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Author has written 101 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Oddworld, Kirby, Super Smash Brothers, SEGA Superstars, Diddy Kong Racing, Pokémon, 9, and Mythology.

Hey, I’m Mable; I came on after I heard about it when my cousin on Quizilla, MarioLuigiPeachYoshQ, told me about it. The first fic that I’ve ever read was Christmas on Angel Island and then I decided somehow that I wanted to write Bokkun x Cream fics. I did Sonic fics for a long while until I lost the spark; my ideas were repetitive and it felt like I wasn't making anything worth while. In 2011 I was introduced to 9 and the Stitchpunks within and the spark returned. The Stitchpunk tales gave me a feeling of completion that I haven't felt for a long time. My stories were no longer simply made to appease someone else; they were something I was and still am proud of. I now also do request fics because, frankly, I find that every Stitchpunk couple is unique and interesting. There isn't a couple I will not do. My current longest fic is the story 'Souls Run Deep'.

Been on Since 02-07-08 (finally on 04-02-09 put up a profile)

Gender: Female

Favorite video games: 1: Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, 2: Conker: Live & Reloaded, 3: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, 4:Bioshock, 5: Pikmin.

Likes: Writing (Romance, horror, action, adventure, hurt/comfort, and humor.) and Reading.

Favorite genre: 1: 9, 2: Oddworld, 3: Conker's Bad Fur Day, 4: Kirby, 5: Pokémon.

Favorite power: Telekinesis

Favorite characters (Top 5):


1: 5 (Five). 2: 2 (Two). 3: 1 (One). 4: 6 (Six). 5: 8 (Eight)


1: Abe. 2: Munch (Latamire). 3: Interns (Usually most of them). 4: Sligs (Usually most of them). 5: Stranger


1: Marx. 2: Magolor. 3: Kirby. 4: Meta Knight. 5: Dedede

DKR/Conker's BFD/Rare

1: Conker. 2: Kazooie. 3: Bango. 4: Pipsy. 5: Jiggywiggy


1: Pikachu 2: Clemont. 3: Banette. 4: Wobuffet. 5: Meowth

Bizarre characters that nobody else seems to like, but I do.

1: The Fabrication Machine (love/hate relationship). 2: The Duke of Owls (Rock-a-Doodle). 3: Fifi (Open Season 2) 4: King Dedede (Kirby).

In the long run:

1: Stitchpunks

2: Marx

3: Abe

4: Pikachu

5: Conker

Favorite couples (Not listed in any particular order):

1: 1 x 2

2: 6 x 8

3: Marx x Fumu

4: 2 x 5

5: 9 x 5

6: 6 x 5

7: 1 x 9

8: Pipsy x Conker

9: Banjo x Kazooie

10: Magolor x Fumu

Favorite qoutes

"Trying is the first step towards failure." Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop." Lewis Carrol

"Here's a riddle: When is a Croquet mallet like a billy club? I'll tell you: whenever you want it to be." Cheshire Cat, American Mcgee's Alice

"You know, you're just like him. You forget to remember to be scared." Five, 9

"Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many." One, 9

"Some things in this world are better left where they lie; but if you know where to look, these ruins are full of riches." Two, 9

"They're stuck in a dark place with impending doom and no way out. That sounds like my life." Meowth, Pokemon

Future fics

The Microcation Machine Chronicles: A Stitchpunk Soap Opera

Genre: Humor/Romance

Series: 9

Fabric Runs Shallow

Summary: Sequel to 'Souls Run Deep'

Series: 9

9/Rise of the Guardians crossover.

Bound by the Mind

Summary: A slew of odd dreams have been beginning to haunt Abe. Added with the growing resentment of the other Mudokons, Abe decides to disappear into the realms his mind show... What he doesn't realize is that they weren't simply dreams...

