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I am 14 years old and turning 15 in August. I am obsessed with music, not as in omg I love this song so much I'm going to start dancing now, kind of way. Its more like I would rather right my own lyrics, or find the meaning behind why songs were written. I love the arts and my singing voice is not half bad. I love the Twilight series, I get all twitchy just thinking about the new movie and the next book, my favorite in the series is Eclipse my least is New Moon. I have light blue eyes and dark strawberry blond hair i wear glasses. I play the piano and alto sax and i have 3 brothers, a dog and a cat and my mom and dad. my favorite colour is orange and I'm in high school. I love writing and drawing so much. I really need to scan some of my stuff an put it on deviant art. My favorite movie is Marie Antoinette. I love reading stories about King Henry VII and his family. The stories about great women from history is the type of thing I love most.

I am on team Edward. But it doesn't mean i hate Jacob. I just think that he doesn't take Bella's feelings in to question. And is a little immature.

I HAVE A BETA(i REALLY needed one lol)!!: renesmee carlie cullen xx

Kristen Stewart--Bella Swan

Robert Pattinson--Edward Cullen

Cam Gidandet--James

Rachelle Lefevre--Victoria

Peter Facinelli--Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Elizabeth Reaser--Esme Cullen

Ashley Greene--Alice Cullen

Kellan Lutz--Emmett Cullen

Nikki Reed--Rosalie Hale

Jackson Rathbone--Jasper Hale

Please dont copy and paste my short story into your profile without my permission.



by: M.T.K aka Topaz Eyes Sing My Lullaby

I walked into the living room of the old house. A fire blazing in the large stone fire place, exactly like it was yesterday. The flames danced as if on repeat on a video player. I sat in one of the old dusty chairs with a floral design. Staring out the window. I'd been here for two days and every time i walk into a room I'd already been in it was like I had never been there it was like the whole house was trapped, like it, itself was the ghost. But that wasn't true the house wasn't the ghost. There was much more in the house that was stuck on repeat. Much more, that whispered my name in the middle of the night when I tried to sleep. All I had seen so far were simple blurs out of the corner of my eye, a quite shuffle from another room. It was as if I was being told I was not alone. I just sat there for over an hour. The outside doors won't open even if I unlock them, the windows are the same. All I can do is wait I dare not talk afraid of who might answer but i can't help but think that, thats just what they want me to do. I take a deep breath and say “Hello, my name is Annie.” I whispered it and I looked down. As I slowly looked up sensing a presence in front of me. Standing before me was a flowing figure, dressed in white. Her eyes completely without colour and she looked as if submerged in water, her hair and clothing flowing freely around her. Her terrifying emotionless eyes staring at me from across the fire lit room she slowly made her way closer, her eyes still pining me into place she leaned forward and whispered into my ear "Good-Bye Annie" and my world then went dark, and I to joined the house on repeat as a spirit. Saying good-bye to those who dare say hello.

Some of my favorite lines from the twilight series:

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
"What a stupid lamb."
"What a sick, masochistic lion!" Edward and Bella, Twilight.

"I'd be happy to beg now, if you'd like that." Edward, New Moon.

"All right. Forget time limits. If you want me to be the one - then you'll have to meet one condition."
"Condition? What condition?"
"Marry me first."
"Okay. What's the punch line?"
"You're wounding my ego, Bella. I just proposed to you, and you think it's a joke."
"Edward, please be serious."
"I am one hundred percent serious." Edward & Bella, New Moon.

"How did this happen? I thought I was holding my own tonight - for once - and now, all of a sudden - "
"You're engaged." Bella and Edward, Eclipse

"Isabella Swan?" He looked up at me through his impossibly long lashes, his golden eyes soft but, somehow, still scorching. "I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?" - Edward, Eclipse

"Stupid, shiney, volvo owner"-- Bella Cullen

I think she's having Hysterics, Maybe you should slap her" Alice Cullen

If Angela turns out to be a witch she can join the party to" Bella swan

"Oh a sadistic vampire inetent on torturing her to death sure no problem she runs off to meet him an iv on the other hand.." Edward Cullen

Im sorry i cant be the right kind of monster for you Bella" Jacob Black

"I lie all the time"

"yeah but your such a bad liar no one ever believes you"

"well i hope your wrong about that or else charlies about to break down that door with a loaded gun"Bella/Edward Eclipse

Did you seriously just stomp your foot? I thought girls only do that on T.V.”- Jacob Black- Eclipse

His gold eyes grew very soft. “ You said you loved me.“ Edward Cullen - Twilight

“I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient being in front of you, and that doesn't bother you?” - Edward Cullen-Eclipse

Then theres the really random stuff

Officer, I swear to drunk im am not god

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, Then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it

when life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super lemons

Everything in this room is eatable, even I'm eatable! But that is called "cannibalism," my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.

