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Author has written 161 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, 9, Pokémon, Oddworld, and Five Nights at Freddy´s.

Hey, I’m Mable; I came on after my cousin told me about it. I wrote Sonic fics for a long while until I lost the spark; my ideas were repetitive and it felt like I wasn't making anything worth while. Recently I've started writing Sonic again, but for a different coupling.

In 2008/2009, I got very much into Oddworld again, which I grew up with. I didn't write many good Oddworld fics, but it captivated me for a while. My first crossover was a Sonic/Oddworld fic that is no longer on Fanfiction.

In 2011 I was introduced to 9 and the Stitchpunks within and the spark returned. The Stitchpunk tales gave me a feeling of completion that I haven't felt for a long time. My stories were no longer simply made to appease someone else; they were something I was and still am proud of. I now also do request fics because, frankly, I find that every Stitchpunk couple is unique and interesting. There isn't a couple I will not do. My current longest fics are 'Souls Run Deep' and 'Fabric Runs Shallow'. I'm saving on the third installment until more news about the Scientist's teaser comes out.

In 2016 started my first FNAF fic, Can't Go Home Again, and it's become quite a success compared to my other fics! I'm rather proud of its progress. 8D It finished at 100 chapters and will be getting a sequel soon!

Last year I started my first original novel, "A Fool's Endeavor"! The information is at the bottom of my profile!

Been on Since 02-07-08

Gender: Female

Favorite video games: 1: Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, 2: Conker: Live & Reloaded, 3: Paper Mario, 4: Pikmin, 5: Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Likes: Writing (Romance, horror, action, adventure, hurt/comfort, and humor), reading, playing video games, and walks in the woods.

Favorite Media: 1: 9 (film), 2: Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (game), 3: Oddworld (Game Series), 4: Mario (Game Series), 5: Wind in the Willows (Book/2006 film)

Favorite power: Telekinesis

Here's my Deviantart account: LonelySoulPunk

My playthrough of the 9 Mobile game is on YouTube: NotRealName NotAtAll

Favorite characters (Top 5):


1: 5 (Five). 2: 2 (Two). 3: 1 (One). 4: 6 (Six). 5: 8 (Eight)


1: Abe. 2: Munch (Latamire). 3: Interns (Usually most of them). 4: Sligs (Usually most of them). 5: Stranger


1: Marx. 2: Magolor. 3: Taranza. 4: Kirby. 5: Meta Knight.

Five Nights At Freddy's:

1: Marionette. 2: Mike (If he counts). 3: Foxy. 4: Ennard. 5: Security Puppet.


1: Luigi. 2: Dimentio. 3: Boos. 4: Bowser. 5: Peach

Bizarre characters that nobody else seems to like, but I do.

1: The Fabrication Machine. 2: The Duke of Owls (Rock-a-Doodle). 3: King Dedede (Kirby).

In the long run:

1: Stitchpunks

2: Fabrication Machine

3: Abe

4: Marionette

5: Luigi

Favorite couples (Not listed in any particular order):

9: 9 x 5, 1 x 2, 6 x 8, 5 x Velvet (My couple), 7 x Cat (My couple), 9 x Child (My couple), Moss x 3 / Moss x None / 4 x None (My couples), 9 x Fabrication Machine.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Mike x Marionette, Jeremy x Foxy, Phone Guy x Ennard.

Sonic: Bokkun x Tails, Knuckles x Rouge.

Kirby: Marx x Fumu/Tiff, Magolor x Taranza, Meta Knight x Galacta Knight, Kirby x Ribbon.

?: The Jester x The Knight

Favorite quotes

"Trying is the first step towards failure." Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

"Here's a riddle: When is a Croquet mallet like a billy club? I'll tell you: whenever you want it to be." Cheshire Cat, American Mcgee's Alice

"You know, you're just like him. You forget to remember to be scared." Five, 9

"Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many." One, 9

"Some things in this world are better left where they lie; but if you know where to look, these ruins are full of riches." Two, 9

"They're stuck in a dark place with impending doom and no way out. That sounds like my life." Meowth, Pokémon

No copywrite law in the universe is going to stop me!" Sonic, Sonic Colors

Future fics

Securely Strung

Summary: Something's changed. I'm not what I once was. I don't recognize my own hands.

Genre: Suspense/Hurt/Comfort (May change)

Series: Five Nights at Freddy's

Sonic X: Rust (Temp title)

Summary: Eight years after the loss of Cosmo and the disappearance of Eggman, a surprising source reveals that Eggman has a new, much more dangerous plan. The Sonic team, along with their familiar companion, must head to Eggman's empire and confront him before he completes his Magnum Opus.

Genre: Adventure/Suspense/Romance

Series: Sonic the Hedgehog

Stitched Fables

Summary: A series of Fairy Tales rewritten with different twists and the Stitchpunks thrown in.

Upcoming Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Persephone (Greek Mythology), Hansel and Gretal, and more.

Series: 9

Saving the Savior

Summary: (alternate ending to Souls Run Deep) Nine returns to the Sanctuary after vanishing during the Machine's attack and Child soon realizes that something has changed. Nine, meanwhile, must learn to cope with his new state of being, and needs Child's help to do it.

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Series: 9

Courting of the Count

Summary: All it said was that a pure-hearted princess needed to marry a monster, so why not cut out the middle man and do it himself?

Genre: Romance

Series: Mario

Rusted Tin

Summary: 9 stumbles upon a bunker with a few humans surviving inside and attempts to approach. There he soon becomes close with a young boy whose innocence allows him to trust the Stitchpunk. Unfortunately, there was a reason that the humans died, and 9 must learn to accept fate and when there are things he cannot fix, and accept that their friendship is doomed to fail.

Genre: Friendship/Angst

Series: 9

What Could Have Been

Summary: 9 finds a strange part of the Emptiness that he has never seen before after crossing through the basement of the Scientist's home. There he sees signs of life and knows that there's a tenth Stitchpunk out there... What he finds is the worst outcome to a battle he thought he already fought.

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Series: 9


Summary: After a radio broadcast, 9 and some of the others decide to literally delve down for answers underneath the water. Something waits for them underneath...

