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Heya there, it seems that you've stumbled into my profile page. I take it you're either really bored or really curious.

Not really much goes on here in this page actually, except I think i should probably make this a pseudo-dedication since I feel it is necessary. So with that in mind.. ahem

Thank you to all the writers out there whether amateur or professional, you really inspire me with your work, and though I am still new to this, I hope that one day I would be able to stand proud beside you, to be able to inspire writers of my own. It really is a difficult thing to be able to get out there to voice your own thoughts and opinions, to be able to write with your soul and present it for the world to see. It is people such as yourselves which makes things so much more worthwhile, to be willing to give up a piece of yourself and touch the lives of others. Again, a heart felt thank you.

In addition, I believe I should also be thanking the readers. I'm glad to say I've received a lot of positive feedback about my own fledgling work and it warms my heart to see that people enjoy it.I believe that your support is what keeps many writers going, so whether it be big or small, acknowledgement for a writers work goes a long way. Yet again, thank you.

And so with that done, I guess I could say a little bit about myself. Note that these are just random bits of information

Name: AshLikeSnow obviously isn't my real name. You can just call me Ash though cos I like to lurk and be anonymous :3

Age: 21

Location: Sydney, down on that floating desert continent.

Likes: Everything and nothing. Well er.. to be a bit more specific, I guess reading, music, anime, shopping, rock climbing and travelling. And maybe eating and sleeping too hehe

Dislikes: Nothing I specifically dislike I don't think, except maybe morons, but well, not much I can do about those ..

Favourite Books: Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell; Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling; The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien; Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss

Favourite Anime: Vision of Escaflowne; Card Captor Sakura

Favourite Manga: Chrno Crusade; Card Captor Sakura; Rurouni Kenshin

Currently Watching: Code Geass R2; Macross Frontier; Soul Eater; Vampire Knight

Looking Forward To: The Vanishment of Suzumiya Haruhi; Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Fan Fiction Preferences:

Hmm.. preferences huh? I guess honestly speaking I'm more of a romance story fan than anything else. The development between characters seems to most capture my attention, and the steps which they take leading and maintaining their relationship just gives me a certain sense of satisfaction. I guess in the end I might just be a WAFF lover... But of course, I do like to read other genres as well, such as drama and fantasy so please don't get the idea that I'm a total marshmallow lol.

My Stories:

Yes.. my stories.. Well currently I'm only writing one titled That Day, a slightly AU-ish fic for the Magical Lyrical Nanoha series, a series which I'm actually quite captivated by. Admittedly, I find that the series isn't extraordinary and could be improved in many areas, but of most interest to me are the characters in it. More specifically I find the character of one Fate Testarossa to be interesting; she exudes a feeling of aloofness and isolation resulting from her past, and subsequent abandonment, only to be tempered by her shy and concerned nature. In short, she fascinates me.

Aside from the Nanoha series, I think I want to branch out and write stories for some other series as well, most notably for Vision of Escaflowne, Card Captor Sakura and Kingdom Hearts, all of which I really enjoyed. I'm also contemplating whether I should write for Chrno Crusade, which is by far my favourite manga, though I'm finding it hard to envision a scenario for myself to write since in my own eyes, the story is already complete and beyond perfection. Maybe time will tell.

In terms of how I write, I think my main focus is to create believable stories by creating contexts which are realistic. I write while envisioning a characters personality, behaviors and traits, and by playing out scenarios in my own head, I try to depict actions and reactions which remain true to their counterparts, since generally speaking, I like my characters to feel indistinguishable from how they seem in canon. In addition, I try to research information where necessary to produce more detailed backgrounds and explanations, as it gives the story that extra 'oomph' when I know that what is being said is actually true.

Overall I guess I'd probably be mainly writing romance stories, since I think that would be what I'm most comfortable with writing. Action sequences seem a bit beyond me to write well so I might have to practice a bit before I have a serious think about going down that path.

Update 04.04.2008: OK.. so I now have a new project alongside That Day, titled Amor plus some one-shots which are yet again Nanoha fanfictions. These new stories utilises the Nanoha cast, but are set in alternate universes. Refer to the section below for more detailed descriptions.