My mind works like lightning... one flash, and then its gone

Vampire's like baseball?

If you support the ‘Make Edward change Bella into a vampire’ club and proud of it, copy this into your profile.

If you look around and ask: "Where?", when someone says 'Edward', copy and paste that in

-If you have ever been so obsessed with Twilight that whenever you hear thunder you think of vampires playing baseball.

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-If you've ever spent numerous hours looking for stuff that remind you of any of the Cullens/Swans, copy and and paste this into your profile.

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If you truly believe that there is an Edward Cullen somewhere for you (Doesn't mean his name has to be Edward Cullen, although that would be super cool), copy this into your profile.

If whenever you see or hear the name "Edward" you freak out and have a small fit because you love him so much, and then people stare at you, copy and paste this into your profile

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If you've reread TWILIGHT over four times...copy and paste this onto your profile.

1 out of every 4 people are insane. Look at your three best friends, if it's not them, it's you.

If you can’t appreciate Edward Cullen, please leave the vicinity.

I read New Moon and I wanted to kick Jacob Black REALLY REALLY HARD

You know it's going to be a bad day when you fall out of bed and miss the floor

Life isn't passing me by, it's trying to run me over

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most

Don't follow in my footsteps, I tend to walk into walls

I'm the kind of person that walks into a door and apologizes

Note to Self: Normal is just a cycle on washing machines

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." --Franklin Delano Roosevelt

If you tell the truth you don't have anything to remember." --Mark Twain

I'm the kind of girl who will burst our laughing in the middle of a dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. It's when you argue with yourself and LOSE when it's weird.

There cannot be a crisis this week; my schedule is filled.

For me, crazy is a loose term. Crazy is when you stare at a pencil and laugh when someone asks you what you are doing that is so interesting about the eraser. Crazy is when you have an hour-long sob fest, and then start singing and dancing when your favorite song comes on. Crazy is when you do or say a completely random thing, like "Do you ever wonder where the eraser bits go?" or having a thumbwar with yourself. Crazy is when you type up all your favorite sayings, print them off and tape them to your wall, just for something to do. Crazy is when you memorize the complete biographies and physical traits of every character in Twilight (or almost, at least). Crazy is when you write Emmett or Edward Cullen is hot on your homework insted of doing it. Crazy is downloading all of Twilight and New Moon off the books on C.D. from the libary, and listning to them over and over again.Crazy is when you first read twilight you push the book in everyones faces and yell out EDWARD .Crazy is also when you pretend to skate in your bathtub in your bare feet with soap. Crazy is when you run around the house screaming that you have lost your mind. If you're crazy, copy this onto your profile and add something crazy you've done to the list!

You know you are obsessed with the Twilight series when . . . You love Edward Cullen and wish you were Bella . . .You’re convinced vampires exist and aren’t ashamed of it …You died when Edward left Bella. Its okay, we all have some issues.

Recent studies show that 92 percent of teenagers have moved on to rap. If you're part of the 8 percent that hasn't, put this in your profile

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I like my men pale, immortal and bloodthirsty!! (Hell yeah!)

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AATCIBD is Addicted to All Things Cullen Including Bella's Disorder.

AV is Addicted to Vampires.

ADHD is Automatic Death by Hyperness Disorder

Emmett Cullen is a MelonHead. Accept it. (but he's still awsome)

Come over to the good side, we have Edward Cullen and chocolate!!

I understand that Scissors can beat Paper, and I get how Rock can beat Scissors, but there's no way Paper can beat Rock. Is Paper supposed to magically wrap around Rock leaving it immobile? If so, why can't paper do this to scissors? Screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people? Why aren't sheets of college ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they attempt to take notes in class? I'll tell you why, because paper can't beat anybody, a rock would tear that crap up in two seconds. When I play rock/ paper/ scissors, I always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper I can punch them in the face with my ready made fist and say, oh, I'm sorry, I thought paper would protect you, you asshole!

