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Name: Brenda

Country: United States

State: California

Obsessions: Twilight, Vampire Kisses, House Of Night Series, Blue Bloods and anything that has to do with vampires.

My name is Brenda and I live in Norwalk. I love the twilight series. I am currently writing a story called Bella the Vampire. Please read and review!

I will not make any Jacob/Bella stories. I personally dont like Jacob so I wont use him in stories.(no offense to any jacob lovers out there)

Feel free to flame my story all you want but that will just make u a LBR and totally D2M. Well enjoy my story and remember no1 likes LBRs.

Me and my friends are weird. We made up what we are. I am a canadian vampire. My other friend called Amber is a Canadian Witch Ostrich. Jasmine is an evil chocolate chipmunk. Sarah is a flying monkey by day and a vampire chicken by night. Lea is just a human(shes the most normal in our group)

Music is my religion.

Favorite saying:

Stupid shiny volvo owner! ( I call my language arts teacher that)

Life isnt passing me its trying to run me over.

You cry I cry, You laugh I laugh, You jump off a bridge. I laugh harder at what a dumb ass you are.

Favorite movies:


I am Legend

Across The Universe

Favorite Books:

Twilight Saga

The Clique Series

Harry Potter series

Favorite Singers:

Avril lavigne

Nelly Furtado

Boys Like Girls


Fall out Boy


Gwen Stefani


Jordin Sparks

Kelly Clarkson

Lilly Allen



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I am really sorry if I dont update in some time. I am busy so please excuse me.

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Look I'm really sorry but I'm gonna erase The Light In The Darkness. Im sorry but I just cant write it. its too long.

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