Genre: Suspense/Angst



Summary: (alternate ending to Souls Run Deep) Nine returns to the Sanctuary after vanishing during the Machine's attack and Child soon realizes that something has changed. Nine, meanwhile, must learn to cope with his new state of being, and needs Child's help to do it.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Series: 9

Past Mistakes

Summary: Nine cannot move on after the Machine's defeat and the loss of the others. However, after an accident he somehow manages to fall back in time to before the Machine went rogue, when the humans were alive. But he is not alone and must figure out what really happened so long ago. Will he change time, for the better or worse, or will he find something different to live for that changes his priorities forever.

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Series: 9


Feel free to request 9 fics at any time!

Couples: I do all couples. Though keep in mind that I'm not familiar with all of them, so they won't be perfect, but I'll try my best.

Genre: I will do genres, but you don't have to request a genre.

Plot: Anything special you'd like in the story I will add in. I also do Stitchpunk soul-bonding scenes.

OCs: Unfortunately, I cannot do OCs of yours out of unfamiliarity with the character, sorry. However, if you like one of my OCs enough, I'll do a request fic with one of them. Current Self-Made Stitchpunks: None, Child, and baby Twenty-One.

Restrictions: I will do fics with a certain character being antagonistic, that's fine, but I cannot do bashing fics that are just to bash a character. If a couple isn't accepted by the others, that's fine, but I can't do a fic where the others viciously attack them because of it. I hope you understand.

I also do Human!punks.

Current Requests: A few 27's Fury, one for Allyson, one for Ink, one for ETruitt, and a crossover fic!

Brief Description of Characters

Warning: This may reveal some spoilers from fics that they were in. Not yet posted content will not be spoiled.

None: 9

Background: None is Nine's identical twin introduced in the story 'Forgotten'. At birth, Nine and None were separated and, as such, when Nine awoke he hadn't known he had a twin. Later, after the Machine Incident, Nine feels drawn back to the First Room and finds None who has taken the time of seclusion a bit hard and has thus become reverted at times.

Appearance: None looks nearly identical to Nine, but doesn't have a number on his back. It is unknown why the Scientist failed to do so.

Personality: None acts younger than Nine at times. He's upbeat, playful, and tends to be occasionally naïve. At the same time, None tends to occasionally think through Nine's ideas even farther than he has. He can be serious at the same time, though. In the long run, Nine and None need each other, and are as close as they can be.

Misc.: None occasionally sees Nine's memories through twin telepathy.

Child: 9

Background: Child is Julius' firstborn son who, after an incident, ended up inside the Machine, his soul keeping it alive. He first appeared in 'Child', but his first massive role is in 'Souls Run Deep'. Nine found Child after the Machine was defeated and took him back to the others where he was slowly rehabilitated.

Appearance: Normally Child has white burlap and looks a bit like Nine, though thinner. His hands resemble One's and his front is held by hooks and loops. There are also four entrances on his back that look similar. Child does not have a number. When he is missing his fabric he had a black, metal frame beneath with a mounted Talisman port. The Talisman port was natural from birth, however most of the black metal was set in by the Machine. He also has retractable limbs in his back, four of them, that look like the Machine's; it is unknown if these are natural or not. With or without fabric, Child's optics can turn red and become jagged like the Machine's and crackle with electricity when he is angered. Julius mentions at one point that unlike Seven's fabric Child's was bleached burlap, and with the occasional red eyes and light sensitivity means that he is actually albino.

Personality: Child is both cynical, sarcastic, and occasionally smug, frequently expressing both in dry humor. While he can get angry at times, Child actually manages to stay rather passive, and doesn't seem to take many comments to heart. Child seems especially passive to One's comments when the others aren't. At the same time of being cynical, Child does seem to have a spot soft for children and young Stitchpunks. Even with conflicting views and opinions, Nine and him are close, and tends to do things he wouldn't normally do if the other asks. While still occasionally mocking Nine, he has occasionally done things such as giving Nine gifts, as when he made him a Training Beast as a pet for little reason. Nine and child also tend to comfort each other. Child is also a bit overprotective of the male while they still manage to compete at times. He often teases Nine about his hips, which manages to succeed in bothering Nine. Child has a Training Beast named Pet who he very much cares for and created before his ordeal in the Machine. Child's views on humans are mixed; he bluntly states that he believes they were foolish and corrupt, yet occasionally tends to feel guilty about it. How much he remembers from being in the Machine is currently unknown. Child doesn't seem to lament much on the past and refuses to pity himself. Child is intelligent and is the only Stitchpunk that knows how to create Machines that are domesticated.