Genre: Adventure/Action/Drama

Series: 9


Summary: The Stitchpunks are recovery after the Machine's attack and after their near death, but 2 is having trouble coping with his temporary limitations and is plagued by odd nightmares. That is, until the nightmares start to become real, and something is starting to stalk 2. Something willing to slice the stitches of the family to get ahold of the short Inventor. As its attacks become more aggressive 2 must face a horror unlike any he has ever encountered and make a sacrifice he has never imagined he'd have to make.

Genre: Horror/Family

Series: 9

Becoming the Mask

Summary: Eventually they will decide which one's the evil twin.

Series: Mario

Third in 6 in Wonderland series.

Summary: To be announced.

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Series: 9/Alice in Wonderland

Birdcage (Temp Title)

Summary: Abe's attempt to find himself leads him on a quest that he never expected and changes him into a person he never thought he would be.

Genre: Suspense/Adventure/Drama

Series: Oddworld

Fresh Meat

Summary: As the Maw makes its rounds through the nearby sea, Abe decides to go against wishes and sneak aboard to find any lost souls. What he doesn't realize is that he is about to face something foul and corrupted. Something nearly worse than anything he's ever seen before. There's only two people to save; one, lost, small being... And himself.

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Series: Oddworld/Little Nightmares Crossover


Summary: One, four, three, four, three, two, one.

Genre: Horror

Series: Five Nights at Freddy's

Brief Description of Characters

Warning: This may reveal some spoilers from fics that they were in. Not yet posted content will not be spoiled.

None: The Preserver "To Assist Us"

Background: None is Nine's identical twin introduced in the story 'Forgotten'. At birth, Nine and None were separated and, as such, when Nine awoke he hadn't known he had a twin. Later, after the Machine Incident, Nine feels drawn back to the First Room and finds None who has taken the time of seclusion a bit hard and has thus become reverted at times.

Appearance: None looks nearly identical to Nine, but doesn't have a number on his back. It is unknown why the Scientist failed to do so.

Personality: None acts younger than Nine at times. He's upbeat, playful, and tends to be occasionally naïve. At the same time, None tends to occasionally think through Nine's ideas even farther than he has. He can be serious at the same time, though. In the long run, Nine and None need each other, and are as close as they can be.

Misc.: None occasionally sees Nine's memories through twin telepathy.

Child: The Source "To Redeem Us"

Background: Child is Julius' firstborn son who, after an incident, ended up inside the Machine, his soul keeping it alive. He first appeared in 'Child', but his first massive role is in 'Souls Run Deep'. Nine found Child after the Machine was defeated and took him back to the others where he was slowly rehabilitated.

Appearance: Normally Child has white burlap and looks a bit like Nine, though thinner. His hands resemble One's and his front is held by hooks and loops. There are also four entrances on his back that look similar. Child does not have a number. When he is missing his fabric he had a black, metal frame beneath with a mounted Talisman port. The Talisman port was natural from birth, however most of the black metal was set in by the Machine. He also has retractable limbs in his back, four of them, that look like the Machine's; it is unknown if these are natural or not. With or without fabric, Child's optics can turn red and become jagged like the Machine's and crackle with electricity when he is angered. Julius mentions at one point that unlike Seven's fabric Child's was bleached burlap, and with the occasional red eyes and light sensitivity means that he is actually albino.

Personality: Child is both cynical, sarcastic, and occasionally smug, frequently expressing both in dry humor. While he can get angry at times, Child actually manages to stay rather passive, and doesn't seem to take many comments to heart. Child seems especially passive to One's comments when the others aren't. At the same time of being cynical, Child does seem to have a spot soft for children and young Stitchpunks. Even with conflicting views and opinions, Nine and him are close, and tends to do things he wouldn't normally do if the other asks. While still occasionally mocking Nine, he has occasionally done things such as giving Nine gifts, as when he made him a Training Beast as a pet for little reason. Nine and child also tend to comfort each other. Child is also a bit overprotective of the male while they still manage to compete at times. He often teases Nine about his hips, which manages to succeed in bothering Nine. Child has a Training Beast named Pet who he very much cares for and created before his ordeal in the Machine. Child's views on humans are mixed; he bluntly states that he believes they were foolish and corrupt, yet occasionally tends to feel guilty about it. How much he remembers from being in the Machine is currently unknown. Child doesn't seem to lament much on the past and refuses to pity himself. Child is intelligent and is the only Stitchpunk that knows how to create Machines that are domesticated.

Misc.: Child's first appearance was actually in 'Forgotten', but isn't considered to be more than a cameo as it does not act like Child. Child also has a light, English accent.
Child's birth name is actually 'Firstborn Child' and is written so on some of the first papers that the Scientist wrote about him. He, however, does not go by Firstborn Child, and nobody else seemingly knows about it.


Background: Twenty-One is the infant son of One and Two who was introduced in 'Forgotten', 'Seventh Degree Burns', and best known in 'Souls Run Deep'. The latter was the only one where Twenty-One had a large role as he was introduced at the end of the previous two. To carried Twenty-One for about a month as a soul, then put his body inside and carried him for another month. Both One and Two seemed mostly positive about becoming parents.

Appearance: Twenty-One is a small infant. He has One's slanted optics and Two's other features. He has small hands and feet. He also wears a red vest that looks like Two's that was made for him.

Personality: A playful and well tempered baby, Twenty-One is curious and easily pacified. He can have fussy moments as well, but as he gets older tends to not have as many. Twenty-One loves both of his parents dearly and doesn't seem to be alarmed or concerned when One scolds one of the others, knowing he himself isn't to be scolded. When in the vicinity of Beasts, Twenty-One naturally will go quiet by instinct, and will not make a noise until the Beast is gone. Then he may react with distressed noises or crying. Twenty-One also seems to like both Five and Eight; grabbing at Five's patch and reaching for the guard at times. Twenty-One also seems to be advanced as he learns things very quick.

As a Toddler: Twenty-One learned to talk rather quickly and enjoys doing so, as he does with walking. However, he still occasionally insists on being carried. He now enjoys hide and seek, chasing games, and following Stitchpunks around to watch what they are doing. His appearance his changed little, save for his size which is now a bit larger. He is very protective and friendly towards his younger sister, though occasionally grows upset with the adults when he is not given as much attention. He mistakenly believes that Sixty-Eight is his brother and doesn't understand why Six and Eight keep him.

Misc.: Twenty-One has two toys which he plays with the most. A bunny plush named 'Ba-ba' who he sleeps with and a set of blocks which he stacks and then pushes over.


