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Kurapika Kuroro

I have no idea what to use as a pen name so I came up with my favorite pairing that was Kurapika and Kuroro.

I'm a graduate of Computer Science and is currently working as a senior programmer in a solutions company in the Philippines. But this is not for long, I am planning to take my master's degree. :P

I'm a lunatic...and I have a website...dedicated for Kurapika and Kuroro

I have created that I guess considered as a doujinshi and the topic was Kurapika was transformed into a woman (like the argentinian show) only that a lunatic fan was the one responsible for cursing him into being a woman. And of course the leading man there was Kuroro hehehehe.

Forgive me for casting a spell on Kurapika so that he'll be a female in my fic and works or even assuming on the fics that he was a she. I just made a lunatic twisted but accepted kind of way of having Kurapika as a female. I do know he is a male. My demented brain only wondered what would happen if he was transformed into a she...specifically the reactions of the ryodan...and hisoka...hehehehe

oh, Killua, Gon and (coughs) Leorio too. hehehe

I am a monumental procrastinator so expect slow updates..please if there is a cure for procrastination, inform me


January 2010

- I'll not update Nothingness for this month. Forgive me I promised myself that I'll focus and finish my tasks, thesis, and the like before updating Nothingness. You guys can still mail me for suggestions and I'll save that for later reference in writing Nothingness.

Thank you for reading Nothingness!

For the month of April

- Hi guys, I'm not updating for how long? XD I promise that I'll update, only that it would take long...LONG time to update. XD

I'm trying to cure the procsyn that I have (procrastinator syndrome XD).

That's all.

April 15, 2010,

Nothingness is updated.

October 28, 2011

I will update my fictions...SOON. It's just that being a senior programmer and a commuter saps the time I suppose to alot on my hobbies.

I will update Nothingness and Odd Enemy and that is a promise!

November 3, 2011

I will update Nothingness and perhaps Odd Enemy [cross your fingers]. But this will take long but not long enough for you to forget that this fiction ever existed. I just want to gather the plot bunnies scattered and yes, I need to rest so that I can work at my best!


December 6, 2011

Updated Nothingness and uploaded a humor fic. :P

May 10, 2012

I will put Nothingness and Odd Enemy into hiatus. I have nothing in mind right now and it feels so weird to continue something that you have no more interest on doing.

Anyhow thank you for the support.

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