Misc.: Child's first appearance was actually in 'Forgotten', but isn't considered to be more than a cameo as it does not act like Child. Child also has a light, English accent.

Twenty-One: 9

Background: Twenty-One is the infant son of One and Two who was introduced in 'Forgotten', 'Seventh Degree Burns', and best known in 'Souls Run Deep'. The latter was the only one where Twenty-One had a large role as he was introduced at the end of the previous two. To carried Twenty-One for about a month as a soul, then put his body inside and carried him for another month. Both One and Two seemed mostly positive about becoming parents.

Appearance: Twenty-One is a small infant. He has One's slanted optics and Two's other features. He has small hands and feet. He also wears a red vest that looks like Two's that was made for him.

Personality: A playful and well tempered baby, Twenty-One is curious and easily pacified. He can have fussy moments as well, but as he gets older tends to not have as many. Twenty-One loves both of his parents dearly and doesn't seem to be alarmed or concerned when One scolds one of the others, knowing he himself isn't to be scolded. When in the vicinity of Beasts, Twenty-One naturally will go quiet by instinct, and will not make a noise until the Beast is gone. Then he may react with distressed noises or crying. Twenty-One also seems to like both Five and Eight; grabbing at Five's patch and reaching for the guard at times. Twenty-One also seems to be advanced as he learns things very quick.

Misc.: Twenty-One has two toys which he plays with the most. A bunny plush named 'Ba-ba' who he sleeps with and a set of blocks which he stacks and then pushes over.

4/6/09: I took down Shadowed flower off my profile but I'll probably still make it if anyone's interested, and I also added a few more fics that I have been writing.

4/27/09: I changed the title of SSBB: The killer. I would like to thank Meowth's Toon Dragon for the new title, SSBB: The Final Cut. I think it's awesome personally!

5/2/09: The title of Smashing Oddities was changed to Of all our Oddities, I'm still taking requests for my SSBB one-shots, and last chapter of A slig's truth will be up soon.

5/12/09: I'll be updating my Kirby fic and SSBB one-shots soon. Also, A rose in the Odd has been totally redone, not the same title or summary, absolutely different. My Zeek & Sylia series has a little more info on it. Any questions on anything or any ideas please write!

5/26/09: Changed some things on my profile, put up oneshot three on my SSBB oneshots, and will have When arrows hit the wrong targets chapter three, and Odd, weird, and everything else chapter two up soon.

6/21/09: Since last message I've put up Bokkun's Mansion, will have the third chapter of When arrows hit the wrong targets up in a few days, will put up fourth SSBB oneshot tommorrow, put up chapter two of Odd, weird, and everything else, added another fic to my profile, and will have more done soon.

7/26/10: Finished Bokkun's Mansion, put up another SSBB oneshot, and put up two chapters of Death's Sweet Serenade.

3/20/11: Changed Avatar, changed some things on profile, added and dropped some 'Future fics'. not much other then that...

5/10/11: Again I altered profile to fit my sudden 9 cravings. That's basically it.

5/25/11: Changed Avatar AGAIN. You'd think I'd have better thing to do then delete a picture of Munch and replace it with a picture of 9. -

7/13/11: Two chapters of 'See all of Us' are up. Not much else other than adding a few quotes.

12/26/11: More 9 fics in making. I would like to point out that 'When Arrows hit the Wrong Targets' is not cancelled and should have some more work on it soon. All future fics not under cancelled should be looked for in the next few months. If asked I might uncancel fics, but that would require a PM. I also no longer take anonymous reviews. My cousin lost her account and is out for blood, I don't want her hitting my fics with a lot of flaming reviews, anyone with reviews from (YouMadeMeMAD) should watch out. She's hitting all over the place, so she claims.