Background: Twelve is One and Two's daughter and the younger sister of Twenty-One. She was born in the same manner of Twenty-One and was nicknamed 'Bunny' by her increased movement before birth. She first appeared in 'Fabric Runs Shallow'.

Appearance: Twelve is small with normal, un-slanted optics. Her front is tied closed with two belt-like ribbons that are a dark blue color. Upon her head she has a small topknot like One's that frequently has small bows tied on it.

Personality: As a newborn, Twelve's personality is still developing. However, she is already shown to be a quieter baby who tense to be more fussy than Twenty-One was. These fussy moments can be pacified rather easily though. While she has yet to get attached to many of the adults, Twelve idolizes her brother, and frequently attempts to crawl after him or makes happy noises when Twenty-One sneaks into her crib.

As a Baby: As Twelve grows older she is shown to be less fussy and more friendly, though much less outgoing than her older brother, who she now constantly crawls after. She is still in the process of trying to learn to walk, but seems to not yet be ready. She has, however, began to say a few words, though they mostly consist of attempts as 'Daddy', 'Papa', and one try at 'Twone'. She enjoys playing with her toys, but enjoys even more playing with Twenty-One's toys. She has a tendency to fall asleep on whatever she can.

Misc: One refers to her as his 'princess'. As she technically can be a princess, this may become her title in the future.


Background: Cat was the Cat Beast who was involved with 2's kidnapping who, after being rebuilt and becoming a defective Beast, was taken in by 7 in an attempt to train him. However, he grew too intelligent and realized that he no longer wanted to be a pet but wanted to be a creature equal to the Stitchpunks. With Child assistance he created himself a Stitchpunk body to thrive in. While he still is having a little trouble adjusting to his new fabric, he is more than comfortable taking on his new role by 7's side.

Appearance: Cat is taller than the average Stitchpunk by a short bit with patched fabric. His fingers are long claws and there are smaller blades on his feet that are retractable. Cat wears a skull helmet that resembles a Cat's skull, but isn't.

Personality: Cat is playfully, sly, and as cunning as any cat would be. That doesn't mean he doesn't face his own challenges; such as the urge to hunt and certain animal instincts. Usually not one to lose his cool, Cat find amusement in even dire situations, and doesn't consider Beasts a threat even though his size has shifted. His closest ally is Child, but he is on good terms with the others, and is especially protective and affectionate towards 7 who he calls his 'Dove'. He is known to spar, hunt, and sharpen his claws on anything unfortunate enough to be wooden or close. He has also been known to still make a metallic purring noises and growls when threatened. Finally, Cat is dyslexic from past trauma, and because of such doesn't take pleasure in reading.

Misc: Unlike Child, who shows no attraction to females and only attraction to males, Cat is the opposite, being attracted to a female while not showing any sexual interest in males. Oddly enough, considering that he shouldn't be, Cat is on good terms with 2, even to the point of considering him a friend.


Background: Wings started life as a defective Winged Beast who frequently followed and attacked the Stitchpunks. Eventually the Winged Beast was injured by Eight and was later found by Cat, bleeding out oil and no longer able to support itself. Cat stayed with the Winged Beast until it became apparent that he was going to die if nothing was done. Feeling protective, Cat convinced Child to help him and the two made the Winged Beast into the second Beast turned Stitchpunk.

Appearance: Wings is shorter than Cat and Child and has yellow-tan fabric. On his back are wings that attach to his arms, which can rest over his shoulders like a cape, flatten against his arms, or retract from his arms and rest against his back. Though both of the latter methods are uncomfortable. His wings are made of a flag; though it's never specifically mentioned their underside is faded blue, white, and red stripes like the older Luxembourg flags. Wings used to have to wear a head and neck brace, he now only wears the top around his forehead, which almost looks like a strange, four pronged crown. He wears it strictly for decorative purposes.

Personality: Wings is confused with what he is. Trying to learn his place, he is a little awkward and overly self aware, but also has a playful and slightly sarcastic side. While he frequently acts unimpressed and exasperated with Cat's behavior, but very much idolizes him and frequently follows him about. Wings also idolizes Child and sees both him and Cat as his family, becoming uncomfortable when they are gone. He seems to also be friendly with Nine and seems to see him as a brotherly figure. Wings originally recognized Eight and became aggressive towards him, but after getting saved by him becomes more respectful and even seems to treat Eight like a father figure. He also seems to feel this way towards Two.

Misc: Wings is slightly based off of Spyro; his favorite color is also purple. Also, even though Wings has wings he currently lacks the ability to fly.

Velvet: The Storyteller "To Enthrall Us"

Background: Velvet was a creation of the Scientist's, but not only of the Scientist. He created her body while his wife, who he had previously been distanced from because of the war, donated a portion of her soul. She left Velvet behind so that the Scientist could take care of her before heading back to her own home where she soon succumbed to the toxic air and the strain on her body from the soul transfer. Unfortunately, a newborn and confused Velvet followed her there, and unable to remember her first day of life anymore she lives in the home alone and afraid to leave until eventually running into the other Stitchpunks who appear on her doorstep. At this time she has to learn how to leave the safety of her home or risk being alone forever.
Velvet was not born with a name and merely named herself later on.

Appearance: Velvet is a young adult, female Stitchpunk white cream colored fabric and long leather locks that resemble hair, which are a reddish brown color. Her front is corset-like and is tied closed with a red ribbon, but she occasionally interchanges it. The red ribbon is the one frequently featured. At times she also wears a makeshift quill tied to one of her leather locks and tucked in so that it looks as though it is over an ear that she doesn't have, but this is rare. Velvet is depicted to be taller than 6 but shorter than 5.

Personality: Born with an active imagination, Velvet has spent years entertaining herself with daydreams and fairytales. Unfortunately, this imagination has also painted a dangerous and fearful world outside her home. Part of her dreams of an adventure of romance and whimsy outside the walls, but she irrationally fears the unknown, and has such become content living in her home for all these years. Velvet shows signs of being agoraphobic and has been known to have panic attacks.
She is shy around newcomers but warms to them quickly and becomes both social and friendly. She is also a hopeless romantic and enjoys mentally pairing the other Stitchpunks. She also has picked up the habit of talking to herself and tends to over-analyze situations needlessly. Velvet enjoys to recite or create stories for others and likes when they listen attentively. She has shown to be motherly towards the twins and sisterly towards 6, but also seems to be seeking a parental figure and looks towards both 2 and 1 for this. Velvet has romantic feelings towards 5 and has pushed the limits of her comfort zone to appease him, in return she gains needed comfort from him.