You know you live in 2008 when... 1. You accidentally enter your password on a microwave. 2. You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don't have AIM/LiveJournal/MySpace. 4. You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the button on the TV. 6. Your evening activity is sitting at the computer. 7.As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends. 8. You read this list, and keep nodding and smiling. 9. You think about how stupid you are for reading this. 10. You were too busy to notice number five. 11. You actually scrolled back up to check if there was a number five. 12. And now you're laughing at your stupidity. 13. Put this in your pro if you fell for it. You know you did.

If you can read this message, you are blessed, because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:
-I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling was ipmorantt! Tahts so cool! If you could read that put it in your profile!

Edward Cullen: Sexier than you since 1901!
Emmett Cullen: Stronger Than You since 1916!
Jasper Hale: Charming Ladies since 1843!
Rosalie Hale: Better Than You since 1916!
Alice Cullen: Quirkier than You since 1901!

You know you're obsessed with Twilight if...
-You start going up to random people to tell them you want an Edward!
-You think your next door neighbor looks like a vampire, or he really is a vampire.
-You try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.
-You've read Twilight and New Moon at least 5 times each!
-You check on 5 times (or more) a day to see if there's any new Twilight news.
-You think your best friend's crazy for not reading/liking/becoming obsessed with Twilight or New Moon.
-You give your teachers Twilight and/or New Moon for Christmas.
-When you see a box labeled "Forks", you think there's something imported from Forks, Washington in there.
-Twilight has ruined any and all future reading for you!!
-You use Twilight for every single school project that pops up.
-You break up with your boyfriend because he doesn't glitter in the sun like Edward.

ThInGs To PoNdEr:

Why is it considered necessary to nail down the lid of a coffin?
Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"?
Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?
Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?
Why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance that little indestructible black box is?
Can fat people go skinny-dipping?
If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?
If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?
So what's the speed of dark?
How come abbreviated is such a long word?
Since light travels faster than sound, isn't that why some people appear bright until you hear them speak?
Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn't zigzag?
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a Train stops On my desk, I have a work station..
If quitters never win, and winners never quit, what fool came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?
Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?
Should women put pictures of missing husbands on beer cans?
Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are we supposed to do . . . write to these men?
How much deeper would oceans be if sponges didn't live there?
If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
After eating, do amphibians need to wait an hour before getting OUT of the water?
Why don't they just make mouse-flavored cat food?
If you're sending someone some Styrofoam, what do you pack it in?
Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?
Whose cruel idea was it for the word "lisp" to have an "s" in it?
Why can't you find fresh sardines in the fish market?
Why do so many old people eat at cafeterias?
Why does an "X" stand for a kiss?
Why does the word "Filipino" start with the letter F ?
Why are the copyright dates on movies and television shows written in Roman numbers?

When people don't laugh at our jokes we don't think of it as a "You had to be there." type of thing. But more like a "You have to be mentally retarded like us." type of thing

Having the love of your life say "we can still be friends", is like having your dog die and your mom saying you can still keep it.

Parents spend the first part of a child's life teaching them to walk and talk. The second half is teaching them to sit down and shut up

Well, paint me purple and call me Barney.

Give the rabbit his freaking cereal.

If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?

"The dinosaurs extinction wasn't an accident. Barney came and they all committed suicide."

They say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Well I think the guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you'd kill too many people

On Sears hairdryer:
Do not use while sleeping.
(Gee, that's the only time I have to work on my hair!)

On a bag of Fritos:
You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
(The shoplifter special!)

On a bar of Dial soap:
Directions: Use like regular soap.
(and that would be how?)

On some Swann frozen dinners:
Serving suggestion: Defrost.
(But it's 'just' a suggestion!)

On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert: (printed on bottom of the box)
Do not turn upside down.
(Too late! you lose!)

On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding:
Product will be hot after heating.
(Are you sure? Let's experiment.)

On packaging for a Rowenta iron:
Do not iron clothes on body.
(But wouldn't that save more time?)Whose body?)

On Boot's Children's cough medicine:
Do not drive car or operate machinery.
(We could do a lot to reduce the construction accidents if we just kept those 5 year olds off those fork lifts.)

