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Hey, it's edwardcullenissosexy, also known as Kasey, and as I've forgotten but love... Eciss (e-sis).

Check out my non-fanfiction writing here.

My story You Made Me Like This, And Still My Promise I Kept has been nominated for a Twi-Award! If you liked the story, go vote for it at . Thanks so much for the support. :)

One thing you need to know about me... I'm a procrastinator. Now whether that means 'procrastinate doing work by writing fanfiction' or 'procrastinate writing fanfiction' depends on the day and what exactly I'm doing. I do have plans to finish all stories I've started, I'm just waiting for inspiration. If you're a fellow writer, you'll know that if you force yourself to write, it can mess everything up. I'm not making that mistake again.

While some of my older ones might be a bit cheesy, I encourage you to check out all my stories and leave a review... constructive critisism is welcome.

My new stuff... well let's just say that I'm going through a rather dark time and that shows in my writing. My newest project is about living in Hell. So yeah... but I think it's also some of my best writing and my favorite stories, so if you're looking for something different to read, it's not too bad.

I'm also working on writing my own book, so I haven't been writing much fanfiction recently. And has anyone noticed that the awesome-ness of fanfiction is dwindling? The stories are just getting crappier and crappier (no offence meant to anyone). If you have a recommendation for a good one, I'm desperate.

I've become very interested in ghosts lately.

My favorite color is black.

I love the rain and frequently dance in it. Not many people join me.

I have an obsession with quotes. I will re-read books specifically looking for quotes... funny, sad, shocking, or just an all out 'wow' line, I'll take it. I'll add some here, though not all of them, there's too many.

My Twilight obsession is under construction. The movies are messing with me... I get too annoyed at people that take the actors as the characters. I know for a fact that anyone who read the books before the movie came out didn't picture the characters exactly like that... so keep your own opinion when the movie comes out! They're not going to be the same, and I understand that acceptance is a good thing when it comes to that, but jeez don't change your opinions based on a low budget piece of pop culture! If you truly love it, it's fine, but just going along with it is not acceptable and annoys me to no end. And people telling me that they're team Jacob 'because he's cuter'. Read the damn book and stop looking at movie posters. Then make your opinions of if you hate Edward because he left or hate Jacob because ExB belong together, blah blah. I'm also rather annoyed with Stephenie Meyer. Get over it and stop being a drama queen! I understand it's stressful and traumatizing, but if you really love writing then it shouldn't matter. Don't give up on the characters just because someone else was being stupid. Sigh... oh well.

I prefer cats to dogs but I love them both.

I was... disappointed in Breaking Dawn. It was too hyped up and anticipated to be anything but that. As a single story, it was good, but as a way to end the series... it bothered me. And to be honest, it sort of sounded like a fanfiction to me. Maybe that's really where she was going from the start, but it just... didn't flow well with the others. The writing style was different and it just didn't seem right. And even the cover doesn't match... everything else was black with a single object as the center of attention but Breaking Dawn was a lot more complex, and while it was fun to try and guess what it meant, it's just more proof that its ... different. But as far as the book goes, it's my favorite because of the quote possibilities. New Moon is my second favorite, but I just like the ending.

Oh, and anyone else remember when S. Meyer said she was going to post pieces of Forever Dawn on her website? But she was waiting until closer to the release of BD to prevent spoilage and such. ? What happened to that? !! And if you got a copy of BD on the day it came out.. . there was an ad in the back for Dec. 31 that said the 'official guide' would be out by then... it's still not out and isn't coming out for a while. What the heck?! Letting the fans down here...

I can tell you the meaning of the word 'crush'...

Favorite book series... the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

Recently, I've found it's fun to ... protest certain things. And because of this, I would like to say that I am the out of place line of text or the odd picture in the corner of the page. I am not organized in the way you would think of as organized. I do not like being told how I'm supposed to present myself. I am the library book that sticks out too far on the shelf, or the one that is too small and kind of hidden and hard to see. I do not like normal, there is no normal so I refuse to be it. But, when the need to be different finally kills me, remember I was being me until the day that I died.

I believe that as a friend, I will always be there when you need me, and that's what friends should be like. But I also... (quote time) believe that... "Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them." It's not reasonable to expect someone to always be there for you, and no one is perfect. I think that if you love someone, you should try to work through the imperfections.

The Phantom of the Opera is pretty amazing.

As well as being a quote junkie, I’m also a wishful thinker. I wish on things like 11:11 and birthday cakes, not stars though, and then I won’t tell. I also believe that if you tell a dream it won’t come true.

Story disclaimer: "Everything the light touches belongs to someone else" (Lion King 1 1/2) as in, it's not mine. All story characters are property of their respective owners, such as Stephenie Meyer. I do not own them. They are simply used for my enjoyment.