Misc: Velvet's physical design is somewhat based off of Sally's from 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. Her story somewhat resembles the story of 'the Velveteen Rabbit', though unintentionally. The Rabbit is made of velvet, but wants to be one of the real rabbits. Velvet was made with another soul other than the Scientists, but wants to be one of the Stitchpunks.

Moss: The Cultivator "To Supply Us" or "To Provide Us" (Still undecided)

Background: Moss was created by one of the last humans living in an underground bunker who had gotten ahold of some of the Scientist's notes. Shortly after birth Moss was already pushed into working and was assigned a job of tending the plants while the doctor continued on the others. Disaster struck when one of the other humans in the bunker fought with his creator after witnessing him attempt to give life to the second Stitchpunk. Moss tried to subdue the human and save his creator, but both humans passed. Horrified, Moss escaped the bunker and abandoned his unborn family and the few remaining humans, unintentionally tripping a trap left at the exit to the bunker. While he survived with seemingly few injuries, the explosion damaged his hearing receptors and he lost his hearing. Shortly after Moss retreated into an old greenhouse and began to create a lush garden inside, preserving what he could and continuing to regrow countless plants.

Appearance: Moss is a young adult to adult Stitchpunk. He stands taller than other Stitchpunks, only shorter than Eight, and is very thin and lanky. His fingers are slightly flatter than normal and his fabric is brown. His knees are patched from wear and he frequently gets grass and dirt stains from his work in the garden. Moss wears quite a bit of clothing, consisting of a patched, dark green jacket, a wide brimmed hat, and occasionally work gloves. He is almost always shown carrying around his scythe as both a weapon and a tool. Hidden on the top of his head is a small picture of wheat with part of the word underneath it. It is unknown whether this is intentional or just happened because of borrowed fabric.

Personality: Moss is soft spoken and warm, and not just because he is deaf. In fact, Moss doesn't let his deafness, or the fact that his birth language is German, get between his friendly and social behavior. He loves learning and explaining about fauna, growing fauna, and different preserving methods. One of his favorite interests is learning about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which he idolizes. He also enjoys teaching others through 'show-and-tell' methods. Very patient Moss doesn't get angered or frustrated, and he shows this by being very tender with younger Stitchpunks. Most of the time Moss treats others like they are his younger siblings and is protective and helpful. Moss is very close with Eight and the two are close friends even though their personalities conflict a bit, though Moss is incredibly against his magnet addiction. Moss is also very friendly and protective of Nine, Six, and the twins. Moss is shown to be attracted to Three after she begins to teach him English through sign language; even going as far to call her his Beignet. Moss occasionally shows signs of having PTSD and tends to work himself too hard, worrying about his greenhouse when away from it for too long, but most of the time Moss keeps a level head and a cheerful demeanor. Moss is very athletic and agile as he fights with his scythe.

Misc: Moss is based off of the Gardens of Babylon in a way as he is one of seven siblings and involves creating a garden for his family. Even though Moss is deaf he does occasionally speak to communicate, though usually loudly as he can't control his volume well. His creator mentions being treated as lesser than other humans, possibly because of his race, which is why he treats his creation like he was created to serve humans.


Background: Sixty-Eight is the Stitchpup of Six and Eight. He was born in Fabric Runs Shallow. Six started to have a hard time at the end of his pregnancy when his soul reacted strangely and he was removed early, though was shown to be healthy and fully created.

Appearance: Sixty-Eight is a clear mix of Six and Eight's look. With Eight he has his mouth marks, his buckles, his feet, and the placement of '68' is on his shoulder. With Six he has his yarn, his fountain pen tipped fingers, his stripes, though his are more faint that Six's, and his overall body shape. He is quite small at his current age and is frequently put into baby clothes to keep him warm.

Personality: Sixty-Eight is a newborn, but already shows himself to be sweet and loving, nuzzling against Six and Eight. However, Sixty-Eight is originally frightened by the other Stitchpunks, and even as he's gotten slightly older his shyness is still rather obvious. It has managed to recede a bit. Because his ink reserves are new, occasionally ink is put into him so that the systems can begin to work. This, however, was revealed to be a bad idea as Sixty-Eight cannot control his body enough and ink will leak out of his fingers. This was promptly stopped. Sixty-Eight is very affectionate to Six and Eight, and frequently clutches to them or suckles on their fabric.

Misc: While Eight claims that he plans on training Sixty-Eight once he's an adult, he's also in contrast quite protective of Sixty-Eight, frequently coddling him. Sixty-Eight also has a nickname already and is occasionally called 'Ty-Eh'. Which would be the middle of his name at Six'Ty-Eh'ight.

Crochet: The Grandmother/The Wolf/The Witch

Background: Crochet was the first created Stitchpunk of the Scientist's wife, Helen. However, in a twist of fate, more of Helen's soul was put into Crochet than intended, making her more an avatar than a separate being. Though Crochet hides that she is actually, mostly Helen herself. Shortly after her creation, she and her sister moved into the forested area outside of the city to escape the war.

Appearance: Crochet is an elderly female Stitchpunk with gray yarn pulled into a bun and usually held into place by two knitting needles and a piece of crochet fabric. She has seafoam colored stitches along the inside of her arm (See Martlet). She tends to wear a dusty rose colored apron-like dress when she's indoors and a fur jacket and hood when she's out in the woods on the hunt.

Personality: Crochet is warm and grandmotherly, not afraid to speak her mind when she's concerned, a bit over protective at time, and is willing to put herself in danger for her family. She is also more than a little headstrong and usually will rely on herself or her sister instead of outside help. Crochet still loves the Scientist and laments how the war happened, but manages to move on in her day without too much trouble. Crochet enjoys knitting, crocheting, baking, cooking, sewing, and other homely activities. She is also a skilled fighter with an axe and a bow, but gets tiredly quickly.

Misc: While she can fight with both axe and bow, the axe is the weapon that is considered hers.