On Nytol sleep aid:
Warning: may cause drowsiness.
(One would hope!)

On a Korean kitchen knife:
Warning: keep out of children.
(hmm..something must have gotten lost in the translation..

On a string of Christmas lights:
For indoor or outdoor use only.
(As opposed to use in outer space.)

On a food processor:
Not to be used for the other use.
(Now I'm curious.)

On Sainsbury's peanuts:
Warning: contains nuts.
(but no peas?)

On an American Airlines packet of nuts:
Instructions: open packet, eat nuts.
(somebody got paid big bucks to write this one..

On a Swedish chainsaw:
Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands.
(Raise your hand if you've tried this.)

On a child's Superman costume:
Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.
(Oh go ahead! That's right, destroy a universal childhood belief.)

So effin funny!!:

One day Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at the local church. "Reverend," she said, "I have a problem: my husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very embarrassing. What should I do?"

"I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you. I will be able to tell when Mr. Jones is sleeping, and I will motion to you at specific times. When I motion, you give him a good poke in the leg."

In church the following Sunday, Mr. Jones dozed off. Noticing this, the preacher put his plan to work. "And who made the ultimate sacrifice for you?" he said, nodding to Mrs. Jones.

"Jesus!" Jones cried as his wife jabbed him the leg with the hatpin.

"Yes, you are right, Mr. Jones," said the minister. Soon, Mr. Jones nodded off again. Again, the minister noticed. "Who is your redeemer?" he asked the congregation, motioning towards Mrs. Jones.

"God!" Mr. Jones cried out as he was stuck again with the hatpin.

"Right again," said the minister, smiling. Before long, Mr. Jones had winked off again. However, this time, the minister did not notice. As he picked up the tempo of his sermon, he made a few motions that Mrs. Jones mistook as signals to bayonet her husband with the hatpin again.

The minister asked, "And what did Eve say to Adam after she bore him his 99th son?"

Mrs. Jones poked her husband, who yelled, "You stick that goddamned thing in me one more time and I'll break it in half and shove it up your ass!"

"Amen," replied the congregation.

Daddy's Poem:

Her hair was up in a ponytail, her favorite dress tied with a bow,

Today was Daddy's Day at school and she couldn't wait to go.

But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home,

Why the kids not might understand, if she went to school alone.

But she was not afraid, she knew just what to say,

What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today.

But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone,

And that was why, once again, she tried to keep her daughter home.

But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all,

About a dad she never sees, a dad who never calls.

There were daddy's along the wall in back for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently,

Anxious in their seats.

One by one the teacher called, a student from the class,

To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed.

At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare,

Each of them was searching, a man who wasn't their.

"Where's her daddy at?"

She heard a boy call out. "She probably doesn't have one." another student dared to shout.

And from somewhere near the back, she heard a daddy say,

"Looks like another deadbeat dad, too busy to waste his day."

The words did not offend her, as she smiled up at her mom,

And looked back at her teacher, who told her to go on.

And with hands behind her back, she slowly began to speak,

And out of the mouth of a child, came words incredibly unique.

"My daddy couldn't be here, because he lives so far away,

But I know he wishes he could be, since this is such a special day.

And though you cannot meet him, I wanted you to know,

All about my daddy, and how he loves me so.

He loved to tell me storys, he taught me to ride my bike,

He surprised me with pink roses, and taught me to fly a kite.

We used to sahre fudge sundaes, and ice cream in a cone,

And though you cannot see him, I'm not standing here alone.

'Cause my daddy's always with me, even though we are apart,

I know because he told me he'll forever be in my heart."with that, her little hand reached up, and lay across her chest,

Feeling her own heartbeat, beneath her favorite dress.

And somewhere in the crowd of dads, her mother stood in tears,

Proudly watching her daughter, who was wise beyond her years.

For she stood up for the love, of a man not in her life,

Doing what was best for her, doing what was right.

And when she dropped her hand back down, staring straight into the crowd,

She finished with a voice so soft, but it's message clear and loud.

"I love my daddy very much, he's my shining star,

And if he could, he'd be here, but heaven's just too far.

You see he is a Marine, and died just this past year,

When a roadside bomb hit his convoy, and taught Canadians to fear.

