RUSHES- This is partly a reaction to attending the London Premiere and feeling a little dissapointed but is also inspired by attending the premiere. It came to me as i stood in the crowd waiting for the London premiere and then i saw Gemma Mackensie Brown and found out how old she is...I got to thinking...Hmmm...What would happen if... so here is my synopsis for "Rushes"

Seventeen year old Gabriella Montez cannot believe her luck when she gets cast in her favourite movie franchise, Disney's latest offering "Fame Acadmey3: The Show muct Go On". Not only will she be meeting Teen heartthrob Troy Bolton but she'll be acting alongside the twenty one year old...After warnings from everyone not to fall from him, she doesn't listen...Despite the age gap she's convinced they can have a future but does he see her only as a silly child with a crush?

OKay so not brilliant but that is the basic premise, i don't want to go into too much detail as it would spoil it but I would love to know what you think.

My other story is "We Walk Blind" and was partly inspired by re reading my story "Always right beside you" and watching a flim I hadn't seen in years. Again I don't want to give too much away but this i what i have so far...

"WE WALK BLIND"- We are all used to Gabriella the nerd but not Troy the nerd...

Troy and Gabriella are best friends, the two least popular people at East High school. Troy because he's into studying and art, Gabriella becasue she is a tomboy nerd, reputed to be a lesbian man hater. What happens when Troy confesses to a crush on Sharpay Evens who is the most popular girl in school and only dates Basket Ball players...He joins the BasketBall team and suddenly a whole new world is open to him. The question is will he take his best friend with him?

Again not a lot to go on but that's the basic idea

Other daft things you may or may not like to know :

I have been married for two years to my wonderful husband, whom i have managed to corrupt (he now read HSM FF too-SSh don't tell anyone) and have a 17 month old daughter, whom i adore and she was part of my inspiration for Unexpected. She is also the reason why my update rate varies so much :)

My daughter loves to watch it, as she has just discovered how to stand on the spot and "dance" by shaking her bum, she does it whenever Stick to the Status Quo or You are the Music in Me, comes on...It's the cutest thing in the whole world and always makes me teary eyed...

I have been to Disney World in Florida Three times but have not yet seen the HSM pep ralley.

I have two cats named Tinkerbelle and Stitch, who suit their names to a T.

I Love getting reviews, they make me happy (well lets face it, they make us all happy or we wouldn't be on here)

I'm not still not quite sure about FF etiquette ( For example Should I respond to reviewers? Don't want to appear stalkerish :P If you see a writing challenge are you allowed just to join in? That sort of thing...Answers on a postcard to...)

I Love Troyella but CANNOT get my head around Troypay at all ( sorry all Troypay shippers)

Anybody who read my first story Spring Fling and didn't get the cherry reference, a lot of people didn't- it must be an English thing- it means Gabi was telling Troy she was ready to sleep with him. Where i come from losing your virginity, can affectionately be known as popping or loosing your cherry!

The other thing i must point out which i recently discovered is that there is a whole chapter missing from Spring Fling, which i didn't realise until i allowed my hubby to read it..I know i uploaded it to documents but must have forgot to post it...then next time posted another chapter and missed it totally...So if ya read it and have trouble with chapters 11, 12 and 13 there is some missing...I no longer have the hard copy as my memory stick snapped shortly after that story, so one day I'm gonna try and fill the gap..but not yet have Unexpected to finish.

I Love stories where Troy is a jerk (wanted to use a stronger word but not sure if allowed here), or is a bully. I suppose it's to do with wanting to corrupt all that Disney goodness. Or the Alpha Male obession again LOL.

I Love Rogan ( Rogue and Logan pairing from Xmen movie verse) but have not yet been brave enough to attempt a Logan/Marie FF that i would happily publish, don't think i can compete with whats already out there ( Check the stories out if you don't believe me)

Other random things I Love : Reaper, Bones (Mmm Booth), Chinese food, singing loudly in the car when I'm alone to my HSM cd's,

I tend to cry very very easily, especially anything to do with animal cruelty, I have yet to watch an RSPCA ad or one of those Dogs trust ones.

I loved the SMA baby milk advert that was on TV a while ago, that also made me cry ( Told you this was random)

Although i may not have many stories or authors favorited, i do like a hell of a lot more, i just always forget to add them when i review

I find it very difficult to remember Americanisms and get used to American spellings for example colour to color, realised to realized- Catches me out everytime!!

Well thats about from me and all the boring stuff...want to know anything more you can always message me...

Tinkerbelle T

aka Rach. xxxxxxxxxx

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