Martlet: The Grandmother/The Witch/The Wolf

Background: The second created Stitchpunk of the Scientist's wife, Martlet was born weak and was forced to be stitched to Crochet by the arm for a short while to strengthen her soul, being temporarily Siamese siblings. Eventually she grew strong enough to be cut free, but still lives happily with her sister in the woods.

Appearance: Martlet looks a lot like Crochet, but is slightly younger, has longer yarn that's in a braid, and usually wears emerald colors. Her jacket is identical to Crochet's. She has burgundy stitches on her arm, opposite of Crochet's.

Personality: Martlet is warm and grandmotherly, but stays quieter and likes to keep more to herself than her sibling. She is much more active and more likely to react with action if a threat comes to her. Crochet and her get along well, but occasionally bicker with one another. Martlet enjoys walking in the woods, gathering mushrooms and berries, brewing, cooking, assisting her sister, and hunting Beasts. Martlet was born with a beautiful singing voice and takes her name from the bird symbol itself.

Misc: While she can fight with both, the bow and arrows are Martlet's primary weapons. Martlet can speak and sing in fluent French.

Velour: The Jester (Literally my book character in Stitchpunk form.)

4/6/09: I took down Shadowed flower off my profile but I'll probably still make it if anyone's interested, and I also added a few more fics that I have been writing.

5/26/09: Changed some things on my profile, put up oneshot three on my SSBB oneshots, and will have When arrows hit the wrong targets chapter three, and Odd, weird, and everything else chapter two up soon.

6/21/09: Since last message I've put up Bokkun's Mansion, will have the third chapter of When arrows hit the wrong targets up in a few days, will put up fourth SSBB oneshot tommorrow, put up chapter two of Odd, weird, and everything else, added another fic to my profile, and will have more done soon.

7/26/10: Finished Bokkun's Mansion, put up another SSBB oneshot, and put up two chapters of Death's Sweet Serenade.

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1/10/12: Happy New Year everyone! Death's Sweet Serenade finished, sequel in the making. New avatar, more Stitchpunk fics on the way as well, just finished one a few days ago.

2/04/13: I think that a yearly post is good. -.- Anyway, I'm starting to become more inclined to work strictly with Stitchpunks, because I cannot for the life of me write anything else! Which means that more Stitchpunk tales should be expected. Any other type; Pokemon, Sonic, Oddworld, ect. should be considered as 'hiatus' for now. I would also like to say that even though I am planning to continue 'When arrows hit the wrong Targets', I cannot promise that I will do it anytime soon, so that should clear it up for a few who still read and ask about such. I apologize, but I cannot continue it right at this time. I am also taking down the third chapter of 'A Slig's Truth', because my plan to branch out into sequels is absolutely far-fetched in the nicest sense. So I will probably update that with a revised, corrected, and better ending. I also will continue my Bokkun stories eventually, but will take a break before I start the next story up. Other than 'A Slig's Truth', I'm probably dropping all plans for more Oddworld fics, which means that my Sligstorm idea I was peddling around is not going to happen. The 'future fics' will now only contain the fics that I am positive that I will eventually get to... Which means it will be slim, because I don't post 9 ideas prior to their release.
I also promised a friend of mine a birthday Sonic fic; that is the only Sonic fic, other than the Bokkun series, that I plan to work on at the time.

4/06/13: Alright, because of some confusion I'm going to change what I said in my last post and enlighten with more depth.
Oddworld: Without a game in five years and nobody asking anyway, I decided to back off. If I get some encouragement I might write Oddworld again, but I doubt it. Perhaps after another game, maybe New & Tasty, I'll write again, but now I really don't think I can. Still thinking of redoing 'A Slig's Truth'
Sonic: When I said I was quitting all Sonic fics, I was overreacting. I am still writing Sonic fics, but I am in a serious writer's block with the series. What I said was really just to let everyone understand not to expect anything too soon. I'm chipping the block away though.
Kirby: I will write more Marx fics eventually, but I really don't think I'll finish 'When arrows hit the wrong Targets'. I jumped the gun on the fic and don't have a decent ending in store.
I also have a poll on what category I should attempt to write a fic for, to push past my writer's block, that will be up until the end of the month. The highest rated category will get my attention next. However, if the highest one is the 'already done' selection I might put up ANOTHER poll to see exactly what category is wanted most. As for now, I'm working on 'Seventh Degree Burns', and uploaded another chapter today.

5/2/2013: I just realized that the fic I finished, 'Finding the Way', was my 50th story! *stumbles around in a sad attempt at a dance*

8/6/13: If anyone likes 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' I started a Forum welcome to anyone. - If interested, I welcome you to take a look.

9/9/13: Happy Stitchpunk anniversary!... Sort of. Another update to Souls Run Deep. I'm beginning to toy cancelling Cat's Eye again and thinking that it would just be best. Too many alternate factors in the story just weren't going to work. The Sonic cancel is permanent, so I'm planning to take what few Sonic fics I have down. On a positive note, I'm thinking of trying crossovers again. This time, though, I'm going to write it out before diving into something that... Unstable. I wouldn't want to make a mistake like last time.

11/19/13: Just a message to anyone passing by. In the next few months I will rewrite 'Super Bokkun Sunshine' and 'Bokkun's Mansion'. I will keep the originals up, though. As for 'Death's Sweet Serenade', I will be taking it down and not rewriting it. I may post it on my DA account for unfinished/cancelled fics. At the moment, you'll notice no link to the DA page, and that's because I have nothing worth looking at on it yet. I just need to get rid of some of these old fics; I just can't stand staring at them anymore.

11/20/13: I should have done this earlier. A few people read my Meowth and Pikachu fic and one in particular asked if it would be continued. Actually, yes it will, but in episodes. I don't plan to upload them in a timely fashion until I am finished with 'Souls Run Deep' though. As expected, the episodes will involve Pikachu and Meowth travelling through the regions to return to Kanto. They'll meet a few other Pokemon, see amazing things, and try to put together the adventure of a lifetime with what little they have.

12/21/13: I just got a sudden request! A guest known as ASDF has asked for a Stitchpunk/Rise of the Guardians crossover. Interesting! I shall start working on it immediately! I just ask that I get a little time to work on it, because I'd want it to have a few good chapters, so I might have to wait until after Souls Run Deep ends, which will be, unfortunately, soon as the chapters dwindle down. I'll begin working on it stat! Thank you for the request!