Note: a lot quotes were found on the internet. I do not know who originally said them, and I do not own most of them. I'll mention if one is one of my own personal quotes. Also, they aren't in any particular order. Feel free to help yourself to the awesome-ness of quote heaven!

"Well, humans are parasites and mass murderers, from the point of view of vegetables." "I'm not a carrot." --Rachel Cain, Morganville Vampires

"Here's to craziness. May it keep us laughing for the rest of our hopefully long lives. May it offer us an anchor for when the rest of the world is spinning around too fast. And most of all, may it bring us together. To insanity. -clinks glasses-" -- One of my own. :)

"They're not your hugest fans," he agreed cheerfully. "Kind of lame, I think." -- Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

"Potter is a boy, not a piece of meat."-- Harry Potter movie 1

"And if I don't want to be in a good mood?"... His golden eyes smoldered. "Too bad." -- Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

"Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you that lately I've been cross-dressing. Also, I'm sleeping with your mom. I thought you should know." --Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Flying is simple. You just throw yourself at the ground and miss. -- unknown

“Well the buzz from the bees is that the leopards are in a bit of a spot. And the baboons are going ape over this. Of course, the giraffes are acting like they're above it all... The tick birds are pecking on the elephants. I told the elephants to forget it, but they can't. The cheetahs are hard up, but I always say, cheetahs never prosper...” --The Lion King

Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you but trusting them not to-- unknown

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated-- unknown

Love letters on wet paper, forgivers and no takers, an angel who never got wings. You find Jesus and it’s too late, he’s already closed the front gate, and the sign’s flashin’ no vacancy. … yeah my heart’s flashin’ no vacancy.-- Miranda Lambert, Love Letters

Close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truth and the truth isn't what you want to see. In the dark it is easy to pretend that the truth is what it ought to be-- Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. --Tryon Edwards

Is it enough to love, is it enough to breath? Somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed. Is it enough to die? Somebody save my life!-- Avril Lavigne, Anything But Ordinary

Anyone can make you smile or cry, but it takes someone special to make you smile when you already have tears in your eyes-- unknown

"The music's not immortal; but the world has made it sweet."--Alfred Noyes, The Barrel-Organ

You might wake up and notice you're someone you're not. If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first hand what it's like to be me. --My Chemical Romance, The End

Used to... it's past tense, -softly echoes- past tense. In the past, behind you. It's not coming back and you realize it's all your fault. And you spiral downwards until you reach the bottom. From way down there, you an look up, see a touch of light far off from the darkness, and think I used to be there. -- Me

"When you're lost it's best to stay where you are until someone finds you." --Alice in Wonderland (Disney version, animated)

"I'm pure at heart. It repels the dirt." -- Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls. But pass it does. Even for me. --Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, so waste your time and have the time of your life-- unknown

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos. --Charles M. Schulz

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.-- unknown

Those nights when you can’t sleep, you just might be in someone else’s dreams-- unknown

Can't find my way home, but it's through you.-- My Chemical Romance, My Way Home is Through You

There might be a God, and there might not. Either way, we're on our own. --Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

"In your case, that would mean you're insane. Of course, I already knew you were insane." Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

-stabs heart- ... brings a new meaning to 'pour your heart out'-- me

If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing?-- My Chemical Romance, Dead

Well it’s too damn bad you didn’t have a chance to make me your best friend. You were too caught up in giving too much up and not doing what you should have been.-- Miranda Lambert, Desperation

"I don't want to be a man. I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can't confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead." -- Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

Sometimes, you just have to run, jump,... and trust that the bungee cord is attached-- me

“It’s our motto.” ”What’s a motto?” ”Nothing, what’s a motto with you?” -- The Lion King

The night is gone; and with the morn those angel faces smile which I have loved long since, and lost awhile!-- John Henry Newman, Lead, Kindly Light

Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk-- Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

He gave her 12 roses, 11 real and one fake and said “I’ll love you until the last rose dies."-- unknown

I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night. ~Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes

Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.-- unknown

"Professor Moody? What are you doing?!" "Teaching." "Is that... is that a student?" "Technically, it's a ferret."-- Harry Potter movie 4

I wish you were here, but you’re there and there doesn’t know how lucky it is-- unknown

"First the candy and flowers, then the apology letters, then the ravenous demon hordes. In that order." -- Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

When you go would you have the guts to say "I don't love you like I loved you yesterday"? -- My Chemical Romance, I Don't Love You

"I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it throroughly." --Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

He's felt like a jack-o'-lantern for the past few days, as if his guts had been yanked out with a fork and dumped in a heap while a grinning smile stayed plastered on his face. --Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

