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Author has written 6 stories for Bleach, Kaikan Phrase, Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, and Soul Eater.

PenName: Michaela Forrest

Birthdate: Nov. 6, 1983

um... anything else?

I never know what to write here.
So I'll just write my bio as it refers to this site.

I came here after seeing Spiderman 3 looking for venom slash. Yes. Venom. Guess what? I found it!
But I also found out that this place carries anime fiction and once I had that figured out I felt I didn't need to go anywhere else for my fan ficy needs.

I like Bleach, D.N.Angel and Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn the most. Both for reading and writing as well as watching. I have other anime I like to watch, but too many to list.


I've discovered Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and I loves it. Adding those characters to the list.

My fave characters (In order)

Urahara Kisuke

Ichimaru Gin

Ulquiorra Scheiffer

Yoroichi Shihouin

Kira Izuru

Aizen Sousuke

Shiba Kaien

Shiba Kukkaku

Kurotsuchi Nemu


Hibari Kyoya

Rokudo Mukuro




Dokuro Chrome

Byakuran (maybe, still too early to tell)




Hikari Satoshi

Nougami Neuro

Kaitou X


Aya Aizia



Soul Eater

Professor Franken Stein


Death the Kidd




Orihara Izaya

Kishitani Shinra

Celty Sturlson

Ryugamine Mikado

Kida Masaomi

Kadota Kyohei

Karisawa Erika

Yumasaki Walker

Heiwajima Kasuka

Orihara Mairu

Sonohana Anri

Heiwajima Shizuo

My fave Bleach pairings. (on top is listed first) (not really in any order)







Aizen/Ichigo (rape)



Ulquiorra/Ichigo (rape)


Grimmjaw/Ichigo (rape)



Kisuke/OC (female only)





(I think that's it...)

Fave Kateikyoushi Pairings


Hibari/Tsuna (rape)







Mukuro/Tsuna (rape)

fave D.N.Angel pairings





Krad/Daisuke (rape)

Fave Nougami Neuro pairings




Fave Soul Eater pairings






fave Durarara pairings





Izaya/Kyohei (or vice versa)






Shizuo/Izaya (and vice versa)

Stories in progress (you may contact me for ideas)

Three Way Tie
Aizen, Rangiku and Izuru are competing for Gin's affection. Who will come out victorious?

I have decided not to upload this for personal reasons. If you still want to read it, message me.

The Day Seireitei Went Mad
Gin has played a little practical joke on the court of pure souls.

Prelude is finished. Chapters in the works.

This may not be finished after all.

A Fine Afternoon Mauling
Hibari and Belphegor meet for the first time and play a little game. The winner goes to the hospital, the loser goes to the morgue.

I am having a personal issue with this one. The guidelines say that I can't post 'choose your own adventure' style stories here and that was the original format of this fic.

Snake in the Snow
A crossover between Bleach and Kaikan Phrase. AU. Todo Yukifumi has just met a strange man with silver hair, foxy eyes and a snaky grin. Can he escape? Or will he be forever trapped in his poisonous gaze?

Scene one and two complete and posted. Scene three in progress.

Twin Shadows

Tentative title. I might think of something better. X is freed from Sicks' tortuous experimentation by another experiment, Number 12, Sai's sister. Kaitou X/OC Neuro/OC

This is a personal story and will not be uploaded.

I have lost all inspiration to finish this.

The Snakes Within

What should have happened between Stein and Medusa.

Chapter one finished. Chapters two and three still in the preliminary phase.


Someone new has come to Karakura. Whose side is she on, and what will she do? OC

Episode one finished. may upload soon.

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