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Author has written 4 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean.

-- HIATUS --
"circumstances arose, ensued, were overcome..."

Due to me forgetting the password, and hotmail deactivating the email, logging in again was a bloody hassle, to put it lightly.

At this point all I can say is that updates may follow

Hello munckins!

We are 3 crazed teenagers (namely Alex, Hazel and Katy) and in our infinite wisdom, we have decided to write a fanfiction about us being trapped in the fantastical land of Pirates of the Caribbean. Just like the rest of the teenage population, right?

So, maybe you're thinking "Oh great, one of THOSE fanfictions" and are now rolling your eyes at us, and planning on clicking the 'back' button on your internet browser.

You see, in our story, there are Jonas Brothers instead of Mary Sues. There is humour instead of pointless 'drama'. And if that's just too scary and out of your comfort zone, then don't read it.

- We plan on embracing every single one of the Pirate movies, and being the only self-insertation that has completed all three movies. (although we've been informed that somebody else beat us to it... but STILL...)
- We plan on making people laugh so loud at their computers that they get strange looks. (we ourselves have been there many times)
- We plan on exposing Will Turnip for the feminine eunuch pansy fool he really is.

To summarize, we plan on world domination.
Stick THAT in your sock and wear it!

Quotes From Our Beloved Reviewers

"A lot more unique than the average thrown-into-PotC-with-friends."

"Had me in stitches!"

"Thanks for the never-ending supply of laughs, and entertainment"

abuse"i have read a lot of fan fics on here, but this is the first one that i have completly enjoyed for one reason: its funny!"

"i was laughing out loud so many times!"

"I love this fic, it's completely hilarious."

"Insanely amazing"

"The awesomeness justs keeps on coming!"

"i love how you totally bring out William's pansynism and feminism and ignorantism and dorkynism"


"Somehow, someway, I am actually moulding a popcorn-littered theater inside this miniscule brain of mine to which the movie and your neverending creativity may forever correspond in complete harmony and logicality."

Random Quotes

Hazel: They're all on the floor, Katy. -points to bits of paper-
Katy: What about my spelling?
Hazel: -sighs- Your hearing is getting worse!
Katy: WHAT was that about my spelling??
Hazel: -bangs head on table-
Katy: -slaps book against head-

Katy: More reviews!
Alex: Quick! To the Batmobile!!

Will: Load the cannons!
Anna Maria: With what?
Will: Anything! Everything!
Katy: Bread!
Alex: Soup!

Sasha: (joking) I'm going to start krumping in a minute!
Hazel: (deadly serious) Yeah, me too. -turns back to TV-
-everybody stares and then laughs at Hazel-
Hazel: (totally innocent) What? What did I do?

Katy: (very strong Scottish accent) ABSOLUTELY!
-cue Alex and Hazel breaking down laughing-
Sasha: -What the...?-

Hazel: (just waking up) Arghhhhhhh!
Katy: What?
Hazel: I just had a dream about the Jonas Brothers...
Katy (excited) Oh really??
Hazel: Yes, but there was a big huge GAP where Nick and Joe were suppose to be, and it was just Kevin with his white skin and massive sideburns talking to me, and I was like, "Kevin, WHERE ARE YOUR BROTHERS?"
Katy: Oh dear.
Hazel: (verge of tears) IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!

Katy: Go kiss Will or something.
(-eerie silence-)

Alex: Don't even suggest that.

Katy: What do you call them... character development... teachers?
Alex and Hazel: (in unison) A life coach?
Katy: YES!

Quotes From Our Story

- “Holy Jemima Puddleduck!”

- “It’s SSSHHHTUUURNIP!” Alex cried out angrily, and fell on Will. He looked terrified as he attempted to hold Alex upright. “You SSSHHHHHHCUM! NAAAAAAAY FAIR MAIDEN!”

- "Will looked horrified. He wrinkled his forehead, widened his eyes and opened his mouth. Confused Labrador position.

- “Wait a minute… something about that stuck up ice-cream is familiar” thought Alex. “Holy cripes! It’s GILLETTE!"

- “I was a part-time nurse in my previous life.” Said Will conversationally.

- Katy slapped Will on the back of the head. “HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING!?”

- “Human hair. From my back.” -pause- “EWWW JACK!?” cried Katy.

- “Parlay! That’s the one!” exclaimed Jack pointing excitedly at Katy. His excitement was catching. “PARLAYPARLAYPARLAYPARLAYPARLAY!” screamed Katy, jumping up and down.

- “No, they can’t FIRE!” she was furious. “Hazel and Alex and…” she thought of Joe’s biceps. What if he got shot in the bicep?

- Katy was having issues. “I WANT MY ALEX!” she squealed, throwing herself down onto the sand. She grabbed the closest thing to her, which happened to be Nick’s legs.

- Joe: “Maybe we should lie huddled close together for warmth." Katy’s eyes visibly light up.

- “Oh stop looking like a lost puppy Turnip!” Alex yelled at him.

- “Yes, Miss Depp,” said Jack. “She wishes,” whispered Joe.

- "Your biceps are huge for a fifteen year old..."

- Will was prancing around like the feminine vegetable he is but actually doing a good job on the killing undead monster side of things.

(we like quotes far too much...)

The Best Review EVER

Smithy 2009-01-20 . chapter 1

"Get a life. Will Turner is the most noble of all of the pirate characters and you should not disrespect him in this fashion."

Cue us laughing for about 10 minutes...

copy n paste randomness...

- If you're one of the people who could perfectly understand Captain Jack Sparrow's confusing rants and when your friends all had confunded expressions on their faces, you were like "Well duh! That made perfect sense." Copy this onto your profile.

- If you think Will Turner is hotter after death. Copy this onto your profile.

- If you notice how Will Turner's hair magically becomes curly after his death, copy this onto your profile.

- A large percent of authors do not know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. If you do know the difference, copy and paste this to your profile

- If High School Musical bothers you for any particular reason, copy and paste this to your profile

- If Orlando Bloom said breathing was uncool, half the female population would die. If you would just laugh your ass off, copy and paste this to your profile

- If you're one of those people who get excited when you see just two reviews for one of your stories, copy and paste this into your profile

- If you've noticed that every person Elizabeth Swann kisses is killed,copy and paste this onto your profile.

- If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile.

- My best friend is insane, if you agree or if you have an insane friend than copy this to your profile

- If you have such a big obsession with Captain Jack Sparrow that your friends are afraid to go into your bedroom for fear of not being able to see the walls or ceiling, copy this into your profile.

- if you have ever had a mad laughing fit for absolutely no reason, copy and paste this into your profile

- If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vise versa copy this into your profile.

- If you had a countdown for AWE and now have one for when it comes out on DVD copy and paste this into your profile.

- If your iPod has all three POTC soundtracks on it and you can name them by listening to them for less than ten seconds copy and paste this into your profile.

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