1/10/12: Happy New Year everyone! Death's Sweet Serenade finished, sequel in the making. New avatar, more Stitchpunk fics on the way as well, just finished one a few days ago.

2/04/13: I think that a yearly post is good. -.- Anyway, I'm starting to become more inclined to work strictly with Stitchpunks, because I cannot for the life of me write anything else! Which means that more Stitchpunk tales should be expected. Any other type; Pokemon, Sonic, Oddworld, ect. should be considered as 'hiatus' for now. I would also like to say that even though I am planning to continue 'When arrows hit the wrong Targets', I cannot promise that I will do it anytime soon, so that should clear it up for a few who still read and ask about such. I apologize, but I cannot continue it right at this time. I am also taking down the third chapter of 'A Slig's Truth', because my plan to branch out into sequels is absolutely far-fetched in the nicest sense. So I will probably update that with a revised, corrected, and better ending. I also will continue my Bokkun stories eventually, but will take a break before I start the next story up. Other than 'A Slig's Truth', I'm probably dropping all plans for more Oddworld fics, which means that my Sligstorm idea I was peddling around is not going to happen. The 'future fics' will now only contain the fics that I am positive that I will eventually get to... Which means it will be slim, because I don't post 9 ideas prior to their release.
I also promised a friend of mine a birthday Sonic fic; that is the only Sonic fic, other than the Bokkun series, that I plan to work on at the time.

4/06/13: Alright, because of some confusion I'm going to change what I said in my last post and enlighten with more depth.
Oddworld: Without a game in five years and nobody asking anyway, I decided to back off. If I get some encouragement I might write Oddworld again, but I doubt it. Perhaps after another game, maybe New & Tasty, I'll write again, but now I really don't think I can. Still thinking of redoing 'A Slig's Truth'
Sonic: When I said I was quitting all Sonic fics, I was overreacting. I am still writing Sonic fics, but I am in a serious writer's block with the series. What I said was really just to let everyone understand not to expect anything too soon. I'm chipping the block away though.
Kirby: I will write more Marx fics eventually, but I really don't think I'll finish 'When arrows hit the wrong Targets'. I jumped the gun on the fic and don't have a decent ending in store.
I also have a poll on what category I should attempt to write a fic for, to push past my writer's block, that will be up until the end of the month. The highest rated category will get my attention next. However, if the highest one is the 'already done' selection I might put up ANOTHER poll to see exactly what category is wanted most. As for now, I'm working on 'Seventh Degree Burns', and uploaded another chapter today.

5/2/2013: I just realized that the fic I finished, 'Finding the Way', was my 50th story! *stumbles around in a sad attempt at a dance*

6/23/13: Well, just wrote my first Sonic fic in a long while and guess what? Already getting attacked for abuse I didn't commit. Another Sonic fan offended and wanting to lash out, wonderful, so guess what else? No more Sonic fics. This is why I stopped my Bokkun fics; too many Sonic fans coming down to attack me when I didn't write something the way they like. I'm planning on taking down 'Dance of the Hurricane' in a bit and cutting any chances of Sonic fics in the future. I'm not willing to fight tooth in nail with Sonic authors again, it's just foolish. That sequel to Super Bokkun Sunshine and Bokkun's Mansion is NOT going to happen now. I still plan to do some Oddworld and Kirby, but I'm going back to 9 fics. Only getting a few reviews is better than being hassled all the time.