True friends are very difficult to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.-- unknown

How do I get there from here? How do I make you see? How do I tell you what my heart’s been telling me? Lost in your loving arms, that’s where I wanna be. You know I love you, how do I get there? --Deana Carter, How Do I Get There

Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a lot less, and smile a lot more-- unknown

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. --Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Well… forgive me for not leaping for joy... Bad back, you know-- the Lion King

Rain on the window and I’m still lonely. Time keeps on passing so slowly.-- Miranda Lambert, Greyhound Bound for Nowhere

"It is not a lie, it's a terminological inexactitude." --Alexander Haig

I wondered-- would a bullet through my temple actually kill me or just leave a really big mess for me to clean up? --Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

Tell me I’m an angel, take this to my grave. Tell me I’m a bad man, kick me like a stray. – My Chemical Romance, House of Wolves

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half cracked—unknown

“Your mom won’t mind, she loves me.” “Sign of her questionable taste if you ask me.” “Nobody did.” -- Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

You say you’re living on the edge and I think you’re hanging from a ledge, too scared to hold the hand that wants to help you up. – Miranda Lambert, What About Georgia?

The worst thing a guy can do is to make a girl fall for him with no intention of catching her. – unknown

"The cruelest lies are often told in silence."-- Robert Louis Stevenson

Each time I miss you, a star falls down from the sky. So when you look up at the sky and find no stars, it's all your fault… you made me miss you too much—unknown

It’s hard describing a heartache, ‘cause it’s a one of a kind thing. A serious injury, and a whole lot of endless pain. If it was a storm I’d compare it to a hurricane, it’s even got a name. If it was drink, it would be a strong one. If it was sad song it would be a long one. If it was a color it would be deep, deep blue, but if we’re talking about a heart-ache…it would be you. – Gary Allan, It Would Be You

“Sure. We watched zombies eat people. It was great.”—Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

"That's only a little frog..." "But he had a mouth like a hippopotamus!"-- the Aristocats

“There’s nothing wild about me. I’m stolid. Middle-aged.” “Except that once a month you turn into a wolf and go tearing around slaughtering things.” “It could be worse. Men my age have been known to purchase expensive sports cars and sleep with super models.” – Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die—My Chemical Romance, Mama

Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep peope away, but to see who cares enough to tear down those walls.-- unknown, retold by my...somehow related person... her uncle is my grandpa, don't know what that's called.

a friend is someone who can look at you with the biggest smile on your face and still tell something is wrong—unknown

“If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.” ~Pirates of the Caribbean

madness is inherently maddening-- name and context not posted here, though it sounds like something that belongs in Alice in Wonderland

I’ve got the lights turned up the door is locked, the bedroom TV’s on, doing the only thing that gets me through the night since you’ve been gone… Praying for daylight, waiting for that morning sun, so I can act like my whole life ain’t going wrong.—Rascal Flatts, Prayin’ For Daylight

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing…then I would use my last breath to tell you that I love you—unknown

"Immortal...?" "It means you'll never die." "I know what it means!" --Harry Potter movie 1

They all ask me what’s so special about him but I don’t tell them because I’m afraid they’ll fall in love too—unknown

When other lips and other hearts/ their tales of love shall tell/ in language whose excess imparts/ the power they feel so well, / there may perhaps in such a scene/a recollection be,/ of days that have as happy been/ and you'll remember me. / When coldness and deciept shall slight/ the beauty they now prize/ and deem it but a hollow light/ that beams within your eyes/ when hollow hearts shall wear a mask/ 'twill break your own to see/ in such a moment I but ask/ that you'll remember me. --Alfred Bum, When Other Lips and Other Hearts (from The Bohemian Girl)

Sometimes I get so weird, I even freak myself out. -- Avril Lavigne, Anything But Ordinary

A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Sometimes in life its the only weapon we've got. --Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Maybe you’ve been swearing that forever might have already run out. You can’t love yourself at the expense of someone else. – Miranda Lambert, Love is Looking for You

Why didn’t I just walk away? Oh right, because I’m an idiot. – Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

“Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn’t make it a rubber duck, does it? And God help the poor bastard who decides they want to take a bath with the duckie.” –Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

It was a lie when they smiled and said “you won’t feel a thing”. – My Chemical Romance, Disenchanted

I miss you with all of the pieces of my heart and what’s left of my soul—unknown

Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart? Why would you want to take our love and tear it all apart? Why would you wanna make the very first scar? ... it's not unbroken anymore. How do I get it back the way it was before? -- Taylor Swift, A Perfectly Good Heart

I guess if you don’t jump you’ll never know if you can fly.—Miranda Lambert, New Strings