12/25/13: Merry Christmas everyone! I posted the Christmas Stitchpunk fics and I hope everyone them! Though, most likely, everyone's with their families today and probably not on Fanfiction much. Still, if you can, try to check them out. -

1/1/14: Happy New Year! I also would like to announce a Forum I made for OCs of all series. Everyone's welcome!

1/6/14: Hey. Listen, I've been getting the Error 1 message all day and, while I know it usually stops on its own, this means that I cannot upload chapters. Today's chapter of Souls Run Deep is finished, but may be postponed until tomorrow. I'll keep a look to see if the Error fixes itself and, when it does, I'll delete this message and continue my daily uploading. Let's hope the Error doesn't last long!

1/10/14: Error message 1 again! It just straightened out and it's back again, this time when posting a request fic! Maybe it'll be gone soon... -.- Wishful thinking. Update: Apparently, even with the error, the story posted. I'm so confused...

1/20/14: To Ink: Again, I would like to say thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked my Christmas fic, I was hoping to make it different while keeping the mood, especially with going deeper into One's personality. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a Tumblr account, but I do have a Skype account!
Also, to my old friend the unnamed guest, I would be glad to work on your request!

2/4/14: I made a Forum today where you can ask questions about my fics, request fics, or talk about couples if anyone wants to join. That being said, I still take requests through Review or PM, I just wanted to add more features. I'm placing topics on it at the present so it shouldn't be as empty.

2/9/14: Souls Run Deep is finished!... Now time for me to go hide in a corner and whimper at my loss. You never realize how much you enjoy writing a fic until it is done...

3/13/14: To the Guest who reviewed Sanest in the Asylum; I can't tell if that's a request or a suggestion, but either way... Let's say you're not too far off of the mark! Expect the appearance of... Well, just expect that the White Kingdom WILL be addressed in the future.

3/20/14: Just a quick note. Usually I would've uploaded a new chapter of 'Sanest in the Asylum' last night, but time got away from me. I need to do some editing, but it will be posted this afternoon or evening no matter what. A little delay, but I'm not going to let it slip past another day.

4/28/14: Allyson; I'm so sorry! I got wrapped up in other things and forgot about the request. It's not an excuse, but I'll begin working on it immediately to compensate somewhat.

5/4/14: I got a very nice review just now from Sami. - Sami, thank you for your words, and I am more than glad that you enjoyed one of my fics so much! Especially being one of my earlier fics as well. I write them for people to enjoy and seeing just one person happy makes it worthwhile.

7/9/14: For forewarning issues, my schedule today packed and because of some compromising issues most work today will be stunted. I'm still working to get the requests finished and will have them done soon, but probably not until this evening.

7/26/14: Hello there Cacaca! Since you're an anon I have to write to you here, but I would like to thank you for your kind words and for reading my stories! ...I'll admit, it's been a while since anyone's mentioned 'Saving the Savior', and I don't think anyone showed much interest in 'Past Mistakes', and to see somewhat requesting to see them, well, it's fantastic! In fact, since you're reviewed I've had a bit of a... I guess a boost of inspiration and have gotten more of 'Past Mistakes' done. Which I thank you for, the story was stuck in limbo for the last while. -
I shall be diligently working; I hope to see more of you in the future and I hope I'll be able to keep you happy with my work!

7/29/14: Cacaca; Ah, I see! Because I was on the road a lot in 09 I missed the movie's premiere and only saw a single commercial at a movie theater. Around early 2011 I read a fanfiction by my friend and became a bit curious. It was a short story about 1 comforting 6 after a nightmare, but I was pretty... Well, I knew absolutely nothing about the film, and then looked into it and became hooked. Surprisingly enough it was everything that I was looking for. A striking plot, an interesting world, and characters that I actually became connected with and grew to love. So I started writing 9 fanfiction. -
While it's important to make my stories enjoyable to readers, I will admit that I do tend to write in the direction that I enjoy, and try to keep away from things that are too predictable.

7/30/14: Cacaca; Hello again! I've been getting a lot of work done on 'Past Mistakes' and plan to post it soon... Unfortunately, I'm a little stuck with 'Saving the Savior', and 'Fabric Runs Shallow' is also at a roadblock that I'll have to work around before August. I haven't given up hope, though, and 'Past Mistakes' is going much farther than I expected. :)
I'm actually eighteen. Though I don't always feel like it. XD How about you?

9/4/14: Major problems with 'Past Mistakes'. The first chapter, which was 4,000 words, was randomly deleted by my computer and will have to be re-written, but unfortunately I just don't have the time. As of now 'Past Mistakes' is postponed until I can get everything else finished.

9/5/14: Is this good news? No, it's GREAT news! I saved chapter one of 'Past Mistakes' on a flashdrive about three months ago! I saved it! THE FIC IS BACK ON SCHEDULE! I am trying my hardest to get this posted by the 9th and now I think I'll get there! I finally think I'll get there!

9/9/14: Happy 5th Anniversary for 9! In celebrating such an occasion, since I don't really have anything else to present, I plan to post 'Past Mistakes' this evening. While its updating won't nearly be as swift at 'Fabric Runs Shallow's I think I have just enough done to update at a steady pace, even if just in the beginning. I am also considering posting my walkthrough of the 9 mobile game, but that would mean I would have to finish pretty quickly. Ah, that goal will be a secondary goal!

10/5/14: 'Our Past Mistakes' will be updated tomorrow. The chapter was completed tonight, but I don't feel proud with what I have and need to polish it a bit. I'm sorry about the delay!

10/12/14: Fun fact of the month: 'The something out somewhere'.
Occasionally in my stories someone will mention going to something somewhere, the other person will ask where, and the first will respond the something out 'somewhere'. This is actually taken from Majora's Mask and the conversation between Anju and Postman in which the Postman states he got the letter from the postbox out 'somewhere'. While a small fact that doesn't seem to really matter, it is a running joke of mine that originated from one of my favorite games.

12/11/14: My Christmas story, which you might know I've been working on, was suddenly deleted today by Microsoft Word when it started to glitch out. It's now gone... Completely gone... For now I'm not even going to try to rewrite it and just... I'll push it until January and work on something else. My Christmas plans are ruined because another file suddenly deleted... Merry Christmas. -.-

12/17/14: Term of the day: Machinik. A relation to the Stitchpunk, a Machinik is a being created from Beast parts with the intelligence of the beast it was born from. Machiniks remember their past lives and occasionally show Beast behaviors, but still hold some Stitchpunk sentience. Machinik souls are created from leftover residue that can be found in leftover human bodies or in some Beasts. Most Machiniks are created from defective beasts and will continue to carry these traits into this new form. The most obvious problem is that most Machiniks simply do not know what to do with their newer freedom and emotion, and will naturally seek to assist and protect their creator as they did with their previous. Cat is the only current Machinik.