7/5/13: I find it funny that so many people are complaining about 'The True Love Story' being bad because it had a sudden change in the obvious cliche parody. People, if you really want a 'goody-goody Dawn loves Ash, they fall in love, happily ever after' story then make sure you check that suspense is NOT in the fic. That's an obvious sign that it isn't a simple romance. However, I'm getting the same problems I'm getting post my last Sonic fic. It's like I am getting iced out of Fanfiction, or at least anything other than 9. Needless to say, I am cancelling Cat's Eye, but I WON'T be deleting 'The True Love Story' like I did 'Dance of the Hurricane'.
I've cooled down a little and mulled it over before deciding that I will not be putting Cat's Eye into the cancelled section just yet. I doubt I will work with Pokemon for a long while after this though.

7/9/13: Gothic Watcher asked for another 1x9 fic, but because it was anonymous I couldn't post my response, which is yes. I'll get right on it!

8/6/13: If anyone likes 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' I started a Forum welcome to anyone. - If interested, I welcome you to take a look.

9/9/13: Happy Stitchpunk anniversary!... Sort of. Another update to Souls Run Deep. I'm beginning to toy cancelling Cat's Eye again and thinking that it would just be best. Too many alternate factors in the story just weren't going to work. The Sonic cancel is permanent, so I'm planning to take what few Sonic fics I have down. On a positive note, I'm thinking of trying crossovers again. This time, though, I'm going to write it out before diving into something that... Unstable. I wouldn't want to make a mistake like last time.

9/30/13: Avid Reader has asked for a 7x9 fic! Since it's anonymous, I'm unable to answer, so I will do so here. Yes, I would be glad to do the fic! - Due to time, it may not be done until after I wrap up 'Souls Run Deep', but I will certainly get to it!

10/9/13: Posted a new 2x5 request and another chapter of 'Souls Run Deep'. Again, if anyone has requests, I will do them! I will also take requests from people who have requested before. :)

10/10/13: Avid Reader's 7x9 fic has been posted! Also posted a small notice about 9 requests in my profile above for anyone considering requesting.

10/29/13: *stretches* Two new requests today! Ah, I love writing Stitchpunks. -

11/2/13: Cheery Sparkle, your request fic is up under 'Before He's Gone'. I hope you like it! 'Response to Cheery Sparkle's review': Glad you enjoyed it, as I enjoyed writing it!

11/3/13: Avid Reader, your request fic is up under 'Moving Day', my first Human!punks fic ever, enjoy!

11/4/13: Aquamarine, your request fic is up! It is 'With Thyme and Time'. I hope you enjoy!

11/19/13: Just a message to anyone passing by. In the next few months I will rewrite 'Super Bokkun Sunshine' and 'Bokkun's Mansion'. I will keep the originals up, though. As for 'Death's Sweet Serenade', I will be taking it down and not rewriting it. I may post it on my DA account for unfinished/cancelled fics. At the moment, you'll notice no link to the DA page, and that's because I have nothing worth looking at on it yet. I just need to get rid of some of these old fics; I just can't stand staring at them anymore.

11/20/13: I should have done this earlier. A few people read my Meowth and Pikachu fic and one in particular asked if it would be continued. Actually, yes it will, but in episodes. I don't plan to upload them in a timely fashion until I am finished with 'Souls Run Deep' though. As expected, the episodes will involve Pikachu and Meowth travelling through the regions to return to Kanto. They'll meet a few other Pokemon, see amazing things, and try to put together the adventure of a lifetime with what little they have.

11/28/13: To Scottie, I am still taking requests and will begin to work on yours immediately!

11/30/13: The poll is done and the couples were tallied. Expect the resulting fics to be up soon.

12/6/13: Scottie, your fic is up under 'Sleep Talking and Night Walking', I hope you enjoy it! -

12/21/13: I just got a sudden request! A guest known as ASDF has asked for a Stitchpunk/Rise of the Guardians crossover. Interesting! I shall start working on it immediately! I just ask that I get a little time to work on it, because I'd want it to have a few good chapters, so I might have to wait until after Souls Run Deep ends, which will be, unfortunately, soon as the chapters dwindle down. I'll begin working on it stat! Thank you for the request!

