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Well, this could get interesting.

Both Veroxen and I have decided, because The Legend of Dragoon is almost over (sad face...) that we will indeed continue to write together; but, we'll be cracking our story up so hard first! Those that have played the game know that we've changed a lot of things (introducing slash, for starters) and that there are a lot of funny scenes that we didn't do or did differently because of the nature of our cast. Also, there are plenty of chances for fun moments between minor characters and the like.

We'll be doing two stories. One will be crack purely for Legend of Dragoon, no Kingdom Hearts characters will be present at all. The second will be missing/changed scenes from our crossover of the two most awesome games in the whole world, and may have similar scenes from the first mentioned crack-fic. Both will be collections of oneshots; unless otherwise noted, the scenes will most likely not link together.

Also, I was re-reading the story that we have down thus far. (Have I mentioned that I love the whitty humor Veroxen puts into her chapters that I just don't ever get a chance to properly do???) I have noticed some detail continuity errors on both of our parts, and, though this has yet to be discussed thoroughly, when my latest chapter is uploaded (chapter 26), I'll be going through and changing the minor details of the story to make sure every page is in tune with itself.


Changing the profile for me! Weird how things can change so fast...Anyways, still like before, i have only written one story on Kh, and am still trying to fond my LoD story. I'm sure if i forget about it, i'll remember it during a chem lecture or something stupid like that. i still enjoy working with Cy even though we are both in complete opposite directions for school. Oh and for anyone who doesn't know, that that anyone really reads these things anyways, me and Cy are both in college, so posting will be spaced. We have the system, i send her my chapter she edits it and then post it, same goes with me, i get hers edit then post it, so if there is a delay of chapters don't get mad at us okay? We will do our best! And a thought for the day: When your chocolate begins to tell you that your life sucks its time to lay off the energy drinks.

Oh by the way if anyone cares, i am writing a LoD story involving Dart and Lloyd so if you want to look at that you can. Cy wanted a Dart Lloyd story so i wrote one for her, so some you can read if you want. Reviews would be nice also got a new LoD semi generation 3 i've been working in for weeks up right now if your waiting for something to read.


"He just pulled a Xiggy!!" ~Veroxen playing LoD

"Dart sucks everyone. But, he doesn't get it back from everyone. Sorry Dart, but you're kind of a bigger slut than Meru." ~Cy listening to Veroxen play LoD

"DIE STUPID WINGLY!!" ~Cy listening to Veroxen play LoD


Tomo7 drew this for our story, a pic of Axel and Roxas in their Dragoon forms. It makes Cy really happy :) Veroxen approves and adds "How cute!!!"

Check deviantArt under user name Yaramazara for pics of characters in dragoon form. All will be done soon, love from Veroxen.

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