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Hello All!!!

I'm Nicci! I'm in my late 20's and a bit of a nut when it comes to Harry Potter Fanfiction.

I like to write as much as read. Unfortunately my writing always comes out on paper and never here where I want it.

I prefer Yoai of the Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, and Harry/Lucius Variety, but if it's well written I'll read pretty much anything! Even somethings that might normally make me sick.

Every now and then I'll read a Jack/Will or Aragon/Legolas Fic, but I usually stick to HP.

I'm about to enter College for the second time after a small stint in the US Navy. I'm hoping a degree in English will lead me to a life of publishing/editing. I have a sister-in-law who is currently writing her own romance novels and hope to help her publish someday. I'm very picky about the style of writing I read. Certain styles turn me off worse than a bad porn. I'm also a bit upset when I see authors attempt to write in English when they don't know the language. I would suggest they write it in their own language first and then have it translated by someone fluent in both languages. It is preferable to the butchery I see every now and then.

I apologize if I sound bitchy. However, I believe if you're going to write a good story, you need to have at least a basic (preferably good to great) understanding of grammar in the language you're writing.

Thank you for your time, and I hope soon my lurking days will be done. That will be the day all can criticize me instead of the reverse.

Just a little add on:

I feel the need to express a bit of a pet peeve I keep running across recently.

My pet peeve: FemHarry

My main three reasons:

1. Men and women think differently. FemHarry would react differently to the same situations.

2. People treat men and women differently. It's a fact. If you changed his gender, everyone's reactions to "her" would be very different.

3. Changing such a core characteristic is too much like creating an original character or even turn Harry into a Mary Sue.

Your story could be just as good with a male Harry (better if you're a yaoi fan), but when everything from his name on up is different, then it's not Harry anymore.

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Temporary Mate by Lomonaaeren reviews
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An Aunt's Love by Emma Lipardi reviews
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Bite Sized by SlipStitch reviews
The first time that Harry met Tony Stark he was just about to close his little bakery shop, Bite Sized. The second time Stark came to the bakery he brought along a pretty redhead that had a phone stuck to her ear and seemed to be trying to placate someone on the other end of the phone. Tony/Harry. Slash. Drabbley.
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Twisted Experimentation by phoenix catcher reviews
Complete. Harry/Alec. Transgenic:Harry. Dark Angel Universe. Harry is given up by the Dursleys and brought up to never know his true nature but only how to wage a war that was never meant for him. All he knows is that his family are the most important thing.
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