12/25/13: Merry Christmas everyone! I posted the Christmas Stitchpunk fics and I hope everyone them! Though, most likely, everyone's with their families today and probably not on Fanfiction much. Still, if you can, try to check them out. -

12/26/13: Thank you kindly for your review CGI Victreebel! Thanks for the request and I shall go at it promptly! (update: request finished!)

12/29/13: Lacey Vill; thanks for your review and I'm starting on the 6x9 fic as we speak. (Update: Request finished!)

12/31/13: Lily Pie; thank you kindly! Nine and Seven? I certainly will! I'll be right on it! (Update: Request finished!)

1/1/14: Happy New Year! I also would like to announce a Forum I made for OCs of all series. Everyone's welcome!

1/5/14: Mana Kun; your request is accepted and I am already working on it. (Update: Request finished!) To Guest without name; your idea sounds remarkably like a request. :D Purposely or not, the fic shall soon be in production! (Update: Request finished!)

1/6/14: Hey. Listen, I've been getting the Error 1 message all day and, while I know it usually stops on its own, this means that I cannot upload chapters. Today's chapter of Souls Run Deep is finished, but may be postponed until tomorrow. I'll keep a look to see if the Error fixes itself and, when it does, I'll delete this message and continue my daily uploading. Let's hope the Error doesn't last long!

1/10/14: Error message 1 again! It just straightened out and it's back again, this time when posting a request fic! Maybe it'll be gone soon... -.- Wishful thinking. Update: Apparently, even with the error, the story posted. I'm so confused...

1/20/14: To Ink: Again, I would like to say thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked my Christmas fic, I was hoping to make it different while keeping the mood, especially with going deeper into One's personality. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a Tumblr account, but I do have a Skype account!
Also, to my old friend the unnamed guest, I would be glad to work on your request!

1/25/14: To the untitled Guest: Your request fic is finished under 'Just a few Reasons'! - Update: So it's Allyson. Nice to meet you, though I already met you but, well, you know. - I would be glad to take on your baby-punk request! Also, for Ink; I would love to take your request too! (Update: finished) Both should be finished in the near future and thank you to you both!

1/27/14: Thanks for the review, Mandy! I'm intrigued by your request and will begin on it immediately! (Update: finished!)

2/4/14: I made a Forum today where you can ask questions about my fics, request fics, or talk about couples if anyone wants to join. That being said, I still take requests through Review or PM, I just wanted to add more features. I'm placing topics on it at the present so it shouldn't be as empty.

2/9/14: Souls Run Deep is finished!... Now time for me to go hide in a corner and whimper at my loss. You never realize how much you enjoy writing a fic until it is done...

2/12/14: To Ink; I would be honored to have Souls Run Deep featured on your Tumblr! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :) I'd say more, but I'm on the profile, so I'll keep it short. I might get a Tumblr too in case you'd like to keep in contact as well. Again, though, feel free to add the link!

2/13/14: To Ink; I'm going to try to activate my Tumblr account tonight. My internet is going in and out because I'm basically stuck in a snowbank, but I'm still going to try! It's a shame that the fandom is beginning to fade. I don't know why it would, but I hope I can assist you in bringing it back!

2/16/14: To Ink; because you may not reach your Tumblr, I'll type the message here. That's terrible! I won't say it hasn't happened to me. -.- About to get charged by Microsoft and I suddenly forget my password- rushing desperately- I hope for the best. I do, actually, have a bit of another request, but don't worry about it until you get this straightened out! - I'm glad you liked the fic, I was trying to make it sweet.

3/13/14: To the Guest who reviewed Sanest in the Asylum; I can't tell if that's a request or a suggestion, but either way... Let's say you're not too far off of the mark! Expect the appearance of... Well, just expect that the White Kingdom WILL be addressed in the future.