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams --Dr. Seuss

In a room full of people, you’re always the first one I look for—unknown

You can't see my imagination. You just imagine that I have an imagination-- me (not to be mistaken with ME)

"Look, if I picked up a sword right now, Ron, and ran you through with it, I wouldn't damage your soul at all." "Which would be a real comfort to me, I'm sure." -- J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

“Mom and Dad won’t be pleased if they find out.” “That you freed a possible criminal by trading your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? No, probably not.” – Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

“So as long as I’m being… not smart, we’ll try to be friends?” –Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

I miss you a little I guess you could say. A little too much, a little too often, and a little more each day. – unknown

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you've never met. --unknown

Immortality may never die—My Chemical Romance , Our Lady of Sorrows

"Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination"--Mark Twain

There's a name that's never spoken and a mother's heart half broken, there is just another missing from the old home, that is all; there is still a memory living, there's a father unforgiving, and a picture that is turned toward the wall-- Charles Graham, The Picture That is Turned Toward the Wall

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.—unknown

No truer word, save God's, was ever spoken than that the largest heart is soonest broken-- Walter Savage Landor (may be Landar, maybe even Lander, I can't read my handwriting...)

But suddenly from somewhere out of the blue, I see a different light around you. --Deana Carter, How Do I Get There

"Look, we're all very impressed with Andy's new toy." "Toy?" "T-O-Y...Toy! "Excuse me, I...I think the word you're searching for is, 'Space Ranger.'" "The word I'm searching for... I can't say because there's preschool toys present." --Toy Story

I wonder what he’s thinking when he looks at me and smiles—unknown

I don’t want to see you or feel you. I don’t want to look into your eyes. I don’t want to touch you or miss you. I just want to love your memory tonight. –Miranda Lambert, Love Your Memory

“If you were half as funny as you thought you were, you’d be twice as funny as you are.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

I felt like—like I don’t know what. Like this wasn’t real. Like I was in some Goth version of a bad sitcom. Instead of being the A/V dweeb about to ask the head cheerleader to the prom, I was the finished-second-place werewolf about to ask the vampire’s wife to shack up and procreate. Nice. – Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

And like the blade you’ll stain, well I’ve been holding on tonight—My Chemical Romance, Helena

If you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they’re supposed to be there—unknown

Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn’t answer, I just closed my eyes and walked away then I whispered “so much”—unknown

“Here’s to responsibility,” he toasted. “Twice a week.” “And recklessness every day in between.”—Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

“Your son’s awake.” “Before sunrise, he’s your son.”-- The Lion King

It’s a great day to be alive. I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes.—Travis Tritt, Great Day to be Alive

The worst way to miss someone, is to have them sitting right next to you & you know you can never have them—unknown

Swallow your pride, it's not fattening-- saw it on a church board

"Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them."-- The Aristocats

Life throws you curves but you learned to swerve. Me, I swung and I missed and the next thing you know, I’m reminiscing, dreaming old dreams, wishing old wishes, like you would be back again. --Rascal Flatts, These Days

never frown because you never know who is falling in love with your smile—unknown

A man always has to reasons for doing anything-- a good reason and the real reason~ J. P. Morgan

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you. --Winnie the Pooh

Your eyes are cold like an empty soul and I’m burning up inside—Miranda Lambert, There’s a Wall

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."-- Benjamin Disraeli

If ever you think of me out of the blue, just remember it's all the kisses I've blown in the air finally catching up with you. --unknown

"Of all the evil creatures in the world, I had to find the one with table manners."-- Quest for Camelot

“Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother… His name is ‘shut the hell up.’”—Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

I've never been perfect, but neither have you, forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well, pretending someone else can come and save me from myself—Linkin Park, Leave out All the Rest

“Stop being so… optimistic. It’s getting on my nerves.” “No problem. You want me to be all doom and gloom or just shut up?” “Just shut up.” “Can do.” “Really? Doesn’t seem like it”—Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

“Manacles. That’s ah…” “Don’t say ‘kinky’.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Life is but a drink for the dead, and I won’t go down by myself but I’ll go down with my friends—My Chemical Romance, You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison

We did it our way looking back on the good days there’s still not a lot I regret. Nights I can’t remember… friends I’ll never forget. – Toby Keith, Nights I Can’t Remember

I missed 11:11 by one minute last night; I guess that’s fate’s way of telling me that you’re just not worth wishing for anymore—unknown

"You're so weird." "You have no idea." -- the Lion King

I don’t know where I stand with you and I don’t know what I mean to you all I know is every time I think of you all I wanna do is be with you—unknown

