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(quote from youtube, robomaniac7)

real name: why shoud I tell you? And why do you need to know?

age: I might be 14. just to keep you guessing.

gender: not a she-male.

well enough of that.

Hey everypeoples! If you havent established it yet my name is clicker512. Among the things I like are: computer games, computers, technology, bionicles, legos, music, food, drinks, sleeping, being random, hanging out with friends, cats, not dogs, watching sci-fi, piloting the mech in my avatar, being random, cats, people, and playing DnD.

my favorite computer games catergories are: realtime strategy, first person shooters, puzzle games, roll playing games and internet games. I really like supreme commander and I cant wait for the next expantion. As far as FPS games go I would have to say that battlefield 2 and call of duty 4 are my favorites. And puzzle games... MYST III and MYST IV are the best. RPG's I don't play much but I kinda like anyway. Interweb gaming is fun but I usualy go to my favorite websites like, stickpage, youtube, and of course

you will find my affection for bionicles quite apparent in my stories. my ingenuinty for my own creations beter known as MOC's is quite boundless yet names are hard to come by but then naming things is 10 inspiration and 90 pirspiration. (I NEED MORE SHELF!!) I like bionicles more than legos, so what they are the same company. I have 53 MOC's and there should be more to come.

I like almost any kind of instrumental music. I play the cello and like it! My favorite bands include E.S.posthumus and one of my favorite artists is Ennio Moricone.

As for food drinks and sleeping... well who doesn't?

being random is one of the funnest things to be. STEVE HOFFMAN! I dont even know who he is but thats an example of how un-random I am( --SARCASM)

hanging out with friends... once agian who doesn't but i do have one friend with a fanfiction acount name of monkeyman30.0.

cats and not dogs. enough said. I like cats beter than dogs. My current cat is named samwise of sam for short. My next cat will be named noloben.

To reveal myself as a complete geek, I like sci-fi but then alot of people do... I guess they are geeks to but thats not a problem. Geeks are the best.

Now about my friend AVI(short for avatar)... he is the mech in my avatar. We like to go around and blow stuff up in the land of not reality which is, I will add is an extreemly nice place to be. SANITY RUN AWAY!!

My liking for people or peeps as I call them is diminishing alot but there is hope seing as not all people are stupid.

I reveal myself as a geek agian. I play (dramatic music plays) DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!! Isnt that scary.

anyways that should be all unless I decide that there should be more. well have fun reading my stories.

random quote time!

cardgeenan monteljohn. can you detect me to the nearest bus stamp? (

curses you bone leged boob! I will pump you generously full of led shot at high velocity out of my pistola so as to perce the flesh! or in your case the burlap sack! (

Hi this is marzipan, I'm currently drowning in the abyss but leave me a message anyways. ( answering machine)

bill cosby: pudding pudding kill kill!

john madden: uhh ok. erm get out of here!

bill cosby: the pudding will get you!

there should be more to come!

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