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Update 3/24/13

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive and well. I haven't abandoned anything and I do intend to continue my stories. However, things in my life, mostly college, have taken president above all else. It also doesn't help that my interest in the Naruto manga has been deteriorating for quite some time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I LOST INTEREST IN FANFICTION. Not even a little. I love writing these stories and I WILL continue writing stories till I'm dead. Just takes me forever to write chapters, as my interest in the manga for some time now has been like the following quote I came across in a forum I was reading:

"I'm not arguing with you by any means. I completely understand where you're coming from. It's Kishi that's the problem. And you say the story would be dumb if Naruto didn't become the strongest..well, news flash, the story is already dumb, lol. Sasuke should have been dead 600x over, Kakashi keeps getting called this fantastic, extremely feared, kage level ninja and the only true one on one fight we've ever really seen him in is vs Zabuza.

Itachi pulled some more hacks out of his ass and is somehow alive. For whatever reason, Kabuto, even though he's considered a genius, completely missed the whole "well, these guys under edo tensei will have a mind of their own and will help the alliance beat them". Pain killed every main character short of Naruto and then OMGZ LETS BRING DEM BAK 2 LIFE.

And the list goes on, and on and on and on, lol. This manga used to have so much promise when it first started, but somewhere along the line Kishi seemed to forget what happened in part 1 and completely ignored it, creating such huge pot holes you could run a mac truck through them.

But, for whatever reason, I remain addicted to it and will stick with it til it's over, lol."

-EliteKakashi, Narutobase forums

This has completely explained my feelings for the Naruto manga. Thanks goes out to EliteKakashi for explaining it for me. However, I do intend to finish my stories no doubt about it. Unfortunely for you readers, it will take time. For those who can bare it, I thank you and promise that you will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading.

Name: Cole

Age: 19

Favorite Manga: Kenichi The Mighest Disciple and Naruto

Other Manga i like: Bleach, FMA, Inuyasha, Eyesheild 21

These are Naruto's weapons in The Perfect Jinchuuriki Vessel:

Naruto's different pronged Shuriken:

Naruto's Ankle Spikes:

Naruto's Arm Brace:

Naruto's Kusanagi Sword:

This is Naruto's true face in Eyes of the Hurricane:

And just for you new guys, that feel embarrassed, asking people what AU stands for or OC stands for, don't feel that way. It's okay to ask people questions. Now heres a list of what somethings stand for:

AU = Alternate Universe: means you take a series and change a thing about it. For Example: if you took the Harry Potter series and said "what if harry's parents didn't die by Voldermort's hands." AUs are usually 'what if' senarios.

OC = Original Character: means someone you created added into a story or series that you like.

OOC = Out of Character: means if you make a character in a series the opposite or different then what they usually are. For Example: if you made Naruto a emo and Sasuke a hyperactive and happy kid.

Lemon = Graphical Sex: means that you write about two charaters having sex, that simple.

Lime = Non-graphical Sex: This term is more of a toss up for me because I've had several people tell me different things. So, I took a friends advice and looked around on the internet for the definition myself. This is what I found. Wiki definition: Lime denotes a story that has sexual themes but is not necessarily explicit. Urban Dictionary: A fanfiction in which characters graphically fool around, but do not have sex. Thanks goes out to psi567, lordsesshomaru2, and ShotgunWilly for the help. :D

If you have any more questions on this topic just ask me; except for Lime, ask someone for that one :P.

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