Maybe I should have seen the signs, should’ve seen the writing on the wall, and realized by the distance in your eyes that I would be the one to fall. No matter what you say I still can’t believe that you would walk away, it don’t make sense to me. -- Taylor Swift, A Perfectly Good Heart

Because I’m dreaming of you tonight—unknown

6AM unruffled pillow laughs out loud at my trusting heart. Like I didn’t see the pennies missed the fountain by a couple yards. –Miranda Lambert, Bring Me Down

“Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

I was like a lost moon—my planet destroyed in some cataclysmic, disaster-movie scenario of desolation—that continued, nevertheless, to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind, ignoring the laws of gravity. –Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

When you get caught looking at him, remember he was looking back—unknown

"I'm not very good at stories." "That's okay, we're not very good at listening to stories." --Peter Pan in Return to Neverland

Not to go back is somewhat to advance; and men must walk, at least before they dance-- Alexander Pope (me thinks)

the best things in life are unseen that’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream—unknown

Math is like love - a simple idea, but it can get complicated—unknown

"To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering, one must not love. But then, one suffers from not loving. Therefore, to love is to suffer; not to love is to suffer; to suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer, but suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be happy, one must love or love to suffer or suffer from too much happiness.”-- Woody Allen

You said you read me like a book but the pages all are torn and frayed—My Chemical Romance, I’m Not Okay

“You don’t like me, I don’t like you.” “Thank you Captain Obvious.” –Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

I used to think if I missed hard enough you’d come back for sure. (but I can’t be bothered to miss you anymore). – Miranda Lambert, I Can’t Be Bothered

Don’t waste your time on me you’re already the voice inside my head—unknown

“To love is to destroy and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

"You know there's nothing more pathetic than a flame retardant dragon." --Quest for Camelot

The night has a thousand eyes and the day but one; yet the light of the bright world dies with the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes and the heart but one; yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done-- F.W. Bourdillion

Not hope exactly, but maybe the desire to hope .—Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

One thing I knew—knew it in the pit of my stomach, in the center of my bones, knew it deep in my chest—was how love gave someone the power to break you. I’d been broken beyond repair.—Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love… a secret that my daddy said was just between us. Daddy’s don’t just love their children every now and then. It’s a love without end.—George Strait, Love Without End, Amen

Outside of a dog, a book is probably man’s best friend, and inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.—unknown

"In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."-- Mignon McLaughlin

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest—Linkin Park, Leave out All the Rest

Why we even tried I haven’t a clue. With hearts involved there’s way too much to lose—Miranda Lambert, Love Your Memory

Hate me if you want to, love me if you can—Toby Keith, name of song is quote

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.—unknown

"She's just jealous, all girls get like that around me." "How very nice for you."--Peter Pan in Return to Neverland

"Marriage is an institution." "So is Alcatraz." --Jeff Dunham (and Walter)

Young men think old men fools and old men know young men to be so-- anon

Well heaven knows that without you is how I disappear-- My Chemical Romance, This Is How I Disappear

Wherever God erects a house of prayer, the Devil always builds a chapel there; and 'twil be found upon examination, the latter has the largest congregation-- Daniel Defore

"A word to the wise ain't necessary -- it's the stupid ones that need the advice."-- Bill Cosby

“Let’s behave ourselves, shall we?” a lilting voice suggested. “There are ladies present.”—Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

"What are you and who are you doing?"-- Snow White

“If there was such a thing as terminal literalism, you’d have died in childhood.” – Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

When you go, just know that I will remember you—My Chemical Romance, It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Death Wish

Love me without fear, trust me without wondering, love me without restrictions, want me without demand, accept me how I am and if you give me a chance, if you give us a chance I’m going to live the rest of my life proving to you you made the right decision—unknown

3.14 of all sailors are Pi Rates—unknown

“I was trained to be an evil mastermind from a young age. Pulling the wings off flies, poisoning the earth’s water supply—I was covering that stuff in kindergarten. I guess we’re all just lucky my father faked his own death before he got to the raping and pillaging part of my education, or no one would be safe.” Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

What a fool I was to think I could get by with only these few million tears I’ve cried. I should have known the worst was yet to come and that crying time for me had just begun. Because today I started loving you again. I’m right back where I’ve really always been. I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend. Then today I started loving you again. –Buddy Jewell, Today I Started Loving You Again

“I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her.” –Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

The music starts playing like the end of a sad movie. It’s the kind of ending you don’t really want to see. ‘Cause its tragedy and it’ll only bring you down.—Taylor Swift, Breathe

I guess you are right. I’m afraid. I am afraid to put my guard down. I am afraid that if you know all that I am ,you won’t feel the same. And , I’m afraid that once my barrier is defeated, and I’m comfortable, that you’ll walk away. -- Unknown

