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Age: 15

Things I love:I love fanfiction. I love writing. I love living through my characters because my life is boring as hell! I love pizza with cadaian bacon and pinapple on top. I love it when a guy opens a door for me.(I think it's really sexy.) I love reading. I love my dogs! I love my sisters! I love singing in the shower. I love going on a run when it's raining. I love that I'm myself. I love my friends. I love dancing in front of the mirror. I love orange gatorade. I love green tea. I love mexican food. I love a good love story. And not to be like everyone else but...I LOVE Edward Cullen and the Twilight series.

Things I hate:I dont really hate a lot of things...but I hate healthy food. I hate any type of movie where my fav couple dont end up together (ex: PEARL HARBOR! SADDEST MOVIE OF ALLLLL TIME) I hate rap music. I hate people who think being a bitch is cool. I hate people who make fun of other people for fun. I hate ham. I hate the day summer break ends. I hate waking up early. I hate getting gifts I'll never use. I hate when the power goes out. I hate when chips are too greasy. I hate know it all's. I hate that one person who makes a 100 on a test that you failed so that there is NO CURVE. Sometimes...I just hate life.

Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist, Superbad, Juno (I have a thing for Michael Cera), The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Bruce Almighty, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually, Notting Hill, Mystic Pizza, My Best Friends Wedding, The Sandlot (Sandlot 2 was a disgrace!), The Little Mermaid, Ten Things I Hate About You, Cinderella Story(no one can deny that kiss at the end...I dont care who you are), Spiderman 1, Harry Potter(all 5),...and many many many many many many more...

Favorite Books: Yeah, I wont even put you through that. This list would be never ending. You dont even want to know how many books I've read in my lifetime.

Favorite T.V. Shows: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Lost, 90210, Greys Anatomy, Law&Order(old school ones), and I am and always will be an OC fan!!

Things I Cant Live Without: IPOD!, cell phone, chocolate, fanfiction, mascara ;)

Favorite Quotes:

"You have to learn how to walk. You have to learn how to talk. You have to wear that totally ridiculuas hat your grandma bought you. You have no say in th matter. And when you get older, even though you get to choose your own hats, you dont get to choose what they put in those meatballs in the cafeteria, or when to fall in love. Sometimes things just happen, and you just have to deal."

-Halley, How To Deal

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

"Dont let anyone steal your dreams. It's your dream, not theirs."

-Dan Zadra

"Friendship is certianly the balm for the pangs of dissapointed love."

-Jane Austen

"Nobody minds having what is to good for them."

-Jane Austen

"If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you dont have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough."

-Ann Landers

"And yet to say the truth, reason and love keep little company nowadays."

-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Nights Dream Act III: Scene I

Seth: Hey Greg, why don't you go piss your pants?
Greg the Soccer Player: (turning around) That was like 8 years ago, asshole!
Seth:(yelling) People don't forget!


Shout out to Maddie and Eliz! Our lives are like death!! WOOT WOOT!

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