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Hello to all the AWESOME people looking at this!!

I'm 16 and a Junior in high school. I live in Oklahoma, I'm a Christian, and I like to write a lot.

I'm a MAJOR Jonas Brothers fan. If you ever need to know something about them, ask me. Test my Jonas abilities.

I feel like I've made some really special friends on here and I just want to thank you guys for that...


Aim: The main one - Rivergirl6071 / sometimes I'll be on my other one - Rachelanne42693



Just tell me that you're from FanFiction if you contact me; that way I won't think that you're some creepy stalker =)

I have had experiences with the supernatural.
I have little interest in getting to know other people.
People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.
I think other people are out to get me.

I am aware that people notice me whenever I go out in public.
I prefer to keep to myself.
I have odd ways of thinking.
I have trouble concentrating for long periods of time.

People have to earn my trust.

I am overly confident in my own knowledge and abilities.
I'm always searching for hidden meanings in things.
I am quick to challenge to loyalty of friends and loved ones.
People find me cold and distant.

I often blame other people for my mistakes.
I carry grudges against people. (sometimes)
I have trouble with setbacks.

I avoid relationships.
I rarely show emotion.
I prefer to be alone.
I do not need attention
or acceptance.
People rarely find me funny or I have trouble finding humor in things.
I have been called a loner.
I have weak social skills.

I have difficulty expressing anger.

I have been arrested or have done something that could get me arrested.
I believe that people who get taken advantage of are weak and deserve to be used.
I lie a lot.
I have been caught stealing or I have stolen more than three things in my life.
I do things without thinking of the consequences.
Sometimes I can be aggressive.

I am more concerned with my needs than other people's needs.
I don't care how others feel or I have no empathy.

My moods change a lot.
I have low self esteem.
Sometimes I have trouble controlling my anger.
I have hurt myself
or I still am hurting myself.
I have constant thoughts of suicide.
I think that someone is either all good or all bad, there is no in between.
I have unstable relationships.
I am often depressed.

I am constantly seeking attention.
I like being the center of attention.
I often find myself interrupting people so that I am in control of the conversation.
I love compliments and praise.
I have/ still do dress provacatively.
I exaggerate things like illnesses to gain attention.
I believe that everyone loves me.
I can sometimes be manipulative.

It's all about me.
I expect others to see me as superior.
I am very picky about who I am friends with.
Not everyone is worthy enough to be my friend.

I usually make good first impressions.
I have trouble keeping long-lasting friendships/relationships.
I like taking advantage of people.
I have fantasies of being famous, powerful, or beautiful.

I am anxious in social situations.
I sometimes avoid situations where I have to interact with people.
I'm afraid of rejection.
I'm afraid of embarrassing myself in front of others.
I tend to find all the bad things about trying out new things in order to avoid them.

I create fantasy worlds that I like to go to.
I want to be popular and have lots of friends, but I feel like I am unable to do this.
People see me as unfriendly and withdrawn.

I'd rather live my whole life with someone taking care of me.
I can't make it on my own.
I tend to cling to people and fear losing them.
Whenever I fear I may lose someone or I have lost someone, I may have suicidal thoughts.
I sometimes let others make decisions for me .
I tend to jump from relationship to relationship.
I would remain in an abusive relationship.
I am semi-hurt by the smallest bit of criticism.

I like things to be perfect and in order.
I have to do everything the "right" way
or my way.
I set high standards for myself and others.
I am critical of other people.
I'm afraid of making mistakes.
I am not very generous when it comes to my time or money.
I think rules are meant to be followed.
I am very devoted to work.

The main characters from my stories ( least what they looked like in my mind) :

Tell Me Why, I Don't Understand :

Kyla -

Connect 3 -

Kianna -

Emily -

Allison -

Madison -

Kaylee -

I Look Around Me And I Want You To Be There :

Shiloh -

Mitchie -

Connect 3 -

Dusty -

Review my stories!

And pay a visit to my favorite authors.

They are AWESOMAZING writers!


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