I’m staring at your photograph, remembering each moment you made me laugh, I never thought this would end this way, and that I’d still be missing you to this very day—unknown

“Exsanguinated. That’s a big word.” “And you’re a big—“ “Tsk, tsk, no swearing in church.” – Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

I’ll be your angel given up her wings if that’s what you need. I’d give everything to be your anything. –Taylor Swift, Your Anything

Men can read maps better than women because only the male mind could conceive of one inch equaling a hundred miles—unknown

The bleak wind of March/ made her tremble and shiver;/ but not the dark arch/ or the black flowing river:/ mad from life's history/ glad to death's mystery,/ swift to be hurl'd--/ anywhere, anywhere/ out of the world! ... Perishing gloomily/ spurre'd by contumely. / Cold inhumanity,/ burning insanity-- Thomas Hood, The Bridge of Sighs

What's the use of standing right there on the edge if there ain't no where to fall? What's the use in hanging on tight to the phone if nobody might call? – Miranda Lambert, Desperation

“I used to be sort of nice, you know.” “My memory doesn’t go that far back.” –Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

I lost my fear of falling, I will be with you.—My Chemical Romance, It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Death Wish

“This is bad.” “You said that already.” “It seemed worth repeating.” “Well, it wasn’t.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Smile, it hides everything—unknown

Just because I smile doesn’t mean I’m happy because it takes one smile to cover a million tears—unknown

You had it all for a pretty little while and somehow you made me smile when I was sad. You took a chance on a bruised and beaten heart and then you realized you wanted what you had. Guess I should have been more like that. – Miranda Lambert, More Like Her

“You’re not the center of the universe, you know.” My own personal universe was, of course, a different story. –Stephenie Meyer, New Moon

If I'm wrong in my theory, then I've lost much more than I ever could have gained; I should have forseen that. -- name and context not revealed here

“I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it’s less of a threshold and more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer.” –Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of habit, or to make conversation. I say it to remind you that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me—unknown

"For who could ever learn to love a beast?"--Beauty and the Beast

Hear the sound , the angels come screaming. Down your voice. I hear you've been bleeding. Make your choice. They say you've been pleading, “someone save us!” Heaven help us now, come crashing down. We'll hear the sound as you're falling down.-- My Chemical Romance, Heaven Help Us

The things I'm guilty of, no one knows-- name and context not disclosed here

Christianity: the belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense.—unknown

The sun’s going down on my misery. Another day gone by with broken dreams. That cell phone I hear ringing I keep wishing it was you. –Miranda Lambert, Greyhound Bound for Nowhere

Maybe it was that my life was a big, cruel joke and there was no escape from the punch-line—Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

And if tomorrow you’re still just a friend, I’ll stay up until 11:11 again—unknown

“Why don’t you every think?” “I was thinking. I was thinking about you.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

“I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.” – Arthur Rimbauld

Don’t sweat the petty things (and don’t pet the sweaty things)—unknown

I move on like a sinner’s prayer… I’m built to fade like your favorite song… break my heart but it won’t bleed… I’m better as a memory than as your man—Kenny Chesney, Better as a Memory (actually, don’t like this one that much… it hits a little too close to the heart)

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead. – unknown

I cannot sing the old songs/I sang long years ago;/ for heart and voice would fail me,/ and foolish tears would flow, / far-by-gone hours come o'er my heart/ with each familiar strain./ I cannot sing the old songs;/ or dream those dreams again. --anon

“Say what you want, I still think Dracula One and Dracula Two are creep-tacular.” –Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn

“Because the nasty things, they come out in the dark.” – Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

She is rather bubbly. Think she'll run out of CO2 if you shake her up enough-- name and context not posted here

‘Cause I'll give you all the nails you need, cover me in gasoline, wipe away those tears of blood again… and the punch-line to the joke is asking “someone save us”-- My Chemical Romance, Heaven Help Us

You draw it out like a highway with every word you’d say. Excuses for the answers that you lack.—Miranda Lambert, What About Georgia?

