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Author has written 3 stories for Dear Boys/Hoop Days, and Death Note.

A little about Midnight-Moonlight-Gal


Nickname: Saki

Age: 18

Gender: Female


-Doing sports (Basketball, Swimming, Football, Ice skating, paint balling, horse riding anything!!)

- Writing

-Watching animes or reading new manga

- Sleeping

Anime/Manga section.

Gakuen Alice- So Cool to have an Alice I want one!! I love Natsume x Mikan and Hotaru x Ruka

Prince of Tennis-Wow so skilled in a sport! My favorites are Kaidoh, Momo, and Kikumaru!

Death note- I just love the whole L VS Light. I love L!!

Blood - Saya, Kai, Rico and Diva.

Girl got game- Who says girls can't be as good as guys!

La Corda Oro De Primo passo- I wish I could play as good as them .

D.N Angel- Dark opposite is Kard! Haha I just realized it after watching the anime. I love Dark!!

Kyou kara Moah- Love the whole two sides of Yuri. Yuri is maoh form is so hot!! .

Fate stay Night- This is the best of the best ever!! I love Rin x Archer!!

Naruto- Awesome moves and skills. I wanna be a ninja!

Black Cat- Such a great anime!! I love the pairing of Jenos x Rinslet

The law Of Ukei- It sucks that it ended. Ueki x Ai is pretty good.

The legend of the glass fleet- Okay no one has heard of this Anime. Its so good people!! A MUST WATCH!! I love the pairing of Michelle and Cleo!

Slam Dunk- Why is everyone tall I wanna be tall as well so I can do a slam Dunk.

Wolf's Rain -Personal Fave I love Toboe!!

Black Jack - He's a genius, would be cool if he were real yet kinda of scary.

Air gear- If I had gear like that my dream would come true. Kazu x Emily

Flame of Recca - Recca's cool I like Fuko!

Fushigi Yuugi- Also known as Curious Play Great story

Jigoku Shoujo - When one is loss Two graves are dug. Ippen Shinde Miru

Ranma - A boy who can turn into a girl. Scary yet kinda of cool!

Yakitate!! Japan - I wouldn't mind eating one of there breads looks good!

Avenger- She looks like a guy but her moves are so cool!

E's Otherwise- Love the fact that they have such cool powers.

Diamond Dust- 5 love stories.

Nana- I have seen a bit but not bothered to continue it. It's good I love it. Nobu is awesome.

Dear Boys- Ahhh Aikawa is so cute!

Appleseed-This was really good it got me interested and I had to watch the second bit!

Appleseed Ex Mach- I forgot how to spell but this one was awesome yo!! I love it!! !! !! !! !! !! ! !

Witch Hunter Robin- Love the music it fits well together.

Bleach- It's getting good now. I love the movie Fade to Black.

Hataraki Man- Love it. Funny yet serious.

Code E- I want to be a Type E.

Special A- Ahh!! Such a good ending!! I love the ending my favorite character is Kei and Ryuu! Ah

Ouran high school host club- Hm.. Its good haha and funny. I love the twins. Hehe

Tail of the moon- I just finished reading this. It was so touching. I wanted to cry!! Its the best ninja romance ever.

Game section

Phoenix Wright series: I loved all of them! At first I was like meh just another game but after playing the first game. Whoa!! I just fell in love. For real. It was awesome! I played all of them hehe it was great! (All means AA JFA T&T, Apollo Justice (AA))

Fave pairing is: ... KLAVIER X EMA!! The best pairing!! Love them!! Hehe!!

Mia x Diego- Is good.

Xenosaga: This was a good game. At first I wans't bothered to get into it cause I had a headache at the start and it looked pretty weird but after a while of playing it, it got reallly good. I mean like wow!! Haha I kind of struggled with this game but managed in the end. Go me!!

Fave pairing is: ... Jr x Momo!! Just so cute!!

Shion x ... I forgot his name!! ! I'm sure you people know who he is. Alan? Hmm

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Never Ending Dream- Is being Remade currently. Chapters 1 & 2 have been completed :)

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