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Poll: If I were to make a Hannah Montana story that allowed you to pick the pairs, would you read it and what pairs would you want? And what I mean by pick the pairs is that each chapter would be named that pair like Niley, or Jiley, stuff like that. And it wou Vote Now!
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I will no longer be on this site. My account for all intensive purposes is, indeed, inactive. does not allow you to delete accounts, so this was the best I could do. I apologise if it's upsetting, but I no longer wish to have my work, or writing, out and in the online universe for millions of people to see (or potentially see). Again, I apologise if this upsets you. It was my choice as an author or writer and I do not want my primal works being displayed. I do not have any other accounts on either. So you won't be finding me anywhere near this site. Sorry.