But sometimes when I close my eyes, it's like he never went away,"

And then she closed her eyes, and saw him there that day.

And to her mother's amazement, she witnessed with surprise,

A room full of daddy's and children, all starting to close their eyes.

Who knows what they saw before them, who knows what they felt inside,

Perhaps for merely a second, they saw him by her side.

"I know your with my daddy,"to the silence she called out,

And what happened next, made believers out of those once filled with doubt.

Not one of them could explain it, for each of their eyes had been closed,

But there on the desk beside her, was a fragrent, long-stemmed, pink rose.

And a child was blessed for only a moment, by the love of her shining star,

And given the gift of believing that heaven is never to far.

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them,a day to love them, but then an entire lifetime to forget them.

mitting you are weird means you are normal. Saying that you are normal is odd. If you admit that you are weird and like it, copy this onto your profile.

girl and guy were speeding over 100mph on a motorcycle

Girl: Slow down, I'm scared!

Guy: No, this is fun.

Girl: No, it's not. Please, I'm scared.

Guy: Then tell me you love me.

Girl: I love you, now slow down!

Guy: Now give me a big hug.

She gives him a big hug

Guy: Can you take off my helmet and put it on yourself, it's bothering me.

In the newspaper the next day, a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on it and only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized his break wasn't working but he didn't want the girl to know. Instead he had her hug him and tell him one last time that she loved him. Then he had her put on his helmet so that she would live even if he died. Copy this onto your profile if you would do the same thing for someone you love

Month one

I am only 8 inches long
but I have all my organs.
I love the sound of your voice.
Every time I hear it
I wave my arms and legs.
The sound of your heart beat
is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two

today I learned how to suck my thumb.
If you could see me
you could definitely tell that I am a baby.
I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.
It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy
I'm a boy!!
I hope that makes you happy.
I always want you to be happy.
I don't like it when you cry.
You sound so sad.
It makes me sad too
and I cry with you even though
you can't hear me.

Month Four

my hair is starting to grow.
It is very short and fine
but I will have a lot of it.
I spend a lot of my time exercising.
I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes
and stretch my arms and legs.
I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.
Mommy, he lied to you.
He said that I'm not a baby.
I am a baby Mommy, your baby.
I think and feel.
Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

I can hear that doctor again.
I don't like him.
He seems cold and heartless.
Something is intruding my home.
The doctor called it a needle.
Mommy what is it? It burns!
Please make him stop!
I can't get away from it!
Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven

I am okay.
I am in Jesus's arms.
He is holding me.
He told me about abortion.
Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

If you're against abortion, re-post this


The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir...when I was born I was BLACK, When I grew up I was BLACK, When I'm sick I'm BLACK, When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, When I'm cold I'm BLACK, When I die I'll be BLACK. But you sir, When you're born you're PINK, When you grow up you're WHITE, When you're sick, you're GREEN, When you go in the sun you turn RED, When you're cold you turn BLUE, And when you die you turn PURPLE. And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...
Post this on your profile if you hate racism (oooooooooh BURN)


A good or best friend!

A good friend will comfort you when he rejects you. A best friend will go up and ask him, "It's because you're gay, isn't it?"

A good friend will be there for you when he breaks up with you. A best friend will call him up and whisper, "Seven days..."

A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend keeps on walking saying, "Walk much, dumb ass?"

A good friend helps you find your prince. A best friend kidnaps him and brings him to you.

A good friend will ask you if you're okay when you're crying. A best friend will laugh at you and say, "Ha Ha, Loser!"

A good friend will offer you a soda. A best friend will dump theirs on you.

A good friend will sit at the side of the pool with you at that time of the month. A best friend will throw you a tampon and push you in.

A good friend gives you their umbrella in the rain. A best friend takes yours and says, "Run - beep - run!"

A good friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move the bodies.

A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend would be in the room next to you saying, "That was awesome! Let's do it again!"

A good friend has never seen you cry. A best friend won't tell anyone else that you cried...just laugh about it in private with you whenyou aren't down anymore.

A good friend asks you to write down your number. A best friend has you on speed dial.

. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3 . My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the
store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught t me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck k!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't
have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION .
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don 't come running to me."

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

25. And my favorite: My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!"


This is "Cy's" hair from my story "The only life I know"

This is Sylvia

Just copy and paste these into google...

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