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Hey guys, here again. I really really had to change my profile because i could not stand how hyper i sounded in it. I am hardly ever hyper. Except sometimes. LIke if i ate candy. Or i'm just hyper. But anyway I am Juc. Slightly conspicuous name but hey I like it.

OK, its not really my name. But it's not like it shall ever amount to anything or that i shall ever tell you...

I am a young innocent teenager in a world of love and hate. So right here and right now i confess my total obsession of zanessa who although i do not obsessivley love, i love them to death. And it wasn't supposed to happen but somehow it happened. I was one of those people who saw High School Musical and said Wow, what a stupid looking movie. And then I eventually saw it. And now you see where I am now. Addicted.

Here are some things about me:

I Love Notre Dame Football but they really sucked here so i need a friend to sympathize with me in my immense grief. Tell me if any of you thought Brady QUinn was hot. I didn't really care but i laugh at him because while he was so hot he was a really lame quarterback sometimes.

I am also Catholic and not afraid to say Merry Christmas to anyone I please! So Merry Christmas!

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables series (I have read all 8 books 6 times each) and I own the movies too but well, they are not as good as the books. Lucy Maud Montegomery rockete! My sisters wonder why i would ever read the books so many times but they are fantastic. The third one and the fifth and the eighth ones are my favorites.

I also own about 300 stuffed animals and i use about only half of my bed because they take up that much space. Don't call me crazy. Cuz if you do i will call you crazy for not loving stuffed animals in your life.

I love music. Music is life. It's not mine but its part of my life. I love to sing. I love to listen to music. I love to lip sync music. I love to make playlists. I love to show my music to others. I love to hum to music. I love to dance to music. I love to talk about music. I love to sample new music too. Music is amazing. It just is.

Some of my favorite music is: I love alot of soundtracks like Tarzan, Mulan, Music and Lyrics(Awesome!!), and I like Backstreet Boys (Teehee), and Basia (which probably you have never even heard of), and Linkin Park, and Panic! At the Disco. My favowite genres are disco, electronica and then everything else is good.

I am home schooled which can have its good points and bad points. Like i get to wake up at 7:30 and i met one of my best friends because I am homeschooled. And i can wear pajamas almost all day. BUt then sometimes there is the bad subjects that i hate. LIke math. I barely tolerate math.

I got 8 other people in my family. Big family. LOVE them. Most of the time.

My account for you tube is Zanessaisdabomb13 but yeah nothing (and i mean nothing) interesting there. Still working on it but I shall get there eventually! Especially when my mom hates you tube. But i believe that you tube is misjudged.

I have never seen an R rated movie. So there, I am innocent from the evils of this world (for some time).

I love Cheesy movies. They are so cute! No wonder i love High school Musical...

Hey i got new glasses. Join in my exultation that i can now see, in style.

And as you may have noticed, there is the justjared zanessa photo at the top of my profile. I am a total justjared groupie. Zanessa sightings galore and everyone else! Totally rocks.

Since stories started, stories should be seen by signed spectators.

Quick Update: I barely started Alone in the Jungle and I found that it was not the way I wanted it to go - and it was just the preview! So i deleted it, and I will do it later. But i'm researching alot for it and i want to make it as completely uhh well real, as possible. So its gone, but it shalt be back! So read the other one. Duh.

The JUCcer

P.S. Inconspicuity is fun.

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