By the time you swear you're his, / shivering and sighing,/ and he vows his passion is/ infinite, undying--/ Lady, make a note of this/ one of you is lying-- Dorothy Parker, Unfortunate Coincidence

Goodbyes are like a relay wheel, you never know where they’re gunna land. First you’re spinning then you’re standing still, left holding a losing hand.—Kenny Chesney, Better as a Memory

Cheers to lying, cheating, stealing… if you’re going lie, lie for a friend, if you’re going to cheat, cheat death, and if you’re going to steal, steal a heart. – unknown

"I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick -- not wounded -- dead."-- Woody Allen

"Females never fight fair."-- The Aristocats

I’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you, all you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in—unknown

Maybe you’re just jaded from some nobody’s unforgotten words. Maybe you’re just faded a little gray from every time that you’ve been hurt. So you’re looking for your skin that you never did fit in. You can’t hide when you’re turned inside out. (Love is looking for you now.) Maybe you’ve been burning. But you can’t blow out a flame that you can’t find. Maybe you’ve been thirsty but the rain just ain’t enough when you’re this dry. So you’re running from the water and the fire’s getting hotter I think you better find some level ground.—Miranda Lambert, Love is Looking For You

“I keep thinking about blood. I dream about it. Wake up thinking about it. Pretty soon I’ll be writing morbid emo poetry about it.”—Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

"Afraid of a needle," he muttered to himself under his breathe, shaking his head. "Oh, a sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to death, sure, no problem, she runs off to meet him. An IV, on the other hand..."-- Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

Laugh your heart out, dance in the rain, cherish the memories, ignore the pain, love and learn, forget and forgive, because remember you have only one life to live-- unknown

Sweet like a kiss, sharp like a razor blade. Find you when I’m close to the bottom. You can’t appreciate the time it takes to kick a love I always knew was kind of wrong.—Miranda Lambert, Bring Me Down

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind—unknown

Life’s a bitch 'cause if it was a slut it’d be easy—unknown

You’ve been charged in court for stealing my heart, trespassing in my dreams, and robbing me of my senses. You’ve been sentenced to a lifetime with me. How do you plead?—unknown

So you treat your love like a firefly like it only gets to shine for a little while. Catch it in a mason jar with holes in the top and run like hell to show it off. – Miranda Lambert, Me and Charlie Talking

“People love you or say they love you to get something from you they want. They can couch it in any euphemism they think fit – but in the end, they’re all trying to use you.” -- fanfic author of The Lost Boys

When it comes to light, there are almost always shadows. -- me

Was goodbye the answer? I'm not sure anymore. I just might trade the way it is for the way it was before, and I still can't help but wonder…is it as lonesome where you are? Was it as hard to be together as it was to be apart? It hurts too much to just keep holding on but I know I've spent a night this long, and I swear it seems like letting go may leave a deeper scar—Rebecca Lynn Howard, Was It Hard to be Together

Years from now, I won’t remember all those crazy nights, or all those times that made us laugh til our stomachs hurt, but I’ll always remember that you were the ones that were there—unknown

Yes, I am insane, but every now and then I have these horrible periods of boredom where I have to act normal like you—unknown

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain—unknown

You’re my drug, I was just your cigarette—Miranda Lambert, Getting Ready

If being near you makes me lose brain cells, then I hope I get near enough to lose them by the millions—name and context not posted here

I hit the ‘self-destruct’ button long ago. The only problem is, the clock’s broken and no one knows when I’ll explode.—me

If you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they’d never ask you to.--unknown

“It only took me ten seconds to realize that you were crazy.” “Then why did you talk to me?” “Because it only took me 2 seconds to realize it was enjoyable.”—name and context not posted here

I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if it’s just for a second, that I've crossed your mind.-- unknown

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.—unknown

Life’s like a novel with the end ripped out—Rascal Flatts, Stand

Hoping shows that I care, which is more of a secondary objective, the primary being to get you to stop degrading yourself—name and context not posted here

The rest of these quotes (unless otherwise noted and until further notice) are ‘unknown’ from my pages and pages of collections. I’ll have more book and song quotes/lyrics and just additional quotes (some may not be cited, I know who said them, but you don’t need to know) later, and I’ll put them in random places, just to balance the ‘unknown’s’.

My head is saying “who cares” but my heart is saying “you do stupid”

So tell me, what hurts more? Thinking you should hate him or knowing you don’t

You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip.

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them

Without me, you’re just aweso

I remember when I was a kid, I used to dream of flying a lot, I guess most kids do. You grow up, and all kinds of hardship gets thrown on your shoulders, you don’t dream of flying anymore. – Johnny Depp

If I could do some smiley like symbol for a broken, bleeding heart overflowing with depression and pain, I totally would

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties

Best friends are the fairy tales of life, they’ve been there since once upon a time and will stay there until ever after.

It's like a finger on the trigger: some old hurts they just hurt bigger. I might have gotten past it long ago, but parts of yesterday, they get tattooed on your soul.—Rebecca Lynn Howard, That’s Why I Hate Pontiacs

Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying is exactly the one making you cry?

When they asked me what I loved most about life, I smiled and said you

And if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true. In this life, I was loved by you.

Love is never wanting to lose faith, never wanting to give up, and never truly moving on. Love is knowing and praying in the deepest part of what's left of your heart that they feel the same.

