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I am a great fan of fanfiction.

I have written many fics over the past few years. But I have deleted them all because I was not pleased with the result.Even after rewritting them many times. But I resently dropped it.

The reason is that I have started to write my own novel. I hope it will be published one day. I found out it's easier to write you're on story than fanfiction because you have much more freedom. You don't have to keep yourself to a story line that someone else has already created. It makes the writting proces al lot easier.

But I still love and enjoy it to read other people's work. I am great fan of Avatar the last airbender and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series or Rick Riordan. Since I have always been a fan of the Greek Myths. But I have recently started to write fanfiction again. So if you like my work please feel free to review!

I can always use some feedback!