3/14/14: To the Guest again, hello! Nice to hear your return! I've began writing 7 so I can't really spoil what is going to happen on my profile, but let's just say you're pretty on target... Ah. I guess there will be a little bit of a spoiler here, but it isn't much. As for 7x9, I was sort of planning to suggest something a little different, but there will be clear one sided 7x9. I was trying to keep the shippings a little... Quiet in this one. I was hoping people wouldn't get scared off if I did as I wouldn't alienate the readers. Technically there's only one real coupling in the story, which is never bluntly addressed, and a friendship. But I'll try to add some 7x9 moments. Or, if you'd like, I could make you a 7x9 request fic. That might make it easier for me to write a couple fic you'd enjoy. Finally, my favorite shipping... Hmm... There's none that I dislike and no couple that I won't write, but I'd say that my favorites would have to be (not including my few with my own characters) 1x2 and 6x8. However, that doesn't mean they would be in 'Sanest in the Asylum' because I know that many people do not enjoy these same couples. I also have a tender spot for 5x9 at times. I hope I answered your questions, and if you have any more feel free to ask! I like to talk to new people! -

3/15/14: To the Guest again, I am sorry you do not like 9xChild.

I never said that in the normal world 9x7 wasn't the main couple; this was supposed to be in Wonderland, so it would make sense that some things would be different. And, considering the fact that my only constant reviewers, who request and give actual reviews to my work instead of sentence long comments about what I should change, frequently mention liking 9xChild, wouldn't it make sense that I would instinctively give them at least a little 9xChild? I said I would try to work in 9x7 so at least allow the other half of the coupling to actually appear.

And lastly, you don't even consider the fact that I was already going to have to go off of schedule to shoe in 9x7. I even offered to do a request for you, but even that wasn't good enough. You want to know the truth? I was TRYING to take another shot at 5x7, just to try it out, so I have already erased that from the fic to try and struggle with something else. I try to make my fics so that other people will enjoy, but it is insanely difficult when the only time they review is to complain. You could have just said you weren't fond of it and I would have toned it down, but now I wonder why I should. Do I turn against my constant reviewers and readers to appease someone who won't even give me their name?

3/18/14: Lily Pie; thank you for your request! I will get right to work on it immediately!

To the Guest: Don't worry about Seven, she will make an appearance in a chapter or so. As for 5 and 9, I'll try to make them a bit more in character, but I didn't want to take them too far out of usual less I make them not act like their normal characters. It's a bit difficult to put two different characters into one body and while I'm not excusing myself, I will say that I hope to get better with this after practice. Finally, I am not discussing 9xChild again. Any possible couples were going to be toned down anyway, but it is difficult to change my plans when my consistent readers, along with the requester herself, say nothing against it. I spoke my peace earlier, though, so I will not go into it any further.

3/20/14: Just a quick note. Usually I would've uploaded a new chapter of 'Sanest in the Asylum' last night, but time got away from me. I need to do some editing, but it will be posted this afternoon or evening no matter what. A little delay, but I'm not going to let it slip past another day.

3/23/14: Allyson; thank you for the request! I will begin work on it soon! (Update: Finished)

4/9/14: Glad you liked the fic and I would love to do the next request! I'll work on it as soon as I can. :)

Is there any Stitchpunk fans out there who want to communicate through Tumblr? (27 and Ink; I've already got you two! :D) My Tumblr is Mable-Stitchpunk.

Tiny Story: Words, a 1x2 short.

One remembered the first time he met Two. The Scientist had paired them so that they would not be alone in the new, war ravaged world that they were to face. The first time One saw Two he gasped and, perhaps because it was the first time he saw another of his kind, his tongue slipped. Now he had just awoken from his near death experience of losing his soul, brought back by the rain with a damaged hand and confused mind, but he felt his tongue wanting to slip once again as he saw Two. Drug from the water he laid there on a mere cloth with weary optics and a small smile directed towards his Leader, but he was still very much alive, and he was very much the Two that One remembered. Finally the same words as before forced their way out with the same awe as on their first meeting, “You’re beautiful.”

Well that's my profile... I glad I finally got it up! Umm... I hope you enjoyed it, and it you have any questions just write me and I'll answer them. See ya!


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