One day … you’re going to wake up and realize how much you care for her and when that day comes she’ll be waking up next to the guy that already knew—unknown still, but this one’s for Skystripe

I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure, I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times, hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. –Marilyn Monroe

I’m going to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect, act like it’s all a dream and pretend that it’s not hurting me

I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye

I’m fighting myself to get you out of my head but I’m hanging off of every word you said

I don’t want to fall to pieces

You are her entire world, kid

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known him. All that matters is that he’s had you smiling from day one

And it’s just my luck to end up getting stuck to everything you are. So tonight I’ll sit and pick apart your pictures and over analyze your words because the truth is that I’ve never fallen so hard

We’re just silly little girls who fall for stupid boys

It’s the worst feeling in the world to love and hate someone at the same time. Its funny but stupid how we don’t talk. And it sucks when you just feel like you should let go, but you keep holding on, and you’re stuck just where you started. When you have a lot of things to say but you don’t know where to start. When you get jealous when he just talks to a girl. You just hate it when he doesn’t know what you’re thinking. When you want him in your life so bad but all you can do is sit there and do nothing. You would ask yourself, does he love me? You wonder if he thinks about you just as you could never stop thinking about him.

11:11… I wish for you every time

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you… how good you look when you smile… how much I love your laugh. I daydream about you off and on, replaying pieces of conversation, laughing at funny things that you said or did. I’ve memorized your face, and the way you look at me… I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine… I wonder what will happen the next time we are together and even though neither of us know what the future holds, I know one thing for sure, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me

If I could be an angel, I’d make your every wish come true, but I am only human, just a girl who’s loving you

Frustrated cuz I can’t tell if its real, mad cuz I don’t know how you feel, upset cuz we can’t make it right, sad cuz I need you day and night, angry cuz you won’t take my hand, aggravated cuz you don’t understand, disappointed cuz we can’t be together, but still… will love you forever

It’s those sweet little nothing’s that make her feel like something

Isn’t it funny how someone can break your heart, yet you still love them with all the little pieces

A tear falls forever inside a broken heart

The man who thinks he knows it all has merely stopped thinking.

So take this razor, sign your name across my wrist so everyone will know who left me like this

What hurts the most is you don’t know I’m hurting

You don’t die from a heartbreak, you only wish you did

Eventually one of two things will happen… he’ll realize you’re worth it or you’ll realize he wasn’t

And with a sad heart I say bye to you and wave, kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I made

Don’t make her wait for you, just because you know she will

Don’t ever give up if you still want to try, don’t ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry, don’t ever settle for an answer if you still want to know. Don’t ever say you don’t love him if you can’t let him go

I know I’m not easy to love, but could you try anyway?

Kiss me I’m heartbroken

Before you go, can you maybe stitch my heart back together?—me

He looked at me and said “do you ever feel like you’re working for something you’re never going to get, a shoot and miss kind of deal. Like, no matter what, you can’t have it, but that makes you fight for it just a little bit more?” I looked at him, stared at him for a second and replied “everyday”

Words that cannot be said stream down my face

Somewhere, there’s someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So when you’re lonely remember it’s true, somebody, somewhere is thinking of you. (I just wish I knew who—Eciss)

The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt

Sometimes all you wish for is someone to wish for you

You were the best and worst thing that happened to me, all rolled into one

My dreams are infected with the words you used to say

Why would you take my heart, if you weren’t going to keep it safe for me? -- me

And I ripped up all my paper hearts, just like you ripped up mine. – me

You’re my best friend, and that means no matter how far away you are or how late in the night it is, when you need me, I promise I’ll always be there.

Thanks for being there when I needed you the most; you’re the best friend a girl could ever have

And just because she comes off strong doesn’t mean she didn’t fall asleep crying, and even though she acts like nothing’s wrong maybe, just maybe… she’s really good at lying.

The truth is, everyone’s going to hurt you, you just have to decide who’s worth the pain

I miss you so much…your light, your smile, your way, and everything about us. Though you’re gone, you’re still here, in my heart, in my tears. Yeah you sure left your mark and we were just getting started. It wasn’t long enough together. But it was long enough to last forever. –Rascal Flatts, Forever

FYI: asante sana squash banana does not mean “you are a baboon and I am not”. It means “thank you very much squash banana.” We suspct the monkey is on crack. –unknown, but referencing the Lion King

If you’re calling about the car, I sold it. If this is Tuesday night, I’m bowling. If you’ve got something to sell, you’re wasting your time, I’m not buying. If it’s anybody else, wait for the tone, you know what to do. And PS, if this is Austin, I still love you. –Blake Shelton, P.S. If This is Austin

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