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I wish we could go back to the time where . . .

Updated on: May 13, 2008

Alice or Jutsu Yes, this story is still on-going but it will be updated from time to time. I'm still working on the chapters. I promise I will post it as soon as possible. I have a lot of reasons why it's taking so long and I don't want to waste your time by reading it. Just be alert, I'll update soon as soon as you know it!

The Ultimate Fanfiction War: This is a very exciting story by me. And yes, I want to work on it, too, but I'm only working on Alice or Jutsu Chapter 8 right now. I don't want to disappoint "fans". I'll work on this as soon as I've finished Alice of Jutsu. Please don't blame me for working on multiple stories at once. I can't help it! The wonderful ideas are killing me, softly! :O Stay aware.

The Secret Identity of Mikan Sakura: As of this story, it's on permanent hiatus. FOREVER. I don't want to work on this anymore. There are a lot of other stories like this around, so, it shouldn't be a big thing for you. The other stories like this one are probably way better than this one.

Alice Chara!: The breath-taking story . . ? :O I've taken down all of the chapters for this story. I'll be working on it again, so it's back on track--but I'll be working on this slowly because I'll be going over each and every chapter to make sure it ends up being something I can be proud of myself. I deleted Alice Chara: REWRITE! because instead of posting a new story, I'll just replace the chapters to this one.

Own character(s): (Will be on further chapters/fanfics soon!)

Name: Jun Yamashita
Age: (It depends on the story)
Gender: Male
Alice: Mood Alice (the weather depends on his mood)
Alice Type: Dangerous Ability Typle Class
Hair color/eye color: Black Hair/Purple Eyes
Personality/More about her: He is one of those guys who is so popular at school and is hated by people who are jealous of his popularity. The guy who seems to be one of the most happiest person in the world but deep down, he has no one . . at first. He's the guy everyone talks about; but no one ever came up to him and tried to get to know him. He's pretty happy (with friends later on) and up-beat. He just wishes that people could just stop stereotyping and judging on what they hear and start judjing on what they see.
Appearance: Alice or Jutsu; Alice Chara!
Ended up with: Unknown

Name: Sakura Nezumi
Age: (It depends on the story)
Gender: Female
Alice: Mirror alice (with the use of this alice, she can tranform into anyone she desires. It's pretty hard to decide if it's fake or not because it copies all the person's inside/out) and Invisibility alice (I guess you know what invisibility alice does, right? She can be invisible to anyone.)
Alice type: Dangerous Ability Type Class
Hair color/eye color: Long brunette/crimson eyes
Personality/More about her: Nice, kind, caring, ever-energetic, clumsy, picky, funny, smart, fashionable. She's a scene girl. She loves Hello Kitty, Invader Zim and rainbows. She loves her oversized vintage glasses and she always wear colorful clothes that matches. Accessories is a usual thing. She is very energetic while she is with her friends but really different when her older brother is around. She orders people around when she's lazy or when she's in a bad mood. Her aura/atmosphere can be sometimes scary when she's not in the mood.
Appearance: Alice or Jutsu; The Secret Identity of Mikan Sakura; Alice Chara!
Ended up with: Ikuto Ryu

Name: Sora Nezumi
Age: (It depends on the story)
Gender: Male
Alice: Erase alice (he can erase somebody's memories/presence using this alice.)
Alice type: Dangerous Ability Type Class
Hair color/eye color: Light-purple hair/crimson eyes
Personality/More about him: He is Sakura Nezumi's older brother. He is a die hard music fan. So basically if you pull out his headphones or intterupt his music, he'll kill you. He's nothing like her little sister. In fact, they're completely different. In short, they act like they're not related. He has a crush on one of the girls in school but never told anyone who it was. He plays the bass guitar and the drums. He used to be in a band but it disbanded a few months ago because he wanted to transfer to his sister's new school (Gakuen Alice) to protect her even if he doesn't really show that he truly cares about her. He's a very good cook.
Appearance: Alice or Jutsu; Alice Chara!
Ended up with: Ami Hanazono

Name: Ami Hanazono
Age: (It depends on the story)
Gender: Female
Alice: Future Alice (She can predict what's going to happen in the future. It's very accurate but the prediction can be changed overtime since when you do something different, the future would change. She can also change limited peoples' futures but the cost will be her life span.)
Alice type: Dangerous Ability Type Class
Hair color/eye color: Gold hair/Dark amethyst eyes
Personality/More about her: She's has different personalities. Sometimes she can be cold but she can also be loud and annoying. She likes Sora Nezumi and actually ended up with him. She likes making new friends. She's a good singer but she doesn't want to be a singer. Instead, she wants to be a professional photographer. Most people at school, and, her parents doesn't know her true self because she can be nervous and random at times. She likes standing out. She's very good at tennis. And she's also a die hard music lover like Sora Nezumi. She's fashionable and mysterious at school; loud, creative, smart and clumsy to her friends; and cold but caring to her family. She likes make-up. She loves styling her hair. She can't cook but she does love eating a lot of yummy goodies.
Appearaning on: Free Hugs Day; Alice or Jutsu; Alice Chara!
Ended up with: Sora Nezumi

Name: Ikuto Ryu
Age: (It depends on the story)
Gender: Male
Alice: Memory Alice (he can erase whatever memory he wants to be erased in a person)
Alice type: Dangerous Ability Type Class
Hair color/eye color: Raven hair/Amethyst eyes
Personality/More about him: He is very sweet and kind. He is very athletic and he loves fishing. He doesn't like any girls at first but ended up falling for Sakura Nezumi. He's always serious but he's also fun. He always smile. He was mysterious at first. He has a very good sense of humor. He loves playing tennis. He always beats his opponents. To him winning isn't everything and even if he won a game, he doesn't seem to care. He loves playing tennis with Ami Hanazono because it's challenging.
Appearance: The Secret Identity of Mikan Sakura; Alice or Jutsu; Alice Chara!
Ended up with: Sakura Nezumi


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