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Age: 26

Gender: Female

My Idol: Judge Judy

About Me: I am an avid fanfiction reader and have been with this site a little over ten years. I enjoy reviewing and will not hold back if I feel a story is less than adequate. On the other hand, I have been known to give exceptionally long praising reviews to authors whom are very talented. Yes, I do occasionally flame... there are just some who deserve it. However, I do not troll flame and do not target random stories. Do not even bother to accuse me of having "impossibly high standards" as I am fair and only expect decent writing. I am understanding that some are not as good in the writing department as others, but at least make a good effort, use a beta and of course, spellcheck.

Memorable Quotes:

You have four minutes to explain your case--GO! - Judge Judy

Teenagers lie, that's what they do. As soon as their eyes open in the morning the lie begins to form. -
Judge Judy

They don't keep me here 'cause I'm gorgeous, they keep me here 'cause I'm smart. - Judge Judy

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