1/2/15: Happy New Year everyone!
Hello Queen of Blood, I would be glad to do your request! Just give me a little time to get it done and I'll try to make you something you'll enjoy. :)

1/8/15: Hello Night Lurker/Death Watcher. Yes, I know you are the same person, it's very clear. Your cryptic reviews confuse me and your references to the Guardian book series is completely confusing. I will ask you to please be more clear in your communications.
Though I am pretty sure I already know who you are.

4/20/15: I've tried to post the chapter multiple times tonight and am getting weird problems. I tried again and it's late so I'm going to start again in the morning. Sorry about the delay!

5/26/15: Alright, here I am with an update!
Fabric Runs Shallow: Just posted chapter ninety-three and am working on the last few chapters for it. All is still going well!
Without A Sound: I'm almost finished with the last chapter and it will be posted very soon.
Inmates Run the Asylum: The first chapter is almost done and soon will begin! Just waiting for 'Fabric Runs Shallow' and 'Without a Sound' to wrap up.
Requests: I have five requests currently active, six if I count a nice request/suggestion for a Stitched Fable.
If you have any questions then please message me! I would be more than glad to talk!

6/6/15: Tea time is at 6 o'clock. Sharp as clockwork.

6/23/15: So tired of not being able to actually take advantage of Holidays, so here is the goal for this year:
'Inmates Run the Asylum': Will be my summer based fic.
Embroidery: Will be my Halloween based fic.
Without A Sound Sequel: Will be my Thanksgiving fic.
The Nightmare Before my Wedding OR 9 and the Chocolate Factory: Will be my Christmas fic.
The little match Six: Also a Christmas fic.
This schedule may change and there will be other fics released, but these are my Holiday ones.

6/28/15: Posted the title of the sequel to 'Whatever's Out There'. Very excited for it! If you en

9/9/15: Here's my walkthrough of the 9 Mobile game!: https ://www. youtube. com/watch? v=W-- XKpVoWMU

10/25/15: Recently I've been delayed in posting 'Asylum' and there's an actual reason why. I'm doing a Halloween 9 fic this year as well. HOWEVER I am not finished and, frankly, I'm afraid that I'm going to fall short like I have the last few holidays. It is not Embroidery as planned; Embroidery will still happen, but I wasn't feeling ready to start another chapter story when I had one already going with 'Inmates Run the Asylum'. Other than that, everything is going well.

2/20/16: Hello Annonomis! Thank you for reviewing my story!

I don't remember BRAIN being specified anywhere as having a gender, like the twins, so I just wrote it in a 'male' context because of its behavioral patterns. Such as its focus and aggression towards 9; if it was female I would suspect it would identify 7 more aggressively. That's just a theory. Though I could always just write one where the BRAIN is a female just for fun if you were interested. XD

There are some good 9 crossovers out there, but they are pretty hard to find and not too many. I've considered writing a few of my own, but they haven't made it to the final cut yet. The closest one to finishing was an Oddworld one where 6 and Abe were communicating through their dreams, but I couldn't find an end to it. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them!

4/5/16: Hey! Just a quick update about my recent delays in posting. Everything's Fine. No, really, I want to insist about that. I don't want anyone thinking any of my current stories will be abandoned or that I will ignore any of my request. It's going slow, but there's nothing really getting in the way other than laziness on my part.
Requests: I just got a few new ones and am currently working on them!
When the Wolf Watches: I'm almost finished with the next chapter! It'll be done any day now.
When Arrows hit the Wrong Targets: I'm about halfway through the chapter and it should be finished soon. Sluggish, but I know what I want to write so that's half of the battle.
I also decided to bring to attention anyone who liked A Slig's Truth. I have decided to, essentially, reboot the fic. I will change it incredibly, plot, characters, but the basic stance will still stand. I'm not sure when I'll post it, but with the new Oddworld game coming I expect inspiration. The new Slig's Truth will be a bit more lighthearted and won't focus on the female Slig's feelings towards Abe alone; in fact, it will have her being a pretty normal Slig until- Well... I can't spoil that. -

4/14/16: My computer died and I had to replace it today. It's been hassling me for a while, but now my problems are fixed. Now all I have to do is tweak my new computer and I'll be back to normal!... Except for a broken crown. -.-

10/3/16: I am working on a collection of poems, short stories, and such with Technomastermarion1987 and Kauffmanskeep. It will be posted over under Technomastermarion1987, so check it out if you would like! (Once it's posted.)

10/31/16: Happy Halloween! I didn't manage to finish my Halloween story in time for posting, which in and of itself backed up all of my other stories, but I'm going to try to crack down and get it finished for posting tomorrow. -

11/17/16: Hello, everyone! I have a quick announcement. Due to having two chaptered stories, I decided to make a designated 'update day'.

Our Inner Beasts will update on either Friday or Sunday. If I can get the next chapter done by tomorrow, then I'll start updating it on Friday.
Can't Go Home Again will update on Saturday. That way both stories update on or near the weekends.
Request stories and other things will be updated through the week and such. They're not on a schedule, but I'll try to post in a timely manner.

My goal is that this new updating schedule will hold back on the writer's blocks and keep a form of consistency with it. 8D Anyway, thank you for reading!

7/17/17: I just heard about Martin Landau. May he rest in peace. Oh God, I am so sorry. I knew it was coming, but I didn't think it would actually hurt like this.

8/29/17: Updates are slow because of impending tooth extraction. Little pain, but a lot of anxiety, so I've been having a hard time focusing. So, don't worry about the lack of activity! It'll be right as rain very soon!

9/15/17: Tooth extraction was a success! Time for recovery!

10/16/17: Changed some of my profile to reflect changes in favorite pairings and upcoming fics. Current main fics are 'Our Inner Beasts', 'Can't Go Home Again', and a not yet released third fic.