Update 19.04.2008: Hmm, just wanting to make a point of letting everyone know that no, my recent reduction in published stories does not mean I'm dead, and neither am I removing myself from the fanfiction scene. I simply have less time to write nowadays as a result of me working everyday (where before I was a hobo so I could use my time however I wanted), and additionally, have decided to take to my own pace with how I write. In other words, I'm writing only when I want to, and however I want to, so please bear with me if their happen to be lengthy delays between my stories/subsequent chapters.

Now, I guess I could give a little breakdown about my stories themselves. (This section will probably be updated as I write more) (Multi-chapter stories listed first, and one-shots after)

That Day

This would be my first fan fiction story ever. It was mentioned in the beginning of the Strikers anime that Nanoha was injured grievously during a mission, but failed to elaborate much more, besides the fact that Fate was obviously traumatised, and that she herself learnt the lesson to take things as they come. I guess the reason I decided to pick this up and write out my own ideas on what may have happened were due to my own desires to form a coherent story from the dregs that we were presented with. I don't like loose ends, so I try to tie them up.

I think in terms of how I planned the story, I would say that I based it around the concept of 'overcoming burdens'. Similiar to how Chrno Crusade revolved around the idea of 'limited time', I wanted to create a story which demonstrated growth of a character despite the impacts of life; the static and expected, as well as the dynamic and invading.

Chapter I: Complete and posted

Chapter II: Complete and posted

Chapter III: Complete and posted

Chapter IV: Complete and posted

Chapter V: 4000 words written - ideas on the content established, but brainstorming details.

Chapter VI: 0 words written - ideas on content established

Chapter VII: 0 words written - ideas on content established

Chapter VIII: 0 words written - preliminary ideas being considered

(Note: That Day is currently under going revision. I'm slightly less than satisfied with some of the things I had planned for this story and so I wish to rework what I have planned. On top of that, I'm going to start writing out multiple chapters before I release them to ensure better flow of the story. As such, due to a combination of these two circumstances, this fic will probably be delayed for a while before subsequent chapters get released. My sincerest apologies to all who have been waiting, but as I'm sure most - if not all - are wanting better developed and written stories than not, I believe it would be time worth investing.)


Hmm.. my latest project. Basically it's a story set in an alternate Nanohaverse where magic has been removed. Fate is... err... an angry woman? Lol. Fundamentally, Fate doesn't seem to understand what love is, and lives an isolated life as a result of it. A chance meeting with a certain pony-tailed heroine we all know and adore begins to change things however as she is forced to learn new things about herself. Amor means love, or could also refer to Cupid.

(Note: 'Love' has many interpretations and forms.)

Chapter I: Complete and posted

Chapter II: 700 words written


A one-shot story based upon a specific scene in Card Captor Sakura where Sakura talks to Syaoran while sitting in a park. Had the sudden inspiration for it while I was thinking about CCS for no apparent reason, and decided to try it out. Admittedly a bit short now that I look back upon it, so I may revise and update it in the future to flesh it out a bit. Been getting a number of responses about writing a few more chapters for it as well actually, but I'm a bit clueless as to how to develop the story properly at the moment so if I ever do decide to take it up as a proper project it will have to be in the future when I plan it out some more like That Day. I really do like the idea of a Nanoha cast in a Card Captor setting though... yes, I like to dream.

Into the Abyss

Another one-shot story for the Nanoha section, but this time it's on a much darker note. Basically, it's a realisation of the White Devil meme which everyone and their grandma has probably heard about. This story was originally inspired by a combination of two factors: a BGM and another fic, and was written as an experiment to coordinate a story to the emotions of the mentioned track. I'm not totally definite if I was able to achieve it perfectly but I daresay it was a decent attempt. Really quite surprised at myself that I wrote something like this though, considering my personal preference for more light-hearted stories (to write about at least), but I guess something like this once in a while isn't so bad.

She Loves Me

One-shot story currently in-progress for the Nanoha section. (Might possibly even become a short multi-chap story. Not definite enough at this point, but I have started writing briefly on this.)

Call My Name

An intended fanfiction story for my favourite manga, Chrno Crusade. Still very early in its development as I only have the general idea of the story sketched out, but I hope to be working on this as soon as possible.

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