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Hello, this is Tsurumi Uchiha, and I wanted to talk about my writing interest in fanfiction.net (but I want to make this shortly so I won't be troubled later)

First of all, my only interest is writing "Uchihacest" (I can write some hentai once in a while, but NEVER yuri. I find it disgusting) because for the time being that's all that calls my attention. It's easier for me to write male X male instead of male x girl (girl on girl NEVERRR)

I wasn't an Uchihacest fan until I read the best (in my opinion) Ita x Sasu story out there which is "Forbidden Secrets" and "The Prodigy" if you'd never read them, go check them out now.

Another thing I wanted to make clear was that my first language ISN'T english, so that's why stories made by me might have gammer spelling. I wanted to make that clear in case you feel the need to annoy me with the subject. Don't waste your time. You've been warned!

The last thing I wanna make clear is that I don't make sequels, chapters, long stories...NO. I ONLY do ONE SHOT stories because it's easy for me to finish, and cause if I make a story with chapters, I'll never finish it or update it. I'm trying to write one "Uchiha Music Prodigies" since I have the whole manuscript done, but hey, isn't easy to upload it on the computer. I get really lazy when it means writing the same shit twice, so that's why I hate making stories with chapters. (If I see the Uchiha Music Prodigies isn't working, i'll stop uploading it and i'll delete it, cause I'm already getting lazy to type the other chapters)

So, Now that I have inform you a lil' about myself, the only thing left 4 me to say is my fav. naruto pairing:

Ita x Sasu

Ita x Naru

I don't care about the others. But two I really hate:

Ita x Kisa

Deidara x Ita or Sasu (man I hate that introverted blonde)


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