10/23/17: Having a bit of computer trouble. The FNAF chapter will still be posted soon, regardless of this, but everything else will be slowed down quite a bit, largely because of the typing issues. The fate of the 9 Halloween fic is now up in the air, so it will probably be posted in November instead of Halloween. We'll see. It depends on whether or not they'll replace my keyboard swiftly.

10/29/17: Computer is fixed! Time to get back to both work and fun! -

1/30/18: Made some edits to the profile page, posted a new poll, added and removed some future fics to better show what's coming sooner than later, added a new tiny story, and tweaked a few other things! 8D

3/23/18: Cleaned up the profile again and am about to post on 'Can't Go Home Again'. XD Just a tiny update.

4/10/18: Osofan: I would love to see your picture, but I can't find it. XD Could you tell me which website it's on? Update: *Screeching in elation.*

Is there any Stitchpunk fans out there who need to communicate through Tumblr? My Tumblr is Mable-Stitchpunk.

Want to follow my investigation of the 9 sequel teasers, watch theory videos, and awkward 9 recuts?

I post theory videos, updates, game playthroughs, and other Stitchpunk videos on my YouTube channel, NotRealName NotAtAll, if you're interested! There's not too much evidence yet, but it's beginning!

Tiny Story: Blue Skies, a Bokkun short.

Bokkun had always eagerly awaited the day that Doctor Eggman would finally build his empire. He had imagined a utopia of robots like him, smiling and playing under Eggman’s watchful gaze. They would have all the candy and pie they wanted, they would be free to do whatever they wanted, and the world would be theirs to enjoy. He eagerly anticipated that day and wished for it at every moment. Then, finally, his wish came true. Eggman built his empire and the world was overwhelmed in machinery.
Now Bokkun eagerly awaited the day that it would fall. He missed blue skies most of all.

A Fool's Endeavor

“The king is dead, the child princess has been stolen away, and the court jester is left bleeding and drowning in the moat: Castle Acalathoy has been dealt a mortal blow.

With the only heir to the throne taken in the night, the fate of the kingdom is sealed. The soldiers have been slaughtered, the knights laid waste, and there is no hero foolish enough to go after the princess.

But Jester Lure has survived, and he will not be detoured.

Against all odds, the fate of the princess lies in the hands of her personal jester, a masked man who hides more than his face under his mask. He has nothing left to lose and no intention of turning back.

He, along with a group of similarly unlikely fellows, must risk their lives in a seemingly hopeless journey across a dangerous land. He is accompanied by the Apprentice, a young man whose lived his entire life as an extension of his master, and the Knight, whose driven by his own guilt for surviving.

Wildlife running havoc, bandits, pale folk with saccharine smiles, and other dangers are waiting along their path. It is them against an unrelenting world, and the group must learn to function together if they plan on surviving. With the tension between the Jester and the Knight, and the Apprentice’s inexperience, this is easier said than done.

It’s foolish to believe that they can save the princess from a fate nearly worse than death, but a foolish endeavor is not yet a hopeless one, and their trials have only just begun.”

(A Fool’s Endeavor by Janetje Amabilis will be arriving as an Amazon Kindle E-Book in August and Amazon paperback shortly thereafter.)

Novel Progress!

As you might know, I'm in the middle of writing a fantasy/medieval novel! Here's where I'll keep a message of my progress.

Current Progress: Chapter 12 of 14.

Writer's Facebook: Janetje Amabilis

Well that's my profile... I'm glad I finally got it up! Umm... I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any questions just write to me and I'll answer them. See ya!


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Admittance by GalaxyMegaGirl reviews
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Undertale - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,653 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 3 - Published: 12/24/2016 - Frisk, Chara, Toriel, Flowey - Complete
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9 - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 41,917 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/14/2016 - Published: 11/27/2015 - 3, 4, 5, 7
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9 - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 14 - Words: 66,785 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 6/17/2014 - Published: 5/7/2014 - 2, 5, 6, 9 - Complete
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It only took a second for a fight to turn into Nine accidentally getting injured, severely. Now the others are struggling to fix him while Eight must deal with the guilt of causing it, and One must deal with his own complex feelings. 1x9, 2x5, and 6x8.
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With the others out, Nine is stuck watching over a bed ridden One, an emotionally strained Six, and a rather normal Eight. Between this and his own strange feelings appearing, can he survive the job he's been given? 1x9 and 6x8.
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One has avoided Two ever since the Fabrication Machine's defeat. Even though he swears it doesn't bother him, he finds himself taking the seperation hard. Eventually he has to face Two. 1x2 One-shot
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They should have known that someone, or in this case everyone, would eventually find out about them, especially when Six accidently slips up and admits it. So they should've expected that the others might not take the news that well. 6x8
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*Sequel to Cabin Fever* When Tails read those words he felt a fear he had never witnessed before. That is, until he realized that Sonic wasn't coming for him... He was already there...
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Sonic is on vacation, Tails is stuck at home sick, so they send letters to keep in touch. It works fine in the beginning... Until Sonic starts hearing voices.
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When Chip is suddenly thrown back into the world he finds himself lost and confused. That is, until he stumbles upon a dark abandoned house and runs into Eggman's Messenger. One-shot
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One-shot Cream is having a great Halloween and when she comes upon Bokkun, who hasn't been having such a good time, she decides to cheer him up. What better then candy to brighten his holiday?
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*takes place after New perspective* Marx was just watching a few horror movies with Fumu, Bun, and Kirby. Then the night takes a horrifying turn for the worst when people start to disappear...
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Marx is somehow alive and trying to live a new life, but between his new fear of Kirby and with something horrible being plotted by Dedede can he really have this new life? And what does this new evil have to do with him?
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sequal to S.B.S. Tails wins a mansion mysteriously that isn't as innocent as it seems, and Bokkun must be brave to save the life he now has from ghosts of the past. While Josh is losing hope, from a past that is broken as the mansion.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 18,853 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 6/6/2010 - Published: 6/11/2009 - Bokkun, Cream/Cheese - Complete
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In a accident, Bokkun finds himself with Sonic and the others heading to Island Delfino. But who is this person trying to kidnap Cosmo and Cream? Who will Cream love? SonAmy, CreamxBokkun, TailsxCream, TailsxCosmo, Knouge, slight Vecnilla.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 13,511 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 2/3/2009 - Published: 5/10/2008 - Bokkun, Cream/Cheese - Complete
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